bow hunting plains game in south africa


    7 Day Cull & Trophy Hunt Combo Limpopo South Africa Limited Packages Price US$2,100

    INCLUDES 1x Night hunt for jackal Free! Pick your own animals from the special price list and add them to the package price! All Prices are in US $. Valid Date -2023 Travel days 1 Hunting days 6 Total days 7 Travel days are $180 / Hunting days are $320...

    Spiral Horn Slam Hunt With BAYLY SIPPEL SAFARIS

    Good day AH community, We trust you are all doing great and looking forward to all the adventures you hopefully have planned for this year! We cant wait to get going over here in South Africa and look forward to seeing you all again! Today we offer you our Spiral horn Slam hunt. This is a...
  3. Limcroma Safaris

    Limcroma Safaris

    We at Limcroma Safaris are pleased to present our 2020 promotional video. We have lots of new amenities for our guests to enjoy at our 2 luxurious lodges, and we have more hunting properties than ever exclusively for our guests to hunt. Whether you are planning that first African safari with the...