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    What do you want Santa to bring?

    What I want a Santa to bring? This x-mass? Hmmm... let me think.... A scope for my 375!!!
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    Fly Camp Hunt Package US$2,400

    Are the trophy fees included or excluded? What animals may be considered for this deal? BTW, the idea is great!
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    Germany Hunting Pictures

    It could be a young wolf, but most ptobably it is a golden jackal Canis aureus They are common in south east Europe, but they are spreading fast. Below photo is from internet.
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    Voere Shikar rifle

    Here is voere link. They still have - and today this is rare, production of mauser 98 hunting rifles, on budget prices. I contacted them this summer, being inerested to get mauser rifle in DG caliber for good price. Unfortunately, they do not produce in 375 HH, their...
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    Transitioning To A Blaser R8 - A Two Months / 500 Rounds Review

    @One Day... Without exaggeration, have you considered writing articles for some hunting or gun magazines?
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    Transitioning To A Blaser R8 - A Two Months / 500 Rounds Review

    Dear @One Day... This is an excellent overview, in fact, probably the best overview I have ever read on Blaser R8, together with comparing notes to some of CRF characteristics (like camming extraction force of mauser bolt). I am saying this based on my extensive library of magazines or books...
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    The Kudu

    Great presentation, of Aficas one of most iconic animals!
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    Happy Thanksgiving wishes to you!

    Happy thanksgiving to my American hunting colleagues!
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    What animal do you consider specific African countries to be "known" for?

    Ethiopia - mountain nyala. Namibia - gemsbok, kudu, Hartman Zebra South Africa - black wildebest, springbok Cameroun - Bongo Botswana - elephant Tanzania - grant, tommy gazzele But some countries I cannot link to some particular animal. Or better put, some animals are "international -...
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    2600 fps "cut off point" for DRT behaviour?

    So far, from my personal point of view, there is no scientific proof of what causes hydordinamic (or hydrostatic) shock. There are indications. However, I remeber well, a lesson from my hunting education courses, were the literature was quoting 800 m/sec (cca 2600 fps) velocity as starting...
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    SOUTH AFRICA: Beware Of Self Proclaimed Professional Hunter Tinus Lindeque

    Hi @crs This is small misunderstadning. I know that @Serbian Hunter is member, as I have excanged few pms on subject of buffalo hunting few months ago. . What I meant is that this other guy, Tinus, who is mentioned here, is also forum member, but not active for some time. He has maybe a dozen...
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    SOUTH AFRICA: Beware Of Self Proclaimed Professional Hunter Tinus Lindeque

    Hi @Serbian Hunter Sorry to hear that. After reading your post, I went on a bit of a google search, and found one member of this forum with the same name. Not active for long time. Maybe he will respond.
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    Voere 98 Mauser Detachable Magazine conversion kit?

    From their distributors list, Canada is closest option: Sporteque enr. 760, Boul. Saint Joseph CA-J2C 2C3 Drummondville / Quebec Fon: 001/819-477 7144 Fax.: 001/819-472 3411
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    Owning Multiple Rifles from the Same Manufacturer?

    @Saul Personaly, I have nothing against buying, or in all reality - that would be collecting - rifles from same maker. It could be due to pleaseure and pride of ownership, or due to need of various calibers, say for hunting on competition. Having said that... my inventory is totaly diverse...
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    USA: Pretty Hill Country Buck

    I dont know is it by accident but... the photo is great... and game positioned on right side as per continental european hunting ethics. Great rifle, and great buck! Congrats! One of my dreams is to hunt american white tail... once... I keep this dream alive, hoping the day will come.
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    Your first game animal?

    Roe buck, I was 17 years old, with granpas rifle.
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    Forend Rifle Strap for Support Hand

    This way of using sling in modern times is often fogotten. Description of using sling in this way can be found in some older manuals. In old days, army trained sodiers to use sling in this way. I use it frequently, every time in the hunting field, if situation dictates so. I found this first...
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    Forend Rifle Strap for Support Hand

    I wouldnt go that specialised. In my driven hunts, I just help myself using the standard sling, in this way: You can try, and see how this works
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    Botswana blond lions pictures

    Why would someone claim that Kalahari lions are not really wild?
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    Ok gotta ask what is it with hunting outfitters that have no prices on their website?

    @outwestidaho 1. Outfitters that do not have prices on web site - for me they are TURN OFF 2. Outfitters, or any company in any other line of work, that does not reply to email, for me they are TURN OFF. As someone has said earlier, try to contact the ourfitter who is sponsor on this web site...
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    Got My Africa Trophies Back

    Zebra, kudu, impala, springbok, black wildebeest! Awsome trophies, and some of trully iconic plains game species for Africa! Congrats!
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    Remington 700

    I own certain number of firearms (not remington), and all perform well. (but I take care of them) I am member of target shooting sporting club and also a member of local hunting club. So, I had a chance to try number of guns from friends, or at least see those guns in action on the range.This...
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    What headgear do you guys use on Safari?

    In golden age, pith helmet was the norm. in modern times, headgear most commonly used is either: - safari hat (with zebra, leopard, or leather strap), or similar. - Or baseball cap. On safari, I use, baseball cap, because it is my daily gear, at home...
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    Why are there no Double Rifles which are Over and Under?

    The reason is faster loading in side by side configuration, plus, maybe tradition. But it is not, that there are no O/U rifles. There is for example one very well known: Browning b525 O/U - 9.3x74r You can also find it in Browning UK catalogue, it is also reasonably priced.
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    Lady Death: Lyudmila Pavlichenko, The Greatest Female Sniper Of All Time

    As a side note, so many decades later, in similar manner of ww2 western press, western media does not treat or recognise russian female snipers role in history properly. (some things never change?) For example, notable sniper movie Enemy at the gates (2001) dircted by Jean Jacques Annaud -...
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    Springfield Model 1903 Striker

    If springfield 1903 (even in sporterised version) is actually the same rifle that was service rifle in ww1, and sniper rifle in ww2 for US Army, which is basicaly a clone of mauser m98, for which the license was paid... and proven to be one of most effective army service weapons in ww1, then for...
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    My Life-size Nyala

    It looks great! Congrats!
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    Ideal Plains Game Matched Pair .257 Wby & .340 Wby For Sale

    @One Day... I congratulate you for purchasing Blaser R8 with great set of barrels! As a forum member, I feal a bit of loss. This may eliminate future debates between red leg and you about virtues and flaws between linear action, and mauser CRF actions for DG hunting, the debates from which we...
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    Black Rhino

    Few tags per year. But, as population increases, so do the annual tag issuing. starting price 300.000 usd. (plus/minus) This one is interesting article, possibly most expensive ever? There was few offers on this forum. Do the...
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    Sable, Roan and Honey Badger

    Looks great!
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    The 20th Century's Top Rifle Cartridge

    Intersting old post. However, in top ten list, I find it strange that in top ten list there is no european continental cartridges.
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    Is this a joke? (I am not joking with a question, it looks surreal) If its real, it should go more then 4000 fps? Am I correct?
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    Minimum caliber for Zebra?

    As per my PH, wildebeest and zebra are animals most frequently lost due to poor shot, or wounding. This should be considered. So, "just some sufficient" caliber, with hunter not having to much experience (trigger time) should be avoided. I shot my hartmann zebra, with 300H&H, and at the time I...
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    Jumbo Hunt Gone Wrong

    I mean no disrecpect to any body, but in my personal view arrows, bows, crossbows, pistols and revolvers are not for hunting DG. Half of the posts on this forum, we discuss benefits and differences between 375 - 416 - 458 and alike, and there is obivous reason for this. Then somoeone comes...
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    So It Begins,.....Again

    I am sure this will be an excellent hunt report! Good hunting, and keep us posted!
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    9.3x62 vs 375H&H

    Moreover, 9.3x74(R) is rimmed cartridge for break action rifles, desinged to create lower pressures, and basically to mimic 9.3x62 performance. On the other hand, 9.3x64 is practically a twin of 375...
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    9.3x62 vs 375H&H

    I've hunted africa twice, first time with 375 hh (camp gun). Since recently I own my own 375 hh. I also own 9.3x62. I think that on performance on large animals there will not be much difference. 375 hh, on the other hand gives undisputable versatility to use on PG and DG, and 9.3 is legally...
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    .375 Holland & Holland

    A real generous offer! I wish, someone accepts this!
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    Need advice - mountain calibre for single shot rifle

    @One Day... Great post. One question. What is the weight of these mountain rifles desrcibed in your notes? My guess is, a bit lighter then ordinary all around magazine rifle, in .30 cal?
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    .375 Holland & Holland

    question for experienced 375 HH owners. If you need to use 235 grain SP, (or 275 grain), for exapmle on PG, and then you need to use 300 grain for buffalo: What is your experience with point of impact change, at 100 yards / meters - when you change bullets?
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    What's difference in a European Safari vs a Western/US client ?

    I have posted some of Euroepan hunting traditions on this thread. Post no 11, on that thread But, @Red Leg, he has pretty much described well European hunting traditions. There is also one more practical difference that...
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    Please Recommend A 220 Grain .30-06 Springfield Factory Load

    From my side, I can say that sako hammerhead 30-06, 180 grains, has perfomred well. SHH - 220 grains, I have never tried. But I know they are available.
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    Please Recommend A 220 Grain .30-06 Springfield Factory Load

    Dear @Professor Mawla You may consider Sako Hammehead 20-06, 220 grain:
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    I found following notable species, not necesserily all to be huntable in Rwanda: Bush elephant Forest elephant Black Rhino Afriacan wild cat Caracal – African golden cat Lion Leopard Palm civet Spotted hyena Side striped jackal Grants Zebra Warthog Giant forest hog Bush pig...
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    Boys new gun

    That smile is worth million dollars! Congrats!
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    Financial Planning for Hunting

    Or, just, marry a rich girl.
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    WANTED: Pricing A Wild Managed Lion Hunt For 2022

    The OP has not been active on this forum, or on this topic, since he posted the question. I have some doubts, now.
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    New World Record

    Poor that rifle barrel.
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    Rigby Highland Stalker .275 vs 30-06

    Nice rifles!