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  1. Cam Moon

    HUNTING Coyote

    I'll have the balls to call you out for being one of the few people on here that are rude and offensive. (And the first person who has been directly to me) Other than that, I've already commented on what you said and don't need to any further. It's there quite clearly for anyone to see that I...
  2. Cam Moon

    HUNTING Coyote

    @Longwalker PLEASE note that I said I almost hate them enough. The hate comes from them luring my dog out and surrounding him..... I don't actually intentionally make animals suffer.
  3. Cam Moon

    How has Everyone’s Hunting Season at Home been?

    @Ragman You've had a hell of a season Buddy!
  4. Cam Moon

    HUNTING Coyote

    I almost hate them enough to suggest these two spots only.
  5. Cam Moon

    How has Everyone’s Hunting Season at Home been?

    That one would be pretty awesome with a bow!
  6. Cam Moon

    2600 fps "cut off point" for DRT behaviour?

    @Madis Welcome to AH! I'm glad you have been impressed by your first impressions being on here. There truly is a great group of people here! Please feel free to ask any question that you would like to and please share with us your hunting experiences and knowledge you've acquired!
  7. Cam Moon

    2600 fps "cut off point" for DRT behaviour?

    I'm gonna be the odd man out and defend the 6mm. I used a Ruger M77 in 6mm Rem for YEARS with amazing results! Deer, Pronghorn, Elk, and Moose! Not only was I impressed with how well this little rifle worked, but it amazed my hunting buddies and anyone else who happened to see it. Now, I was...
  8. Cam Moon

    Anybody with bad knees?

    Maybe try Viagra? If it works for your wienie, maybe it could help for your right knee or left knee too!
  9. Cam Moon

    How has Everyone’s Hunting Season at Home been?

    I don't know if truer words have ever been said Buddy. Our time with our parents is precious. That we didn't know that at a much younger age.
  10. Cam Moon

    How has Everyone’s Hunting Season at Home been?

    Maybe that's one of the things that keeps him young!
  11. Cam Moon

    This Is Hunting

    That's fantastic! I think I may print it off and well. Thank you for sharing! I've been asked about hunting by non-hunters (some that oppose it and some that don't) but the allure of hunting is something that is hard to explain. It's just something that you feel!
  12. Cam Moon

    Got My Africa Trophies Back

    That's great to hear! How about your shipping?
  13. Cam Moon

    How has Everyone’s Hunting Season at Home been?

    @Ragman Hell of a day for you and the Mrs! Congrats! Two very nice bucks.
  14. Cam Moon

    My Best Deer So Far

    Very nice buck! I'd be pumped too!! :A Banana:
  15. Cam Moon

    Got My Africa Trophies Back

    Very happy for you to have received them! From the pictures they look great! Would you be willing to share who did the work? And the shipping? How was your interaction and experience with them? This information can help other members, and is a great way to give back. I hear you about being...
  16. Cam Moon

    South Africa is open!

    Thank you Marius. I did a Google search after asking as well. With that knowledge I understand a bit more where Charles is coming from. Let's just hope the world as whole can move on.
  17. Cam Moon

    South Africa is open!

    SAA is an independent business isn't it? It's not a government owned and run operation is it? Good to hear they are opening up. I hope this whole COVID issue can be put behind us sooner than later. (If that's at all possible)
  18. Cam Moon

    Incredible Sable & Nyala Hunt Offer By Spear Safaris

    Looks like Flipper Dude is going hunting! What class of trophies should he be expecting?
  19. Cam Moon

    For the arm cannon aficionados

    If money was no object!
  20. Moose Hunting Canada

    Moose Hunting Canada

  21. Cam Moon

    Remington 700

    My gut feeling tells me you're going to find several supporters of the 700 on here.
  22. Cam Moon

    How has Everyone’s Hunting Season at Home been?

    Opening weekend of rifle season was successful!
  23. Cam Moon

    Leica Trinovid binoculars

    No. They would be horrible. You should probably give them to me instead. You know what?... I'd even pay you a few bucks for them so you could go get something else. I'm sure I could find a use for them for something.....
  24. Cam Moon

    Plains Game Magnum?

    Is your 93 really going to be that much lighter than your three seven five? And if so..... Why?
  25. Cam Moon

    Hello from South Africa

    Ahh, Nelspruit. I've been there a time or two. Drove back and forth from Sabi Sands and Kruger, as well as when I drove the panoramic route. I have a friend in the area. Welcome to AH! Looking forward to hearing some stories and seeing some pictures!
  26. Cam Moon

    The 1/4 million buck hunt

    Maybe that happened when he got home.
  27. Cam Moon

    Outfitters and PH's Please respond. All others: who does this...?

    They are loaded before the first animal is? :D Drunk:
  28. Cam Moon

    How many zebras?

    I think that anyone who says more than five will be disappointed in those extra rugs!
  29. Cam Moon

    Comment by 'Cam Moon' in media 'Bruce's Kudu 2020'

    Thank you for sharing that..... But believe it or not, I had already watched the video a week or so ago! LOL
  30. Cam Moon

    Comment by 'Cam Moon' in media 'Bruce's Kudu 2020'

    Beautiful Kudu!!
  31. Cam Moon

    How many zebras?

    I'm seeing 5. It's amazing how much they blend in to their surroundings when you see them in person!
  32. Cam Moon

    Can you guess how many Kudu are in the photo?

    I could see 8, but I'm just looking on my phone. When I looked at Gerome's picture I'm a little iffy on #2, but I'll have to take his word on it. When I was actually hunting them I had a hell of a time seeing them at all!!! On that note, my hat's off to Jason and Henry @HUNTERSHILL safaris for...
  33. Cam Moon

    Remington 770 beater rifles

    $54 for a brand new rifle??? The first thing I did was look to see how many years (or decades) ago this thread was originally posted! That's CRAZY! I would have been doing the same thing as @mdwest !!!
  34. Cam Moon

    Issues with the Artistry of Wildlife

    There isn't one.
  35. Cam Moon

    Outfitters and PH's Please respond. All others: who does this...?

    I think it kind of depends on the situation. Is it one beer? Or half a dozen? Is it while hunting? Or a celebratory drink after the animal is down? Who's driving? And are they drinking? If so, how much? And are they driving an easy trail back to camp, a treacherous hillside or river valley, or...
  36. Cam Moon

    Fantastic Article - A must read for all of you so called experts

    This rejuvenated old thread was entertaining at least. I really liked some of the comments posted! Some of you have quite the sense of humor. But at the same time it was frustrating. It's hard to believe that such an article could have actually been published. The amount of errors and false...
  37. Cam Moon

    I’ve Got An Idea!

    Thoughts on a Browning in 375HH? Not sure what model or anything. Possibility from "a friend of a friend".
  38. Cam Moon

    I’ve Got An Idea!

    Shootist43's idea of reloading light and slowly building up would likely help to limit Zambezi's concern of developing a flinch that could be difficult to overcome.
  39. Cam Moon

    How has Everyone’s Hunting Season at Home been?

    That should fill your freezer nicely! Where is home for you?
  40. Cam Moon

    Comment by 'Cam Moon' in media 'Impala Hunt South Africa'

    Pretty cool curves!
  41. Cam Moon


    Ya, but 66% of all statistics are just made up on the spot!
  42. Cam Moon

    Comment by 'Cam Moon' in media 'Hunt Pronghorn'

    Nice cutters!