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  1. southernidahohunter

    Fixed power scopes

    Fixed power scopes are great. Leupold's FX-II 4x33 is probably all the scope you'll ever need on a regular hunting rifle, and their custom shop offers a nice 3x for dangerous game rifles.
  2. southernidahohunter

    Market & Fair price .458wm Ruger M77 Hawkeye?

    I Have seen a few .458 WMs on MKII and Hawkeye actions and they do make very nice rifles. I believe they were in the $1200-$1500 range but it would depend on the final fit and finish as well as stock grade.
  3. southernidahohunter

    Extractors or ejectors?

    My personal choice would be ejectors for a double rifle to clear the chambers quickly for a reload if necessary. On shotguns, I prefer extractor only because I don't like to chase empties and bird hunting and clay shooting seldom require a quick reload.
  4. southernidahohunter

    Companies that are Non-Supportive of Hunting

    At first I was surprised to see Back Country Hunters and Anglers on this list, but I checked the websites of a few reputable conservation organizations like Boone and Crockett, SCI, and the Wild Sheep Foundation, and sure enough, BCHA has been removed from all affiliate and partner lists(I could...
  5. southernidahohunter

    Missing shotgun part

    Check out this company: They don't list Ansen & Deely or Westley Richards specifically but since they sell semi-inlets, they might be able to help you find one that will fit or possibly make a one-off for you.
  6. southernidahohunter

    My new and favourite big bore

    That is a fine looking rifle. Congratulations.
  7. southernidahohunter

    Adventure show star charged with Alaska hunting violations

    She may temporarily lose the show and the sponsors, but in a year or so most of the viewers and sponsors will have forgotten about this incident, or just not care, and there will be new sponsors and new shows. The real disappointment in this story is Wade Renfro's Alaskan Adventures. I had...
  8. southernidahohunter

    Wally Johnson's .375 H&H M70

    I don't know if they do or not, but they should. Guns like this do occasionally turn up. Elmer Keith's m70 .458 has been on Gunbroker for over a year now for less money than this one (not as much history, but a much nicer rifle from one of the all-time greats). Champlin Firearms is also a...
  9. southernidahohunter

    Wally Johnson's .375 H&H M70

    I came across this on gunbroker. Wish I could afford it, but no such luck.
  10. southernidahohunter

    8mm Mauser for Elk

    Your 8mm Mauser should do just fine as long as you do your part.
  11. southernidahohunter

    Dream about a 404 or 450/400?

    450/400 in a nice double rifle just because I've always wanted a double rifle.
  12. southernidahohunter

    I'm having a hard time deciding what scope to put on my rifle

    Leupold custom shop FX-II 3x
  13. southernidahohunter

    Ugly question: 9.3x62 vs .338WM

    .338 Win. Mag all day. I would love to own a 9.3x62 someday, but for me, the .338 is a far more practical choice as ammo and components are more available and less expensive here in Idaho.
  14. southernidahohunter

    Which Big 5 do you want to hunt?

    I'll second the polar bear as near the absolute top of my dream hunt list. Sadly I would not be able to bring the trophy home until the U.S. lifts the ridiculous import ban.
  15. southernidahohunter

    Deal or no deal 375H&H

    Except for those heavy duty crossbolts, that stock looks just like the one on a .300 Win. Mag. Model 70 I once had. It was one of the infamous post-64 push feed rifles(as I suspect the one in the OP's picture is) but it shot very well. $900 for a scoped .375 H&H is a decent deal if the rifle...
  16. southernidahohunter

    Which Big 5 do you want to hunt?

    Lion easily #1 followed by leopard#2, Rhino#3, Elephant#4, and Buffalo#5.
  17. southernidahohunter

    The 460 G & A

    It's a shame that the .460 G&A never became mainstream, but with the resurgence of the .404 Jeffery, loading should not be to much of a problem. I don't think the article mentioned specific numbers but the chamber pressure should run a good bit lower than the .458 Lott, combine that with the...
  18. southernidahohunter

    .318 Westley Richards vs. .333Jeffery vs. 9.5 M-S

    I wondered how long it would take for the 35 Whelen to make an appearance. A great American classic. I expected to see the 338-06 as well.
  19. southernidahohunter

    .318 Westley Richards vs. .333Jeffery vs. 9.5 M-S

    That is a gorgeous rifle. The old Mannlicher-Schonauers just ooze class, and the 1910 rifle is my favorite one of them. Thanks for sharing.
  20. southernidahohunter

    .318 Westley Richards vs. .333Jeffery vs. 9.5 M-S

    I have enjoyed reading the threads on classic hunting cartridges on the AH boards, so I decided to post one of my own. Hypothetically, which classic rifle and chambering would you choose between the .318 Westley Richards, the .333 Jeffery, and the 9.5 Mannlicher-Schoenauer. All of the above...
  21. southernidahohunter

    .318 Westley Richards

    Great article. .318 WR is a fine cartridge that should not be overlooked by the modern hunter.
  22. southernidahohunter

    Norma .404 Jeffery

    One of the true classic calibers. I'm glad it is starting to become popular again.
  23. southernidahohunter

    .500 Jeffery

    Would love to own a .500 Jeffery as well as a .505 Gibbs and a .500 Nitro. I may not ever be able to hunt elephant, but I would find something to use them on.
  24. southernidahohunter

    .375 H&H Do Critics Exist?

    It's hard to argue with 100+ years of reliable performance. Even the modern .375 Ruger(which is awesome too) is basically identical in performance to the H&H, just remodeled to fit in standard length actions. I expect the .375 H&H will deliver another hundred years of faithful service.
  25. southernidahohunter

    ZKK 600 Zbrojowka Brno .275 Rigby /7x57/

    Nice rifle. I love that it is marked ".275 Rigby", to me that always sounded so much cooler than 7X57. Wish CZ would replace the underwhelming 557 series with rifles like that(maybe with the safety turned around to the standard american pattern)
  26. southernidahohunter

    Multiple Rear Blade Sights?

    The CZ 550 Safari is available with multiple leaf express sights. These rifles can be found for under $1000 used and start at just over for new and progress up to the Safari Classics series that can be about $3000.
  27. southernidahohunter

    Blog on Classic Rifles and more

    Those are both gorgeous rifles. LOVE that .577 double!
  28. southernidahohunter

    Ethics, what would you do?

    Very true. I think if you let an outfitter know that you would like a mature animal that is a good size for the area that you are hunting they will do their best to help you get one. If you demand X number of inches and go home after passing up several that were close, you have no one to blame...
  29. southernidahohunter

    Why Not A Double Rifle?

    No worries. Still far outside my price range. Just thought they were cool rifles.
  30. southernidahohunter

    Ethics, what would you do?

    Nothing wrong with establishing expectations before the hunt but personally I can't see pulling the trigger on an animal and then declaring it unworthy after-the-fact. Also, if a hunter is that dead-set on a certain caliber of animal, they should at least have a pretty good idea what that looks...
  31. southernidahohunter

    Ethics, what would you do?

    Excuse my ignorance (I've never been to Africa or even on a guided hunt) but please tell me a client could never actually get away with not paying for an animal that they shot because it didn't tape big enough. I'm 99% certain this would not fly with North American guides but different...
  32. southernidahohunter

    Why Not A Double Rifle?

    I have always wanted a double rifle but for now they are far too expensive for me. Taking money off the table, I see no reason why a good 450/400 or 400/360 could not be used to great effect on North American game. Recently, I came across Baily Bradshaw rifles ( and...
  33. southernidahohunter

    Jim Corbett's .450-.400 Boxlock Double

    Does anyone know yet who ended up with the Corbett rifle? I have seen a few other pieces of this collection show up in various places but nothing on the tiger rifle.
  34. southernidahohunter

    Ethics, what would you do?

    A terrible position for the PH. I can't believe an outfitter would make a PH pay for an animal in that scenario, but it was apparently enough of a possibility to scare the PH into standing-by. As for the client, I can understand wanting to take an animal solely with the bow, but the he still...
  35. southernidahohunter

    Dream rifle

    A more realistically attainable list of dream rifles would include: #1: Ruger 77RSM .416 Rigby #2: Winchester model 70 Super Grade .270 Win. #3: Original Winchester 71 deluxe .348 Win. *also included would be any and all Ruger No. 1's
  36. southernidahohunter

    Federal cape shock 375HH

    $39.99 for A-Frames is a GREAT deal! If you like the Barnes Bullets there is a company called Prograde that loads the TSX in their .375 ammo and it is regularly marked at $39.99 for the 235gr stuff. With the 300gr load they switch to the Nosler Accubond and I don't recall the exact price of that.
  37. southernidahohunter

    Mammoth Hunting Available 2115

    NOOOOO!!!! If only they had been managed better. Clone FASTER!
  38. southernidahohunter

    Mammoth Hunting Available 2115

    How about a package deal with Mammoth, Sabre Tooth Tiger, and Giant Short Face Bear? Will Wooly Rhino be available for a trophy fee?
  39. southernidahohunter

    New member

    Currently in the Kuna area. It's a little ways outside Boise.
  40. southernidahohunter

    Dream rifle

    #1: Holland & Holland Royal double in .500 nitro (or .476 nitro for extra cool factor) #2: Rigby London Best single square bridge .416 Rigby #3: Biesen custom .375 Ruger W/english walnut, quarter rib, and gold bead front sight. (yes, I know the Biesen's aren't taking any more orders, but...
  41. southernidahohunter

    .375 Ruger on the Chronograph

    Not surprised that the Hornady ammo performed exactly as advertised.
  42. southernidahohunter

    400 H&H

    I had high hopes for this cartridge, but it seems to be fading away. Wouldn't stop me from building one though, it would be a nice big brother to the "obsolete" .400 Whelen I hope to own someday.
  43. southernidahohunter

    Browning x-bolt vs. winchester m70 ultimate shadow?

    When in doubt, go with CRF. I like the Browning X-bolt, but between it and an M70, it's gonna be the M70 every time.
  44. southernidahohunter

    375 Ruger

    I would agree that the .375 Ruger is the finest cartridge to hit the market since the .338 WM. It will almost certainly be the next rifle that I purchase, specifically a pre-muzzle break Ruger Hawkeye African. I think this combination will be fantastic for just about everything.
  45. southernidahohunter

    New member

    Hello everyone. I am a new member from Idaho. I have hunted and fished my entire life, but have not been to Africa yet. I am predominately a gun hunter but I do bow hunt as well. I have always wanted to hunt Africa and look forward to seeing all this site has to offer. My favorite topic is...