cz 550 safari classic

  1. R

    CZ 550 Safari Classic .416 Rigby

    Hi Everyone, I've been a long time lurker on this forum, but only recently registered. - CZ 550 Safari Classic chambered in .416 Rigby - Leupold FX-II (wide duplex) 2.5x20mm - One piece steel mount to accommodate the short optic - FL RCBS Reloading die and seater die - Box of bullets - Two...
  2. Louis Toadvine

    Experiences with Matrix Gunsmithing

    As many/most of you know, AHR no longer offers the upgrade packages for CZ rifles and instead recommends the services of Matrix Gunsmithing in Colorado. I have an inquiry out to Matrix about an upgrade project on my CZ 550 but wanted to source any thoughts, experiences, etc. from the AH...
  3. ARod

    450 Rigby Custom CZ 550 For Sale

    Custom Built CZ 550 by CZ Custom Shop in Missouri, USA. The is a new rifle and is chambered in 450 Rigby. The walnut stock features a thick recoil pad, mercury recoil reducer and an all tread rod in the pistol grip. Length of pull is 13.75". The bolt has been Jeweled and action blueprinted...