1. Tidalgunner

    SOUTH AFRICA: Eastern Cape Plains Game With Game 4 Africa Safaris

    I was fortunate enough to be able to book a hunt with Wik and Colin Coetzee at @Game 4 Africa Safaris in the Eastern Cape. I traveled out in September from Honolulu, HI (long trip and not enough reading material). South African Airways was great regarding weapons check-in and ensuring it got...
  2. TxTech Red Raiders

    SOUTH AFRICA: 5 Day Plains Game Hunt With Game4Africa Safaris

    5 Day Plains Game Hunt With Game4Africa I just returned from my hunt with Game4Africa in the Eastern Cape and would like to share my experience about my hunt and the outfitter itself. This trip was rather a “spur of the moment” decision, as I found myself booking the trip only about a month in...
  3. O

    SOUTH AFRICA: Game4Africa Hunt Report

    Prelude Having booked some cull hunting for June 2015 I spotted offer for cull warthog ! I had the time free - a couple of quick emails to Wikus and everything booked ....... my first Piggie hunt 10 cull warthog included ! The Pickup I was staying in...