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    Hunting boots Stop in Windhoek and get a pair of these hunting boots. Turns out, they work well in Namibia. That said, you will still need a broken-in pair of boots. I don't love cloth uppers- too many seeds. I use a pair of the arcto boots and a pair of Allen edmonds...
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    Left eye dominant but shooting right handed

    My son is also cross-dominant left eye/right hand. I just had him shoot left handed. No problem. And since I’m left eye/left hand, he will actually be able to use my rifles when they become his.
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    Recommend a good light weight hunting jacket

    I use a Korean War surplus wool field shirt. Cost me $2.50 at the gun show 20 years ago. Holding up just fine after a lot of use. Looks like they are selling for $30 now. Still worth it.
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    What headgear do you guys use on Safari?

    Boonie. Got to cover the ears. Wearing a pith helmet would be the equivalent of an urban politician trying to gain rural credibility by showing up to a Kansas farm wearing brand-new overalls with a brand-new John Deere hat.
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    Carry on luggage only

    My son has done it. If It weren’t for guns and ammo it wouldn’t be that hard. Wear your boots on the plane. As above, Likely won’t need ankle support boots. If your boots aren’t comfortable enough to wear on the plane, address that before hunting in them. 3 pairs of hunting socks. They will wash...
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    A Push Feed Rifle Or A Control Round Feed Rifle?

    The equipment debates have validity but the biggest problem is as they say the nut behind the buttplate. I see guys babying the bolt (presumably so they can better recover the brass) during practice and then expect they will remember to behave differently under stress. Under stress people...
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    Reduced/Practice Loads for DGRs

    Trail boss has been good to me.
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    CZ550 375 H&H - scope options

    I've got a Z6i 1.7-10 on my 30-06. Great Plains game scope Z8i 1-8 on the 375. The biggest strength of the 375 is its versatility. Put a 1-8 circle dot and you are good for up close and personal as well as shots at a reasonable distance. Versatile. I’ve got the z6i 1-6 on my 404. There...
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    CZ550 375 H&H - scope options

    I've got a Z6i 1.7-10 on my 30-06. Great Plains game scope Z8i 1-8 on the 375. The biggest strength of the 375 is its versatility. Put a 1-8 circle dot and you are good for up close and personal as well as shots at a reasonable distance. Versatile.
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    .375 Holland & Holland

    A good 300g bullet will do it all just fine. The 270 TTSX is possibly also a contender for all-round bullet and would have better long-range performance if that matters to you but I haven't any knowledge of its performance on dangerous game. Zero the rifle for the 300 grain and be done with...
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    9.3x62 vs 375H&H

    I’ve killed enough plains game with my 30-06 to confidently say pick whichever one makes you happiest.
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    Rifle for Plains Game and Dangerous Game

    The concern isn't a buffalo jumping out while you are shooting zebra. The concern is having zebra ammo in while hunting buffalo. A (very) light-for-caliber bullet at (very) high velocity is not generally recommended for thick-skinned dangerous game. The concept of having specific plains-game...
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    Rifle for Plains Game and Dangerous Game

    I was using hyperbole. And I was assuming that the main hunt is for dangerous game with incidental plains game. The point being there is no need for specialized plains game ammo. The softs used for dangerous game are perfectly adequate on plains game. The reverse cannot be counted on.
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    458 socom for charging cats?

    Why on earth would someone want to shoot an engine block with a 458 Socom? Or anything else shoulder-fired for that matter? The guy at the gun store knows a whole lot more about cars than I do if he knows where exactly the the unobstructed paths to the engine block are on the various...
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    What Calibre to Bring on a One-Gun Safari?

    30-06 will work fine. I used mine for my first 3 trips. You do not need anything heavier to efficiently and ethically kill plains game. I used a 404 then a 375 for trips 4 and 5. Speaking only of good heart/lung shots on plains game, (a crap shot is a crap shot and a brain/spine shot is a...
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    Knife sharpener

    Lansky works well on small knives but isn't much fun on a kitchen knife. Lately I've been experimenting with using my son's belt sander and I have to say it is quick and produces a nice edge. Seems like many if not most knife makers use a belt to make the edge in the first place.
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    Rifle for Plains Game and Dangerous Game

    The 375 that you chose is the classic and probably correct answer. There is no reason to worry about the plains game side of the equation. Assuming you are using a scoped rifle, a bigger rifle isn't going to handicap you on most plains games hunts. Mountain hunting or really long range, sure...
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    What's difference in a European Safari vs a Western/US client ?

    One big difference I notice is that Europeans tend to be multilingual. Fortunately one of those languages is almost always English. But I always feel a bit uncultured when people always accommodate to my language but I cannot return the favor.
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    Back country carry gun

    The best available scientific data suggests that bear spray is actually more likely to protect you than is a handgun. And it avoids the long conversation with the game warden discussing whether or not you needed to shoot that bear.
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    Dangerous Game for a first Safari?

    I think maybe it is because it is really easy to enjoy soup, salad, entree, dessert. The salad isn't as enjoyable after a big steak and creme brûlée.
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    Man-in-the-middle caliber

    I thought the 270 and the 300 were a bit of overlap...
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    Man-in-the-middle caliber

    I've killed animals as big as eland and bison with my 30-06. I've killed animals as small as blue wildebeest with my 404. Objectively, there is no need whatsoever for you to fill a gap that doesn't actually exist. Which means there is no need to overthink it. If you want to get a 338 to...
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    NAMIBIA: Omujeve Hunting Safaris - Caprivi Strip

    Is Namibia considering extending the season this year to help outfitters make up for lost income?
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    404 Jeffery loads

    I doubt you will find many people willing to state in writing on a public forum that you should start with a load 4g over book max.
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    Tough decisions

    Australia was one of the 7 continents I leaned in school. But that was back when the dates were 19xx AD not 19xx CE so its been a while since I learned them.
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    Most beautiful antelope?

    Scimitar Orxy
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    Any benefit in upgrading to express sights?

    I certainly wouldn't put 3 leaf sights on unless it is for aesthetic purposes or shooting iron sights at 300 yards is a hobby. The days of needing suck sights to shoot at 300 yards are long passed. Those long-range leafs will only serve to ruin a close-in shot should they be accidentally engaged.
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    How far is too far?

    If a person is honest with himself, (the most important and probably least likely person most people are honest with) he knows if the shot is too far. Too many of the answers here remind me of the old saying about driving that there are only two kinds of drivers: the inconsiderate jerks driving...
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    Granite mountain arms are made in USA
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    Is the .375 caliber minimum for dangerous game outdated?

    Lion maybe, but why? 375 make them too dead? Based on how long the buffalo I've shot (perfect top-of-heart shots) with my 404 lasted before keeling over, I'll stick with something big for them.
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    NAMIBIA to open for tourism September 1

    Doesn’t sound at all difficult to me, assuming you are going to be doing a ranch hunt. Fly in, get picked up at the airport, go to you destination,have a nice time hunting. Just like usual. If you are heading to the Caprivi or somewhere else remote, it would likely present significant obstacles
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    Military Surplus Rifles for Hunting

    I couldn't resist shooting my Axis deer with my M1. Seemed appropriate.
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    Looking for: What do you think?

    And here: I find Ammoseek to be very helpful.
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    Some things can never be bettered?

    Can not argue with your taste in gin! Just had a gin tasting with a few close friends. Hendricks, Plymouth, Uncle Vals, and Tanqueray Rangpur (my present favorite with dry lemon). Uncle Val’s is quite a flavorful gin. Paired very well in a martini with duck confit. Hendricks didn’t stand...
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    30mm vs. 1” scope tubes?

    Couldn't have said it better. If you put a put a superb scope on your rifle, put an adequate watch on your wrist. You will easily be able to see past legal light, at least where I live- it is 1/2 hour after sunset.
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    30mm vs. 1” scope tubes?

    There is no need for an 8x scope on a dangerous game rifle. But I think it is perfect on a 375 because a 375 is a versatile rifle useful on dangerous game. A 1-4 is probably all you’d need on a dangerous game rifle. As One Day correctly points out, without adequate objective diameter, you...
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    30mm vs. 1” scope tubes?

    Fair enough, I didn’t answer the question. Per Swarovski: A scope's EP corresponds to your own pupil, which dilates from about 2mm in bright sunlight to perhaps 7mm in the dark. If your scope's exit pupil is smaller than your pupil, it can't transmit all the light you can use. If it's larger...
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    Bison Hunting With A 416 Rigby

    I have been to Africa 5 times and each time I have paid money in advance and the remainder after the hunt. Never paid all in advance, never been asked to. That includes buffalo and elephant. If the outfitter had asked for the trophy fees to be placed in an escrow account, I would have had no...
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    30mm vs. 1” scope tubes?

    I doubt you’ll find a better scope for a 375 than a Z8i. It’s a 30mm tube.
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    Which Range Finding Binos to Buy?

    Depends on what you are doing. Within reason, the bigger the better from a stand that is 7 yards away from the truck and the smaller the better if you are walking and stalking. My experience parallels Red Leg's that I have never needed a range finder in Africa. I generally carry 8.5x42 EL...
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    Hunts which are not guaranteed - Hunts with only a "good chance" of success

    I think it was 3 trips before I finally got a kudu. But I was also hunting a lot of other species and may well have found a good one sooner if that is all I was looking for. The more species and the less time, the lower the odds. But they call him the grey ghost for a reason. As far as...
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    375 H&H or 416 RIgby

    The 375 is adequate no doubt. If AND ONLY IF you can shoot the 416 as well, it will of course hit harder and give you more margin on buffalo, assuming it isn't too heavy to carry, the optics are up to the task, all else being equal, etc, etc. Very few people are heard to complain at the end...
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    For Sale Frederick Beesley Left-hand 416 Rigby With Scope

    Very nice rifle! Mr Beesley invented the action used by Purdey for their shotguns. I’ve got one and it is perfection. Basically more Purdey that Purdey for $10,000. Absolutely first-rate maker who doesn’t have the name recognition of the big names. Someone is going to have a first-rate...
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    Blaser R8 for Dangerous Game

    I did it with a primed case not a live round. I’m happy to answer the question of will it fire but I’ll let the professionals determine whether it will fire a live round out of battery ;)
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    Looking to hunt Namibia

    I very much enjoyed my hunting in Caprivi. But other than zebras, I think I saw 10 buffalo for every plains game animal. You can have a great time but you probably won't be shooting a lot of plains game species.
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    Funny But Dangerous - Japanese Dare Shows

    American television celebrates stupidity. Japanese television attempts to eliminate it. Point: Japan
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    Blaser R8 for Dangerous Game

    I just tested this out and if you have the trigger pulled and slam the bolt forward, the rifle does fire. I have no way to determine if the bolt was locked or not at the time nor any idea how one would make this happen without using a cable tie or string or something to hold the trigger, but...
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    Blaser R8 for Dangerous Game

    Don't worry about your size affecting your recoil tolerance. I think we lighter guys have an advantage because we roll with it easier. Thank about how unpleasant it would be to sit with your back against a tree and fire something with real recoil. Now, when it comes to carrying the rifle, I...
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    The Fine Things In Life

    Snap-on wrenches. Swarovski optics. Bespoke clothing and shoes. Frette linens.
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    Which is the best game meat?

    Horses for courses. Wildebeest makes a fine oxtail stew, zebra is a fantastic steak in my opinion. Oryx schnitzel. I've enjoyed a delightful elk carpaccio. Etc. But a lot comes down to your personal taste. I don't particularly like beef- it is fine but I generally prefer pork. I like fish...