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    Question: Kilombero v. Selous

    Even in the Selous it can differ from concession to concession depending how they are managed. It really is finding the good straw amongst the chaff. Generalizations don't work. Good luck.
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    New(er) cartridges for Plains Game?

    I've know of people landing with nothing. No rifle, no ammo and no luggage. How often have you been separated from your ammo ? You hear about it being a potential issue, a bit like catching gastro. I would like to hear your own experiences.
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    New(er) cartridges for Plains Game?

    No one goes to Africa hunting without being driven by some form of Romanticism or the desire for a Traditional experience. I myself have chosen and used a 9.3x62 for one such trip to fulfill these desires. But times change and so do options. I've been called a FUDD on a few firearms sites but...
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    Which is the best game meat?

    Best roast I've ever eaten was Gemsbok rump cooked in a traditional Afrikaans way. The best biltong was Elephant from the 1984 Hwange cull.
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    Rifle for Plains game

    There is a tremendous amount of game and good hunting to be had with a .243W. Not all game is over 200 lbs and I wouldn't discount it. Blesbok, Impala, Dassies, wart hog, smaller antelope etc etc.. What does she want to shoot ? It would be my choice for a second rifle. You list plains game so I...
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    .416 Rigby - Will this stock hold up?

    Definitely you will need to re-stock it. A replacement Weatherby stock and a bedding job would be the easiest way to go. If the price was right it would make a good Big Game rifle capable of handling the hottest loads. I wouldn't fuss too much about it being or not being CRF. Most CRF rifles...
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    Old Faithful - My 7x57mm Mauser

    My custom 7x57 was good for deer beyond par and game up to 100 kg (Think a mans weight) though I did shoot larger game with it. That's about all. I would not take one to Africa. It's a specialist cartridge that needs to be used as your only rifle to learn its every strength and weakness. Life...
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    SOUTH AFRICA: Fantastic Adventure With Chris Troskie Safaris!

    Congratulations Ben. I said you wouldn't go wrong with Chris as he is as honest as the day is long and listens to his clients. It took me five trips to get control of my love of Africa. You still have a few to go. (Insert happy face emoticon).
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    Your interpretation from WDM Bell's Article in The American Rifleman

    I have serious doubts about Bell as well. Herds that had never been hunted are almost docile if not feeling threatened. His writings came many, many years after his actual domicile in Africa and like so many hunters relying on income from writings ... well you get the point. Many of these...
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    Questions About the CZ 550

    I've owned two. A .308W which I took to Africa for my first paid hunt and a .416Rigby which is now shooting buff in the Northern Territory of Australia with another owner. Great guns. The standard triggers are fine and the bedding is fine (if inspected by a competent gunsmith who knows what they...
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    6.5x54 M-S at Distance

    OMG its an 'olde worlde' 6.5 Creedmore.
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    Barnes 30 cal 165 GR TTSX BT on game

    This is the most accurate projectile in my Vanguard .300 Weatherby. Who has used this projectile and what game have you used it on ?
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    At least 50 dead, 200 wounded at shooting on Las Vegas Strip

    This forum has a larger than normal representation of paranoid tin foil hat wearers. Until anything is proven your all pissing into the wind.
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    What was your impression of South Africa when you visited?

    I have been to South Africa a number of times. Not recently however. The one thing about South Africa is the rate of change. It is always different each time I have been there. 1985, was apartheid and whites were still royal game (not to be shot at or exported). Hunted a private ranch outside...
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    The shoulder carry

    I believe its an African tradition. based on two centuries of hunting with black powder and then later double rifles and heavy express magazine rifles. It is inherently unsafe if there is a round in the chamber. I never use a sling as it becomes an incumberence in thick bush and can get caught...
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    I keep my yellow fever updated when in Zim due to the transient nature of the population. Its not necessary, but then I am not quarantined in hunting camps only. You can forgo malaria if your netted at night but Malaria is a disease that 'keeps on giving'. Rabies is a shocking shot to have and...
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    308 rifle choice

    Absolutely. A lot of 'African' big game rifles are advertised with tight tolerances, no doubt for accuracy improvement, but i wonder just how many get used in a truely harsh environment.
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    308 rifle choice

    I took a CZ550 .308W to Africa a few years ago. Great rifle with all the features I wanted. It did 'gum up' with wind blown dust and wouldn't cycle, where as my son's .243 refurb'd Parker Hale Mauser '98 kept working. Would still recommend it as we were hunting pretty hard (not on a truck). The...
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    303 rifle question

    Thats a polish name. Private import ? Personal ame engraved on a rifle ?
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    How do you feel about using a quality straight 6 power scope for plains game on my 300H&H M70?

    My first paid hunt in RSA I used a Zeiss 6x42 with #4 reticle on a .308w and would do so again. Currently running an early Jap Tasco 6x40 on a .300 weatherby for midday hunting. Your S&B will be fine.
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    Has your PH ever sent you out without him?

    Illegal in SA. I believe in Zim too unless on private land and you borrow rifles.
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    CZ-550 American .416 Rigby

    Short answer. Yes.
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    Zeiss Diatal ZA 4x32 T* For Sale

    Sorry. Sold.
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    Rifle(s) Suggestions for Plains Game Hunt in Limpopo

    My 14yo took a heap of game with his .243. Better a rifle he knows well than a new one. There are lots of small game and varmints it is suitable for that maybe offered when you get there. Too small for zebra but ok for a light Kudu. A .308w will do for you. Why not borrow one there and take one...
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    Best Distance to Zero a 416 Rigby

    A very very old south african PH who used to hunt Kalahari lion alone on foot, told me to regulate your sites for 75 and 5 metres. Thats where you'll be shooting the most.
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    Anyone has experience with Blaser R8?

    Great rifle. Stalked Row Buck with one in .308W. Action took a bit of getting used to as it was borrowed. Wouldn't hesitate to own one.
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    My first African hunt rifle question

    Don't think about velocity. Where are you hunting ? Unless its really thick (I mean bend over every second step thick) bush, 20" won't give you any advantages. 25" will be far more pleasant to shoot. How long is your gun case ? Will the 25" fit ? Where else will you use this rifle ?
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    Recommendation for Shooting Sticks/Tripod

    Use your PH's stick. Practise with two broom sticks lashed together. Save your dollars for animals and practise ammo and dont get duped into the marketplace fashion race.
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    Schultz And Larsen Victory 7x57

    There is no better cartridge for deer IMNSHO than the 7x57. I have hunted PG in Africa five times with a .243 .303. .308W and 9.3x62. Take your .30-06.
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    Company to assist with transporting rifles for hunt in RSA?

    I believe you have to have the rifle with you on arrival.
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    260 Ackley Improved

    The camel in my thumbnail was shot with a 264WM and 140 Woodleighs. One shot had him in death circles and a quick 2nd was only an insurance shot. Your 260 will work fine. I didn't use any other projjies in it but HIGHLY recommend the Woodleigh combo at that velocity.
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    Soooo you got a new President...

    I only see him being impeached for not complying with the rules and regs that currently exist for POTUS.
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    Soooo you got a new President...

    If he can deliver on his promises he could possibly be the best of a shocking group of candidates that did nothing for the USA's International image. If he cant deliver, I Give him two years before hes impeached or knocked off by the establishment.
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    What age did you start hunting?

    On my own ? 12yo with a .22lr.
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    Plaas Gewere (Farm Rifle)

    I was also going to suggest the .223 but you mentioned pigs and Impala, which leaves the .223 as an 'ethical head shot only' option. No problem for springbok but Impala are a little tougher. I recall the first survey many years ago of African PH's conducted by a certain US author for the best...
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    Plaas Gewere (Farm Rifle)

    .243W. A vanguard will do.
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    Copper fouling on my new M70

    I've done break in and it works a treat and it has also done squat. I doubt its the projectiles. You just have a rough bore. If accuracy is good don't worry about it. Continue as you have. Mechanical wear from cleaning will eventually smooth out any bore and reduce fouling happening as quickly...
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    New bullet test (unbiased)

    Its a great comparison of the effect of each projectile at a given distance into milk jugs and is sooo much better than no test at all. Humans and animals can comprise up to 95% body fluids which is probably where the water test idea comes from. Testing at 50, 100, 150, 200 yards would produce...
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    9/11... May we never forget...

    I watched it on TV as we woke up. There was that sinking feeling that the world had changed for ever. Always wondered what happened to tower 7 and the pentagon though.
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    Does velocity matter?

    Further to my original post. I believe you can't just say 'this projectile, at this velocity, will work. One of the most emphatic kills I've ever made was at 200 yards on a mature Red Stag at 200 yards with a 140 Sierra SptBt from my 7x57. Now that's a projectile that doesn't get much air play...
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    Does velocity matter?

    Well I can compare a .308W 165 Woodleighs with a .300 Weatherby 165 Barnes TSX and a 7x57 154 Hornady Interlocks and 7mmRM 160 Woodleighs. My observations duplicate the theory. Slow heavy projjies more dependably penetrate deeper but don't expand as quickly. I think the major difference is (of...
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    Push Feed or CRF?

    Well it is Warwick, where on a quiet night you can hear the Banjos dueling.
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    Craig Boddington African Sporting Creations Shooting Stick Review

    Or you can use three broom handles tied together. ffs marketing gone mad.
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    A Rifle for HER

    If your in a blind then weight won't be a problem as you should be able to get a rest. I'd consider the 250-3000 as an alternative to the .243. Both are suitable for pigs, deer and antelope up to Impala in size. There is a shite load of game in Africa and the world, that don't need a cannon to...
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    Whats on your Hunting "bucket list"

    If I won Lotto and my knee healed itself ...... and it was all legal. Gaur with a double. The gazelle grand slam with a 7x57. As that is unlikely to happen, I'll settle with an annual trip into the outback with a few mates, my son and a bottle or two of rum.
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    Found Brno 375H&H

    Great rifle. Never sell it. Hard to find and the action is a beauty.
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    SOUTH AFRICA: Hunting Success With CT Safaris

    Chris, Sabina (and of course their staff working in the background) do a great job in providing a personalised service. Highly recommended. Good to see you learnt from your first trip. You don't need a cannon to hunt PG. A good deer rifle is all you need.
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    CZ 537 7x57mm or Musgrave Mauser .30-06 ?

    Good decision and sensible buy. After having a 7x57 for eight years I wouldn't use it on anything over Red deer in size (for which it was perfect). The .30-06 will give you more versatility in Africa.
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    Kudu, Zebra, Oryx - 375 H&H

    I would happily use Game Kings in a .375H&H on those animals. As stated, a 270 works fine and I have used a .308 and 165's on those animals with 'advertisement quality' results. If anything a .375 is overkill with premiums and you will have to watch your backdrop more closely. The .375H&H made...
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    The Right Accessories for an African Hunt

    Forget the knife. The skinners do it all and that is part of the African experience. Knee pads only if you hunt hard on foot in open areas. Up to 85% of game in RSA is shot from a truck so you have to make a real effort sometimes to 'get off' if you want to ..... or go for a lot longer than 7...