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    This was not intended to be an attack on and I hope you didn't take it that way. In my opinion, you are a voice of reason because we're all pissed off and trying to figure it this crap out together. All I was getting at is that anyone that has seen it, doesn't want to again, no matter how badass...
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    When someone/anyone that knows you have firearms, approaches a judge and claims you are a threat to yourself or others. The judge can then order your firearms confiscated by local Law Enforcement. There's been a few fatalities in the states that have adopted this law.
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    Red Leg, unbeknownst to you, you have become somewhat the voice of reason over the course of this thread. However, if you don't think that ANTIFA has taken up arms, do a simple Google search. John Brown gun club or simply look up ANTIFA firearms training. As far as the question of the location...
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    2 rifles same issue

    Bartlein. They get more accurate as they age. Lol
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    2 rifles same issue

    I'm truly not trying to disregard anyone's previous post. I am alone not denying that quality has somewhat gone to crap over the course of 20 years for US based "rifle" manufacturers. This includes Browning, Weatherby, Ruger, Winchester and it pains me to agree with the Remington nay-sayers...
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    Army Veterans

    I would need a question before I could answer, or even if I'm qualified to answer said questions.
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    Remington Core Lokt?

    Common trend here is that those who have had great success, for YEARS with them, love them. Those that have had a bad experience with them ONCE, hate them. Look throughout the threads on this forum, regardless of the bullet being discussed, the trend is the same. If you had one (name a bullet)...
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    Probably the best analysis yet. If these are your words, great job. If they are someone else's, kudos to them. Things get overlooked and unread in this thread. I actually almost missed this but I'm glad I didn't. Thanks Mike.
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    400 Whelen Finished

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    For you beer drinkers...

    MOSI was the best beer ever to pass over my tongue. My opinion obviously. I'll check with my local liquor store, they don't mind ordering on request. I'll give African Amber a shot...
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    COVID 19 text

    Not on your life
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    My son’s first rifle

    I don't know anything about the Grendel. I bought my middle some a Ruger American when he graduated AIT. Its in 6.5 Creedmoor, not fond of Ruger or the Creedmoor but that rifle/caliber is friggin accurate! The smile on your son is priceless bud. Thank you for keeping the tradition going.
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    If they get what they want, then they will be looking to us for help. Sorry, I'll be looking out for my family and like minded people. Not saying I won't end their suffering by any means, however I'm not looking forward to doing so. Moderators can cancel this quote if they choose, but those...
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    Just been reading lately, not posting. President Trumps legal team is on this, so don't loose hope. Giuliani is saying they have over a thousand witnesses throughout the states that are willing to testify of the fraudulent processes. Besides, it's NOT the media that gets to announce the 2020...
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    You're right Mike. The working class' turn to vote now...
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    One more
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    Does anyone know the Finnish word for horrible by chance?
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    35 Whelen Ammunition Recommendations

    I have had great luck with Federal premium 225gr TBBC and 200gr Remington Core Lokt. Both shoot great out of my 700 classic. I haven't tried any other brand/load so I can only recommend the above mentioned. Both accurate and Both work great on game.
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    .350 Remington Magnum

    Toby is 100% right. Major advantage is the short action. Flip side of the coin, those carbines pack a little punch ( on your end) after you squeeze the trigger. Heat of the moment, you probably won't even notice, just like report, but target practice you're going to know its there.
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    Here we go
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    7x57 Whitetail Round

    Was actually going to say this about their accuracy. I've shot paper with them, several different calibers over the course of many years. None of the guns I have used gave me a lot of confidence with this ammo for "stretching the envelope ". Where I hunt now is mostly thick woods, and their...
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    Guns For Sale

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    We'll leave it at that then.
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    Unbiased, that's funny, I don't care who you are.
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    I know!!!! That's what makes it even more amazing, (wait for it) there are actually Americans that are considering this person to be the commander in chief if our armed forces. It really is amazing. There's not enough beer for me to cast that vote. Rather walk across Mozambique barefoot than...
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    Just the way he talks, "hot stuff"...
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    Agree 100%
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    laughed my ass off when I saw this
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    Watch "Hunting antifa" on YouTube
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    Most beautiful antelope?

    In my personal opinion, there is no antelope more beautiful than a mature Blackbuck.
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    All my whitetails identified as Blue Wildebeest, so I'm set...
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    What Is Your Dream Rifle?

    An M-60. I'm getting closer every day....
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    I smell a 150million dollar study coming. University of NY most likely. Lol
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    First impressions...

    One of the best introductions ever... suck up... LOL
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    Why You Should Not Be Friends With Your Taxidermist

    Never quite looked at it like that. The concrete work I do for friends and family is to the same standards I do for "paying " customers. I get what you are saying completely, but for me personally, I haven't had any issues as far as comprising friendships. My payoffs are the fishing trips or...
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    How far is too far?

    So, I have noticed, that even with the examples given for western style hunting where the shots are IN REALITY long shots. Yet, it's an Ego thing in your mind? Fancy me this, history shows that it didn't take the native Americans long to start using firearms, once they were introduced to them...
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    For Sale Military Grade Thermal Scope

    That's a damn good price! Best of luck man. I went a different thermal route, but if this would have been offered then I would have jumped on it.
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    Something we ALL know, even Saul, is that every government has corruption in it ( for Saul, YES, the Democratic and even the Republican party). How it got this way, who knows, years and years of deception and lies? Voters actually trusting what politicians say? Again, who knows. All I know is...
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    We posted at the same time.
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    Sorry, looked back at the amendments. You are correct, the 25th ammendment states the VP would be nominated by the "new" president. I guess I was thinking about succession of their roles.
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    Pretty sure that if something happens to POTUS the VP then becomes POTUS then the speaker of the house becomes VP. Feel free to correct me if I'm wrong, I hope I am!
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    Is the .338 RUM Dead?

    Goof... Knowing you, you researched the crap out of it. 9.3 x whatever, will always be better in your eyes. I don't hold it against you boss. Love ya for it. They're both great calibers.
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    8 Remington Magnum

    My personal opinion, based on countless conversations with "the old timers", is that the millimeters never really faired too well in the US. That is just here in the US, I know the mm's are more successful in other countries. The one mm that took off like a rocket here was the development of...
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    What have you been doing since you can’t go on Safari?

    Burning through a buttload of ammunition.... Loving it!!!
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    Is any kind of hearing protection used on safari?

    Whatever you use or don't use in your home country/state/providence should work. Unless you don't use them when hunting.
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    M14 birch stock + water/humidity

    My advise? I would buy a synthetic (or if you can find an original fiberglass M14 stock) and have it to the side. Just in case humidity or weather WAS affecting accuracy. From a personal point of view, as cool as your birch stock looks, and it is badass, I would try to find a government...
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    For Sale 375 REM 700 Overwatch

    Perfectly stated. I too enjoy long range shooting, not necessarily long rang hunting, but if someone hunts with and can make THAT shot then let them. Again, with the nay sayers, I guess no one is as good a hunter as you guys. Geez.
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    I can't think of the manufacturer of them, but I have a couple of pair of the wool mittens that the finger section flips over. Not saying the fingers don't get cold from time to time, but that section that flips over is a great spot for hot hands. I've used a bunch of different types and these...
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    F**k their reasons! These "racist statues" they are tearing down, are just as much black history as they are white history. We are supposed to learn from history. If you erase history, how the hell do you learn from it? Saul, it makes no sense to me how anyone can try to make sense of this...