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    Moose hunting techniques

    get up high where you can see/glass and look for feeding moose, you can hunt them if close enough or wait for them to bed down and then hunt them up.
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    9.3x62 Penetration On Large Game

    imho, sierra bullets are too soft. have shot some in 7mm mag a few in 338 win, my impression/opinion, they are too soft. i talked to a tech at sierra 25+ years ago, said they should bond their bullets after a failure of their 175 gr 7mm bullet. the techs comment was, did it kill the deer...
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    Anybody with bad knees?

    I had 30% of the meniscus removed from my knee, after an injury from a mountain rescue that we did. I work for the fire department. I saw a knee specialist that is also a hunter/bowhunter a couple years later. his recommendation was glucosamine. He goes there’s no downside to taking it and it...
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    Favorite Rifles Above .308 Caliber

    i have used the .338 win for years, an excellent caliber in ruger s.s. rifles. like the o.p. i live in a cold and wet environment so stainless and synthetic figure in to the calculation. i have a 375 ruger alaskan that i have grown to love and have shot quite a bit of game with it from moose...
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    Falconry, A Sport Among Kings

    Redleg, yes, that is a harris hawk. they are pretty effective hunting birds, the most social of all falconry birds. they literally hunt in packs/family groups in the wild. with falconry constraints, they are often hunted together/in a group also known as "gang" hawking. they are a bird...
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    still waiting for an answer.....Bueller.....Bueller?
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    my question to any democrats on this forum; why is there no democrat or MSM concern over voting machines and program malfunctions? why do all the malfunctions and fraud favor only one candidate (joe biden)? why would democrats on this forum support a party that is intent on disarming them?
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    "One and Done" Rifle Sickness?

    Hmmmm, An interesting theory. However, not 1 I ascribe to completely. I do have a couple of project rifles that have not shot anything with But most of the guns that I have in my safe I have made a concentrated effort to shoot something with. Whether it’s an air rifle, shotgun, even a handgun...
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    Remington Core Lokt?

    Re: The core long ultra, are used some in a 338 WinMag. I was shooting a plains bison, I shot the beastie behind the ear, but I went through it had stopped under the hide on the far side perfect expansion and hung together well. Those ultra bullets I would have no worries about shooting anything...
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    Cold weather head wear

    Rickmt, I use a stocking/watchmans cap for general chilly weather. It is lightweight and compact. But, when I want to stay warm for long periods of glassing or relatively seditary work, I put on my beaver or my sea otter fur hat! I live in anchorage, guide brown bear hunters in spring and...
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    USA: Alaska Mountain Goat Hunt With Parker Guide Service

    JES goats are tough hunting. good job, way to hang in there! if you hunt for a few days, you will get your blacktail as well, good luck.
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    Best Caliber for sheep hunting

    Harrison E, i would choose a .264 caliber and up to 30 cal. i would pick a light weight rifle, I own a tikka t3 lite and am very happy with it. i think it would be hard to improve on a 270 or 280. a variable scope (3-9 would be a good compromise) that is light in weight, plenty of...
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    9.3x62 Optics

    a 2-7 ish scope will do all one needs to do on that rifle. i tell are not shooting gophers, don't worry about high magnification. also "always leave on the lowest setting, you can always turn it up if you REALLY need to
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    Boddington Another 10 Years

    hey, velo dog is old, not a dumbass!!! :) i suspect $23 is his top offer!
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    Why I No Longer Defend The .458 Winchester Magnum

    badboymelvin, i still can't believe that the 458 does not bounce off of buffalo and ele, even though many elephant cullers used it...for years...its hard to believe that it can kill one! :) thanks for a good read, don
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    The Influence Of Trophy Measurement In Cape Buffalo

    ivw, izak ended up putting a bullet in this bull, and apologized for it! we had a discussion prior to hunting and i told him, if he need to shoot, then just shoot dammit! :) it might not have needed the extra bullet, but i was very good with it. re: the bull, he was perfect to my mind...
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    You Are the Client – You Get What YOU Want

    that leopard mount is amazing!!!!
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    New 1886 Winchester Miroku .45-70

    a nice rifle, and you can shoot pretty stiff loads in it with the '86', but... the recoil will be substantial in such a light rifle, good shooting!
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    How has Everyone’s Hunting Season at Home been?

    well, no photos, but just got back from moose camp, we got two bulls, a forked horn and a 51" bull. was a great hunt with my family, uncle, son in law, and a buddy. tough trail in with machines, got there with some small problems. saw quite a few bulls, but not a lot of legal ones. quite a...
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    Take this one to bed

    as stated earlier, if you are shooting a double, give him the other barrel!!
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    Covid Hunger - Kenyans Forced To Hunt Giraffe For Food

    yeah, i didn't think (know) that giraffes were endangered, hmmm, more fake news.
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    The Kalibhit Man-Eater - An Absolute Classic

    shooter 50, i think you took an excellent story and a sort of history lesson and turned it into a petty public argument for who knows what reason. if you have a beef with the professor or the major, voice it privately. i am disappointed that you would try to disparage these gentlemen. if...
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    been moose hunting for a couple weeks and been unplugged from the news. i believe it was earlier on this thread that someone posted the CDC results at that time (late august), the readers digest version was,: average mean age of death for an american = 79 years (ish) average mean age of death...
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    Best Deer Hunting Round, LOL!

    the perfect deer rifle: is between 25-30 caliber, shoots a bullet between 120-180 grains and has a velocity between 2500-3000 fps. those parameters will kill any deer that ever walked, specific cartridge is not so important, depends on lots of things, cover, distance, etc.
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    saul, those kids were not in "cages" they WERE being detained. no hyperbole needed.
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    284 selection

    sgt, buy a 280 and don't look back. slick feeding, ballistically very close to a 7mm mag. just like a 7x64 which did a great job in africa when i was there observing animals shot with it. it is MORE than a 7mm/08. it will shoot great, heck if you get bored, rebarrel it to a 30-06 :p
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    saul, sorry, i have been all sheep hunting and been gone about 10 days so am late to this, but, child "separations at the border" pretty ok with that. if a criminal is dealing drugs, if a criminal is stealing cars, if a criminal is robbing a bank, if a criminal is crossing the border...
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    My Views On Rifles & Ammunition For Sorting Out Dangerous Game

    Professor, quite a write up of dangerous game rifles, with honest assessments of success and failures. well done and thank you.
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    saul, what i don't understand is how a guy that is a safari, hunting guy can support a democrat that has stated he will make his 2 amendment guy the gay guy that ran (can't remember his name) how do you vote for a guy that barely knows what country he is in? and better yet, he will be a sock...
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    i could not disagree more, donald trump is saying what i am thinking mostly. so, i suspect you are a bit of a snow flake. i hope your feelings don't get hurt too much with this small, simple rebuttal.
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    on a lighter note...

    these and about 50 others previous, hell, i use em all, STILL!!! YUP, I'm a redneck
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    Rusty Stainless Montana Rifle

    907 562 0881
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    Rusty Stainless Montana Rifle

    Andy hawk is a great smith in anchorage
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    Read this Elephant Charge

    brick burn, yup, u r right, i blew by it, thx
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    Read this Elephant Charge

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    375 H&H rebored to 404 Jeffery

    contact info for mr selby?
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    Home made snap cap

    You don’t NEED a bullet, but it helps when practicing reloading your gun, loads better
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    Home made snap cap

    I made a couple for my 450-400, use an empty case, push out primer, seat a bullet with no powder, and place a small piece(round) of bench matting just cut it into a primer size with an exacto knife, the Matt material will absorb the firing pin strike. You should mark it somehow, sharpie on...
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    Moose loads for .375h&h

    skinnerblade, i agree with long hammer. the 375 is plenty for moose with any bullet 260+ you don't NEED to spend a lot of time with load workup etc unless you want to. i've shot lots of moose with a 375 (ruger) moose are not so much tough as they are large. if you lung shoot em, they are so...
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    Bison Hunting With A 416 Rigby

    JimP, you are right, a cape buffalo hunt is still not a brown bear hunt. BeeMaa, the truth is, hunting brown bears is generally very different than hunting Africa. While hunting Africa, you will see zebra, kudu, gemsbok, impala, etc, etc, all day long when hunting a buff and can choose to...
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    A Team Effort – The Value Of Client Input

    that bear mount is amazing, stopped in time! well done
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    light gloves with leather on palm/fingers and synthetic on back/sides of gloves are pretty nice for early winter and chilly weather. an example is nomex pilot gloves that you can buy at a military surplus store. they have enough dexterity to shoot, manage cartridges and load rifles and are...
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    The Man Eater Of Kanpur

    major khan, i will admit, you have balls of stainless steel!!! running after a man eater that was JUST shot! i would say, a bit reckless as well, but at this time in your hunting panthers, i suspect you knew how to do it best. well done! and of course a hairy, scary story!!
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    And now for some very unbiased reporting.....

    BRICKBURN, you never fail to impress! thanks for info. truth is, its hard to believe that any news agency will report a hunting episode fairly.
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    7x64 Brenneke - Opinions

    my little experience with the 7x64 was in s. africa two years ago, i watched 3 animals shot with it with 160 gr barnes triple shocks. one blue wildebeest, one gemsbok and one impala. all one shot kills by my friend lew, my PH said it was very like a 280 rem. i was impressed.