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    Bongo With A Bow In Central African Republic With LEFOL SAFARIS

    We had the chance to hunt from a blind this amazing bongo last February in our concession of Vovodo. Truly an amazing achievement for our bow hunter to make perfect shot on that outstanding bull at less than 25 yards he did make 40 yards. This bull was 31 inches with a gorgeous bell shape horn...

    Video Of Giant Forest Hog In Central African Republic C.A.R With Lefol Safaris

    Hello everyone, here a little video I took from one of our blind waiting for Bongo we had already shot a Giant Forest hog. It's always nice to see them and specially so calm. our population keep growing and we are very proud of all the effort. I know one of this big male for now 3 seasons...

    Trail Cam Bongo From Central African Republic 2023

    Hello everyone, Here some our best trail cam pictures from our last season. Which one is your favorite? 1 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10.
  4. Rawland Ward World Record Lord Derby

    Rawland Ward World Record Lord Derby

    Marcel Quintard with his Lord Derby he shot for the meat in 1967 in the East of Central African Republic

    Hunt In Central African Republic C.A.R. By Foot With LEFOL SAFARIS

    Hello everyone, One of my post I was talking about a special hunt only made by foot and fly camp (old style) Here the quote for 2025 Only 2 spots available February to early April 19 days 25'500€ 26 days 32'500€ Include: -assistance at Bangui Airport -all accommodation in the area...

    Old School Safari By Foot With Lefol Safaris

    Hello everyone We are working in new project one part of our concessions it's not accessible by car due rock barrier so the plan is going like in the early day of bongo hunting everything by fly camp and by foot and only able to do in the early season si from February to early April. This part...

    Yes LEFOL SAFARIS Will Continue Hunting in Central African Republic C.A.R

    Some people asked if we will continue after my dad passed away and the answer is YES. We want to continue is tribute and continue work in our concession in the East part of C.A.R. we still have 24 years on the protocol for the area. Protecting wildlife those young Sing-Sing waterbuck are the...

    Fly Camp In Central African Republic

    Hello everyone, We have a very big area 1.4 million acres with the main camp in quiet in the middle so we are using fly camp to hunt some place of the area. Some of them are just for couple days but sometimes for more than 10 days of course the set up and the 2 fly camps will be very...

    Can You Name That Skull Species From C.A.R

    Hello everyone, A little game can you name the species of those skull.

    In The Quest Of Central Savanna Buffalo In Central African Republic

    Hello everyone Last April we had an hunter and his wife for the first time in Africa that is pretty rare for us!! He had always dream about buffalo and for the experience his wife decided to come also for the unique African experience. Eliane Lefol have been travelling with them from Paris...

    Article On Central African Republic By Lefol Safaris PH

    Hello everyone, Here an article by one of our PH - good reading Africa’s Forgotten Wilderness Aug 12, 2022 Camp overlooking the Vovodo River Hunting in the Central African Republic Today By Andrew Gooden “No, it’s not the Congo – it’s just a bit further north… no, rebel militia doesn’t jump...

    Auction SCI Bongo Hunt With Lefol Safaris For 2024 Or 2025

    Hello everyone, We are giving a Bongo, Central Savanna, Giant Forest Hog and 5 Duikers and it will be in auction Saturday during the Safari Club International in Nashville next February. We will all be at the convention booth #840 here the link of the auction...

    Cancellation Hunt In Central African Republic

    Hello everyone, Due to health problems, we had 2 cancellations. So we have 2 cancellations... We have an open date from 7th April to the 12 of May. Bongo, Central Savanna Buffalo, Giant Forest Hog, yellow back duiker, Sing Sing Waterbuck, and many more! 1x1 12 days hunt: 42' 000€ 19 days...

    Hunting Giant Forest Hog In Central African Republic C.A.R

    Hello everyone, This years I have done some very nice approach on Giant Forest Hog the wind is the most important factor with them like many other game but when you are quiet and you take your time you can be under 30 years of them! I event try to get as close as you can get in an open biotope...

    Red River Hog Hunts C.A.R

    Hello everyone, Here some Red River Hog of the season. The first one was taken in earlier February we were heading to a salt lick when the tracker heard a noice of Red River Hog in the forest. We approached slowly when I spotted a hog in a small swamp then an other came out I tried to get the...

    The Great Colors Of The Central Savanna Buffalo In Central African Republic C.A.R

    The Central Savanna Buffalo can only be found in 3 countries: Chad, Democratic Republic of Congo and Central African Republic (C.A.R). You can find all type of horn and colors and also a big difference on body size from 450kg (992 lbs) - 700kg (1543 lbs). This year we had some great pictures...

    Giant Forest Hog & Bongo The Same Day In Central African Republic C.A.R

    Hello everyone, Last March we had the chance to take two great animals the same day in our concession in Central African Republic. I have decided to go in the South East of the camp it have been couple weeks we didn't been there I have great expectation. After a drive to the first salt lick we...

    Hunting Warthog In Central African Republic C.A.R.

    Hello everyone, Warthog is the most famous hog and common in Africa. Our warthog can be very hairy specially on the back also compared to the one of the South-East the tusks are more curly. The vegetation have also an impact on the color of the tusks with the time they become more black or...

    Cancellation Offer 12 Days Hunt April 2022 Central African Republic C.A.R. Bowhunting As well

    Hello AH member, We have a cancellation opportunity from the 1 April to 15 April 2022. The offer is 12 full days hunt for 20'000€ a unique opportunity You can hunt: Bongo Giant Forest Hog Central Savanna Buffalo Harness Bushbuck Warthog Red River Hog Oribi Western Roan Sing Sing Waterbuck...

    A Bullet In A Bongo Horn In Central African Republic C.A.R.

    Hunting Bongo with dog is always very exciting and some times little bit too much. It was mid April the de decided to go on big plateau just bellow the highest point 2600 ft of the Vovodo river side. We stopped the car at about 500 yards at the first mineral lick we slowly approach by foot a...

    Our Conservation Work With African Park In Central African Republic

    We are collaborating with African Park for the conservation of wildlife in the eastern part of C.A.R. The biggest threat for this region are the nomads with their cows who are illegal in this part of the country and the local population don't want them. Our combined effort start really to pay...

    Bongo and Lord Derby Eland Same Salt Lick

    Our concession in the East of C.A.R is mosaic of Congolian rain forest, pure Sudanese woodland, big open and swamp that give us the advantage to find the animal of Savanna and Forest in the same area. Bongo and Lord Derby Eland going at the same salt lick!!!

    Hunting The Weyns's Duiker In Central African Republic C.A.R.

    Hello everyone, The Weyns's or Weyns Duiker is medium size duiker present in Central and East Africa both males and females have horns but the male has a much bigger one. They are one of the most difficult duikers to get these days. We hunt them by calling and sometimes we get lucky to stoke one.

    Group of Bongo in Central African Republic C.A.R.

    Early morning we have sneaked down in to one of our mineral leak when we were approaching a nice Bongo group came out so we got in position behind a little "boma". A baby Bongo approach at about 10 yards of us during this time the end of the group arrived in the leak and no big bull show up. We...

    Come and visit LEFOL SAFARIS at Dallas Safari Club 2022 Booth #2500

    Alain, Eliane and Kewin Lefol have the pleasure to be exhibiting at the Dallas Safari Club (DSC) 2022 Come and visit our booth #2500. Looking forward to meeting some of you!

    Big Bongo In Central African Republic C.A.R.

    Hi everyone I'm showing some monsters and big Bongos pictures from our concession in Central African Republic during the 2021 season. Sometimes two big males are on the picture can you see the second one?

    On The Quest Of The Black Leopard In Central African Republic C.A.R.

    Central Africa and Ethiopia have some history with black Leopard in Africa their generally not so dark compare to the one you can find Asia the coloration is more dark brown than dark black and you still see little bite the spots. Couple season ago during the early dry season we were burning a...

    Hunting Red River Hog in Central African Republic C.A.R.

    The Red River Hog is our 3 pigs in our area the two other one are Giant Forest Hog and Warthog. It is the most difficult to get of the 3 due to his elusiveness and also the place they love to hide. When they have been alert they rarely stop and hide in some very tight vegetation. The weight can...

    Hunting Lord Derby Eland in Central African Republic C.A.R.

    The Lord Derby Eland also know as Giant Eland is tallest of the subspecies and the one who grow the biggest trophy. It is truly the king of the savanna some people call him also the ghost. The breading season in Central African Republic start in January to end of February early March the male...

    Hunting Harnessed Bushbuck in Central African Republic C.A.R.

    The Harnesses Bushbuck is one the smallest bushbuck in Africa around 88 lbs ( 40 kg) and also small trophy compared to those one in the East and South. You can find different type of hide from bright red to dark red. From the spiral horn family it's member of the one who only male gave horn...

    Giant Forest Hog with Bow Central African Republic C.A.R

    Hi Giant Forest Hog is the biggest hog in Africa and one of the biggest in the world it can weigh up to 800 lbs!! We hunt them in different ways with elevated tree stands/platforms, tracking, and also stalking. They have a great sense of smell but poor eye vision and are not the spookiest...

    Last Company Hunting In Central African Republic C.A.R.

    Hi Everyone, LEFOL SAFARIS is the only hunting company left in Central African Republic in 2021. The past decade was hard for the outfitters in the country the LRA had gave some trouble in the early 2010's in the Est part of the country but the worse arrived in the end of 2012 when most of the...

    Unicorn Bongo in Central African Republic

    Hi everyone, Very unique Bongo with one horn for hunting this animal for many years it's the first time I see that!! This bull have a nice horn over 30 inch the mineral leak where this Bongo have been taken in pictures is around 1/2 mile from the camp! Would you hunt this bull?

    Top 5 SCI Bongo hunted in Central African Republic

    Alain Lefol may have shot his biggest Bongo ever in May 2021 and that's really something because he has hunted it for the past 40 years. This monster Bongo have been taken along the Vovodo river by a very lucky for his first big hunt in Africa. It measures 36 inch and 35 inch 1/2 with 12 inch...


    Hunting in Central African Republic with LEFOL SAFARIS Alain Lefol Safaris which is now called LEFOL SAFARIS since his son Kewin Lefol joined Alain full time as a Professional Hunter In Central African Republic to be part of the team. Kewin has been guiding hunts in C.A.R. since 2014 and Alain...