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    MORETLA SAFARIS is owner managed with skilled professional hunters, trackers and staff who will guide clients onto magnificent trophies. We boast several spectacular trophies such as buffalo, sable, kudu and eland to name but a few. Hunting is conducted on various concessions on free roaming...


    EXPERIENCE A TRUE HUNTING SAFARI LJ SAFARIS is based in the Eastern and Northern Cape, South Africa. When joining us on a hunt you will experience skilled guiding and an authentic hunting safari in Africa. We pride ourselves in delivering outstanding hunts in wild places! World class...


    JKO HUNTING SAFARIS is based in South Africa is operated by Jacques Spamer, Jacques has been in the hunting industry since 2004. JKO HUNTING SAFARIS offers you the service to personalize and perfectly craft your safari to suit your personal needs and budget. Our main goal is to offer you as a...
  4. Party Baboon

    Party Baboon


    2019 season in pictures - Bayly Sippel Safaris

    Good day AH community! Sometimes its not only about the trophy photo's! Here is a few fun photo's of us doing what we love with our clients! Hopefully this captures some of our 2019 season and the experiences shared by everyone! We look forward to meeting with and spending more time with new...

    Hunting & Photographic Safari Combo With Henry Griffiths Safaris

    This offer is for 2 people sharing. It is a great combination of hunting and photographic activities and will be perfect for a couples Safari. Hunt: R56 000 The Hunting part of the trip includes 5 nights and 4 full days of hunting with comfortable hunting camp accommodation. Includes all the...

    The Royal Macnab - The Ultimate Sportsmans Challenge

    Hi AH community, here is a unique hunt which we hope you find as fun as we do! PLEASE don't forget to check the YouTube video out from 2019's Macnab attempt. The link is below the pricing! The Macnab is a traditional challenge dating back many centuries. It was considered to be the ultimate...
  8. BeeMaa

    We never should have went hunting in Africa

    My wife and I have been on only one safari to RSA for PG in June 2019. We are currently planning another for 2022 for a PG/DG with the same outfitter. Over the past several months we have been looking into other places to hunt and fish. Alaska fishing and Brown Bear hunting. Canada for...
  9. Sol Griffith

    SOUTH AFRICA: A Dream Come True, A First-Timer In Africa

    African Plains Game Hunt near Grahamstown, South Africa October 23 to November 2 Outfitter/PH: Nick Bowker My name is Sol Griffith and I run Diamond Z Outdoors. We are a small (but growing) organization dedicated to wildlife conservation, promoting fair-chase hunting, preservation and...
  10. Martin Rodriguez

    TANZANIA: ZIMBABWE: Back From Tanzania & Zimbabwe

    Will make it a short version, just got back from Tanzania and Zimbabwe with a client, we had a great time in our hunting concession, Hope you enjoy. Dates: From 30 of September until October 20. Calibers: 375, 416, 458, 500. Trophies: Elephant, Buffalos, Puku, Hartebeest, Baboon, Warthog...
  11. Martin Rodriguez

    SOUTH AFRICA: Back From Kimberly Great Hunt Great Trophies

    Hey Guys, Just got back from a few days in Kimberly with 5 clients, we took some good trophys and had a great time, hope you like the pictures. springbok by Martin Rodriguez posted Sep 23, 2019 at 8:52 PM pic3 by Martin Rodriguez posted Sep 23, 2019 at 8:52 PM wildbeeast by Martin...
  12. Anthony Aten

    2019 Northern Cape with Wild Wildebeest Safaris

    Camp was full the last few weeks. We were very lucky to have guests from the Low Country state of South Carolina. They stayed at our lodge near Kathu, RSA. It has breathtaking views and excellent habitat that makes for great hunting. Kathu Lodge by Anthony Aten posted Aug 4, 2019 at 5:12 PM...
  13. Cape Buffalo Zambezi Valley 1998

    Cape Buffalo Zambezi Valley 1998

    Cape Buffalo was taken by John Torcasio using a 416 Weatherby Magnum and 410gn Woodleigh solid bullet at 2700fps one shot kill ( heart lungs ) in 1998 Zambezi Valley Zimbabwe Africa. This Cape Buffalo was estimated to be about 20 years old.
  14. KMG Hunting Safaris

    KMG Hunting Safaris Annual PH's Hunting Trip - Hunting Fallow Deer in the Rut

    As the second week of April comes around every year, a couple of the KMG Hunting Safaris PH's gather for the annual Fallow Deer hunt with bow. The hunt is done by walk and stalk, and once you set your foot on the ground, the unmistakable grunts of the stags chasing the does, informing other...

    Oribi, Blue Duiker & Bushbuck Hunting Package

    Hi All We have the following available for next year or a deposit can secure the package for 2020. We will also include a free video of the whole hunt. 6 days total 5 days hunting. Animals in package: 1 x Oribi 1 x Blue Duiker 1 x Bushbuck 1 x Common Duiker Total package price: 5 750.00 US...
  16. Kowas Adventure Safaris

    Beest & Stripes Hunt Special

    Beest & Stripes Hunt SPECIAL · 9 day package (incl. arrival & departure days) · 7 hunting days · 1 hunter · 5 Trophies Price: US$ 7 000 - 00 (For 2019 ONLY) Includes: 5 x Trophies PH services Airport pick up/drop off Accommodation Meals All soft-drinks & local alcohol...
  17. Kowas Adventure Safaris

    Spring Hunt Special Kowas Hunting Safaris

  18. KMG Hunting Safaris

    KMG Hunting Safaris Show Schedule 2018

    We will be present at the following shows for the 2018 show season. If anyone would like to come and say hello, put a face to the name, it will be our pleasure and we will make it happen. Dallas Safari Club; Kay Bailey Convention Center; 4-7 January - Booth: Still on the waiting list. At this...