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    Comment by 'gundog5' in media 'Hunt Lion Kenya'

    Their last name was Johnson. OSA and Martin.
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    Comment by 'gundog5' in media 'G&T break in between hunting during the Golden Age of the African Safaris'

    I think the guy on the left is the Prince of Wales Edward who later abdicated as King of England.
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    Wanted 35 Whelen Brass

    Thanks Tony I will check it out.
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    Wanted 35 Whelen Brass

    Thanks Tony I was aware of using .30-06 brass and I have done so. I was hoping to find some correctly marked brass as Tanzania inspectors somehow get confused when the brass doesn’t match the rifle markings. Appreciate your input.
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    Wanted 35 Whelen Brass

    I tried that the other day and it seemed to work well.
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    Wanted 35 Whelen Brass

    I just built a .35 Whelen and am looking for brass. Thanks for looking.
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    For Sale Ruger M-77 African .375HH Mag

    Thank you Sir: good to know.
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    For Sale Ruger M-77 African .375HH Mag

    Krish, I am new to this Forum stuff. Where do I find PMs.
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    For Sale Ruger M-77 African .375HH Mag

    I have the rings and the book
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    For Sale Ruger M-77 African .375HH Mag

    Does RSM stand for Ruger Safari Magnum? Thanks for your input. Bill
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    For Sale Ruger M-77 African .375HH Mag

    Thanks for your input. I appreciate it.
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    Good Gun Deals This Week

    I have a really nice Sedgley in .30-06. It is a beautiful old classic sporting rifle. I do worry about the low number issue. So I load some low pressure cast bullets loads for it for a fun range day.
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    For Sale Ruger M-77 African .375HH Mag

    Beautiful condition rifle. Ruger Magnum controlled action feed, Mauser type claw extractor. Double square bridge action. 23" barrel, 1/4 rib and express sights, 3 round magazine plus one in the chamber ,barrel band sling swivel, hinged floor plate. Overall length 44-1/4 inches, length of pull...
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    Want To Buy Greener GP In The USA

    I have a Greener double .12ga in really nice condition. I am selling it for a friend. Call me at [redacted] in No. California and we can discuss it. I can email pictures if you give me your email address.
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    Nosler .375 300 gr Nosler Partition

    Has anyone used these bullets for Cape Buffalo?
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    Anyone hunted the Selous lately?

    I hunted the Selous in 2003 with Game Trackers Safari. Wonder how the hunting is now.?
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    New Member From California

    Hello all. I am from the foothills east of Sacramento Ca. I am a retired Police Officer, avid hunter and shooter. I have hunted Alaska, Canada, all the western states and have hunted in Tanzania, So. Africa and Namibia. Glad to have found this group.