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    Giraffe question? rug durability, furniture, gun cases, bags

    I'm wondering as well so thanks for the post.
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    For Those Who Were Not Planning Safari In The 1980's, Like I Was

    On a Buffalo hunt in the Zambezi Valley, 1983, I was offered a cow ele with 20lbs ivory for $1000.00.
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    Another New Guy From N. Idaho

    Welcome from another N Idaho resident. Hunting Africa is very addictive. Enjoy the journey
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    .404 Jeffery - To Scope or Not to Scope?

    I have always used iron sights on my DG rifles. However now that my eyesight is not what it used to be, I'm going with an rmr on my 404j build. Not a fan of scopes for DG
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    CITES question

    Appreciate the info
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    CITES question

    Getting conflicting info on importing lion and crocodile trophies from South Africa back to USA. Any help in clearing this up is appreciated. Thanks
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    Greetings AH Community - We've got lots of new hard to find Dangerous Game brass in stock

    Let me know when you come across 404 jeffery brass. Good luck with the business
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    SA or Zimbabwe

    Check with Byron Hunt Safaris
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    Ethiopian through Addis to Victoria Falls Experiences?

    My experience thru Addis was very good. Plan on same route next trip.
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    Leupold vx-3 1.5-5x20 question

    Excellent scope for 375hh. No issue with fit. No need for higher magnification.
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    Second rifle for Plains Game and Dangerous Game hunt with .416 Rigby

    I've used both 375hh and 9.3x62 on a wide variety of plainsgame. Both work exceptionally well.
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    416 Rigby Ammo

    Not sure. Current batch has been reloaded 4 times with no sign of problems
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    416 Rigby Ammo

    Firstly buy quality dies. I've had good results with Reloader 19, 22 and 25 when using woodleigh 410gr softs and solids. Fantastic cartridge and not difficult to reload