1. M

    Colorado Elk Hunt

    My 74 year old father has decided he wants to kill a bull elk. I will be accompanying him on this hunt. Looking at Colorado. We missed the draw so we will need over the counter tags. I am looking at outfitters and it is so hard to distinguish the good from the bad. They all make great...
  2. markferrigno

    USA: Guided Elk Hunt With Superior Guide Service

    I'll write up a full report tonigh but a few pics from my guided Elk hunt just South/East of Craig, CO. I took this 4x4 at 335 yds with a Heym SR30 in .308 (suppressed) with Geco Plus 170gr ammo using a Leupold VX-R 3-9x50
  3. tedthorn

    The Story of Ol' Sleepy.......Great Friends Good Times and One Dead Bull Elk

    I am not a writer But the story of ol' sleepy needs to be told! A hunt I will never forget This past March, I found myself in front of my PC going through the pages of the Colorado Big Game license application lottery while loading up my MasterCard with the hopes of drawing a Non-Resident...
  4. Lrntolive

    Colorado House Bill 1341 to Ban Sale, Purchase or Trade...

    Just got this from SCI: On April 14, the House Health, Insurance & Environment Committee is holding a hearing on House Bill 1341, which prohibits the sale, purchase, trade, or distribution of any covered animal species part or product, including ivory. Contact your State Rep and Committee...