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    Best hunting movies Africa or otherwise

    Here is the one I highly recommend: “In The Blood” (1989) This docu-drama by George Butler is a warm-hearted story about a boy coming of age who retraces a legendary Africa safari by Teddy Roosevelt. It’s an honest portrayal of hunting, and it’s filled with nostalgia and humor. You can find it...
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    Firearm cleaning and care products

    I clean all my guns with the Otis kit reviewed by and it works just fine. For years I used the 3 piece rod and never had a problem. Just use care when you are doing it.
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    Corona is knocking at our doorsteps. I have read that CBD can help you with the symptoms at least since it does boost the imune system.In my country cbd+thc is given by the government to people with HIV so it does help with viruses. Use it id you have it.
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    Best way to Namibia

    I'd suggest to book the flights sooner than later. If you’re seeing only a limited number of seats available for the flights you’re interested in, then you’ll want to snag them as quickly as you can, since once they’re purchased fares are likely to rise. Just recently found a nice resource that...
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    Returning to Namibia

    We considered wild camping before we went to Namibia last year but quite frankly its a non starter. The camp sites we stayed in were brilliant, cheap as chips, safe, and in the case of some the profits went straight to the local community. you would have to be nuts to just camp on the side of...
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    Zimbabwe Currency: Best Investment going in the last 5 years?

    The first bitcoins I bought in 2011 only cost $3, so this turned out to be my best investment ever. But personally I wouldn't recommend to invest everything in bitcoin only. There are more than 1000 different coins, altcoin seems a decent alternative to Bitcoin
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    Hornback Crocodile Casual Belt

    I have been considering getting a crocodile belt for some time now. They're pricey, of course, and I'm wondering about their durability. I found some info on , but the real like experience is highly appreciated.
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    Compound Bow Quivers

    It looks pretty cool! I'm currently in the market for a new compound bow. I'm actually looking for a compound bow that is extremely quiet, durable and light. I've heard good things about the carbon bow, but it's a bit more pricey. Just watched the video, you guys may find it infornative too...
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    Decent middle of the road optics for my .375?

    I'm totally pleased with my ATN day and night rifle scope. Overall, this scope is a must for every hunter. It is very suitable for a night time hunting! Btw, this scope has capability to record HD videos and take HD quality photos.
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    Buffalo vs Crocodile

    it was a thing!
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    Deer Hunting Video WNYA

    That was really cool!
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    Favorite Food

    I like the Ukrainian Borshch the most
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    What Do You Enjoy Most About Hunting?

    Stunning sunsets