hunt in africa

  1. Bushbuck Hunt Zimbabwe

    Bushbuck Hunt Zimbabwe

    This 17' Bushbuck was taken with a 416 Weatherby Magnum, 410gn Woodleigh Weldcore Soft Nose Bullet at 80 yards in 1998 Zimbabwe.
  2. BeeMaa

    We never should have went hunting in Africa

    My wife and I have been on only one safari to RSA for PG in June 2019. We are currently planning another for 2022 for a PG/DG with the same outfitter. Over the past several months we have been looking into other places to hunt and fish. Alaska fishing and Brown Bear hunting. Canada for...
  3. Blue wildebeest

    Blue wildebeest

    Blue wildebeest taken with a 416 Weatherby Magnum, Using a 410gr Woodleigh RN soft point in Zimbabwe