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    Latest Impact shots from the Eastern Cape | UMLILO SAFARIS

    Check out these amazing impact shots from one of our recent hunts at Umlilo Safaris. With 25 years of experience, these are the special moments that every good stalk leads up to. Well done to the clients for making these amazing kill shots, we are passionate about taking animals in a humane and...

    2025 Lion Hunts = Bookings Started | UMLILO SAFARIS

    2025 Lion & Lioness Hunt Offers Bookings have started already Hunting the same area since 2013 Kalahari, South Africa 5 Hunt Days / 6 Nights OR Tambo start & finish, zero extra cost Price per Lion INCLUDES complete Safari Services 4 x Lion Categories (based on mane size / genetics / age) 1 =...

    Buffalo Hunting Packages 2024 - South Africa

    HO: ZA/EC 202206000021565 SOUTH AFRICA Buffalo Hunts with 30+ species We hunt only solid/hard-bossed Buffalo bulls NO Daily Rates / ZERO Daily Rates for Hunters Hunters pay ONLY for species killed/wounded Eastern Cape Province (arguably the BEST stalking habitat in South Africa) We don’t...
  4. Eastern Cape Kudu Packages - 2024 | Hunting South Africa

    Eastern Cape Kudu Packages - 2024 | Hunting South Africa

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  5. Eastern Cape Cull Packages - 2024 | Hunting South Africa

    Eastern Cape Cull Packages - 2024 | Hunting South Africa

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    Special Business Hunt South Africa US$2,150 - €1,965 - AU$3,287

    Are you looking for a 2-3 day 'stay over close to the Airport' in-between travelling or a delayed flight?? Look no further!! You will be accomodated Only 1hour drive away from O.R.Tumbo Airport in a safe, luxurious suite, with uncapped wifi for your convenience. You may choose from: 1 x Impala...
  7. Rock Pigeons Hunt South Africa

    Rock Pigeons Hunt South Africa

    Hot barreled, high volume shooting in South Africa. A pest to our local crop farmers as they attack crops in their thousands.
  8. KMG Hunting Safaris

    Father/Son/Buddy Hunt For 2022 Or 2023 At 2018 Prices

    The package includes 10 full days of hunting, including 4 animals per hunter. 11 Nights with 10 Full Hunting Days for 2 Hunters, hunting 2x1, including the following trophy animals: For this package, each hunter may choose: One of the following: Kudu/Blue Wildebeest/Black Wildebeest/Zebra/Red...
  9. Wild Pigeons and Doves South Africa

    Wild Pigeons and Doves South Africa

    Rock Pigeons and Doves are plentiful, but a nightmare to many corn and sunflower farmers in South Africa, devouring tons of crops each season. Not the easiest species to shoot and they leave many shooters with bruised shoulders.

    Tsessebe Magic Hunt With Bayly Sippel Safaris

    Good day AH Community, This is a hunt we are very proud of and a species we truly enjoy hunting. The Tsessebe is definitely not something that everyone targets on their first trip to Africa. That being said when the time does come to hunt one many people will at first glance struggle to tell...