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    Velocity Issue

    I wouldn’t consider 2,100 FPS would give enough energy as it would work out at 3,918 ft/lbs whereas the .416 Rigby is capabil of 5,778 ft/lbs.... I used to use Norma MRP 100,5grains for a 400gr bullet in my .416 Rigby as that was the powder that was used in Rigby ammunition !!!
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    New here.. looking for some advices on a Cape Buffalo hunt for 2022

    As an Ex Professional Hunter who owned and operated for ten years in Zambia and whose companies shot about 60+ Cape Buffalo a season, I would say if you’re looking for a “free range” hunt you should consider Zambia, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Namibia, Tanzania, and Botswana.... and then narrow down...
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    Hi guys thanks for allowing me to join!!!

    I’d love to, but so many stories to tell from charging lions, elephant and buffalo, to PH’s getting nailed by buff, to a Safari client getting killed by an Elephant. I wouldn’t know where to start !
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    Hi guys thanks for allowing me to join!!!

    Ex African PH, and operator owner of safari companies, 31 years in Zambia, 12 years in the Luangwa Valley.