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  1. ArmyAV8tor

    Recommendations in Argentina- Buenos Aries

    My wife and I will be there in Apr 24. Have booked a River cruise with lunch, a tango show/dinner, and a lunch with local cuisine. PM me for more details.
  2. ArmyAV8tor

    New member from Pennsylvania

    Welcome quesne from a fellow PAer.
  3. ArmyAV8tor

    Safety Glasses Saved the Day

    Thank you. Something you never expect!
  4. ArmyAV8tor

    Safety Glasses Saved the Day

    I meant to write that the need for safety glasses was reinforced!
  5. ArmyAV8tor

    Safety Glasses Saved the Day

    Had a first ever catastrophic case failure today. Bloodied my nose, couple powder burns under my right eye and burns on my right thumb. Model 700 Rem in .243. 43gr of 4831 and an 85 gr Sierra Spitzer. Bullet did leave the barrel. Must have damaged something because I cannot chamber a new...
  6. ArmyAV8tor

    Chicago customs broker

    I have used D&L twice without issue. M Namibia to PA.
  7. ArmyAV8tor

    Eland Pedestals

    I like that. I used the kudu cores as door pulls on my smokehouse.
  8. Eland Horns Pedestal Mounts

    Eland Horns Pedestal Mounts

  9. Eland Horns Pedestal Mounts

    Eland Horns Pedestal Mounts

  10. Eland Horns Wall Mounts

    Eland Horns Wall Mounts

  11. ArmyAV8tor

    Eland Pedestals

    I have a friend who is a great woodworker so we had a discussion about eland horns for my fireplace hearth and here they are. Also some wall sconce oryx horn decorations.
  12. ArmyAV8tor

    New guy from PA

    @PHOENIX PHIL , looking at Blue Knob right as I sit in a stand on PA opening day of bow season. Welcome to G19 Jeeper!
  13. ArmyAV8tor

    I’m a dad!

  14. ArmyAV8tor

    African Sunset Pictures

    One of my favorites.
  15. ArmyAV8tor

    on a lighter note...

    I guess they though I must just go noodling for "Blind Eels."
  16. ArmyAV8tor

    on a lighter note...

    I saw lots of those trucks in Somalia.
  17. ArmyAV8tor

    SOUTH AFRICA: Old Guy, A Heart Attack, & Dreams Of A Cape Buffalo Hunt

    Hey Shootist, thanks for the inspirational story. I am on the path behind you. Just started cardiac rehab with my eyes on a buffalo in the Caprivi in Sept 2024.
  18. ArmyAV8tor

    View out the window- Post your pics

    Company for coffee?
  19. ArmyAV8tor

    Africa’s Conservation Conundrum

    I was a rotary wing pilot but serving as the 10th Mtn Div public affairs officer at the time. Left Somalia to be an Avn Bn XO back at Drum.
  20. ArmyAV8tor

    Africa’s Conservation Conundrum

    Sue.. just finished your book and I thoroughly enjoyed it. It gave me some very clear ways to talk to non-hunters. Also, it looks like Rick and I may have been in Somalia at the same time.
  21. ArmyAV8tor

    Powder Vendor Research

    That's what I was thinking especially since they had RL 15 in stock. Appreciate the opinions.
  22. ArmyAV8tor

    Powder Vendor Research

    Anybody have experience with They list powder I want but won't take CC. Only PayPal, Venmo, cash app. None of which I use.
  23. ArmyAV8tor

    Prayer Request

    Just wanted to show you a view from the best damn home health recovery center in PA this morning. The intense quiet was so relaxing last night.
  24. ArmyAV8tor

    RIP Brian Shul

    RIP Brian.! I'm glad none of my rotary wing brethren in the TH-55 Mattel Messerschmitt chimed in that day at 50-55 grn speed.
  25. ArmyAV8tor

    Prayer Request

    Hi everybody. Just a quick update. God bless you all for your prayers and support. Things are looking up. Walking and eating real food. "A pox on whoever invented the stuff Jello is made from.". May head home today! It will be great to sit on my own porch in peace and quiet.
  26. ArmyAV8tor

    Prayer Request

    From your posts it is obvious that several of you have experience with this and that gives me great comfort and hope that this will be over soon enough. @Red Leg -- your observation is on target! The surgeon says 5 of my arteries are 80 to 100 percent blocked and that doesn't happen quickly.
  27. ArmyAV8tor

    Prayer Request

    Thanks to all of you. Pre-testing all done. Wed 1st thing is go time. I will message you all when I am out of ICU.
  28. ArmyAV8tor

    Prayer Request

    I learned rather surprisingly yesterday that I need coronary bypass surgery. Probably today. I am a great believer in the power of prayer and I would appreciate yours for a successful procedure and smooth recovery. Besides, I don't want to have to cancel my 1st Cape Buffalo hunt scheduled for...
  29. ArmyAV8tor

    Pay It Forward-Free

    The B-Square pistol base for the Ruger New Model is still available. See #1289 above.
  30. ArmyAV8tor

    Gobbler private land Northern Virginia

    The hunting God smiled Monday morning.
  31. ArmyAV8tor

    Pay It Forward-Free

    You got it. PM an address and I will send it along.
  32. ArmyAV8tor

    Pay It Forward-Free

    A couple things that need to move on. Here is a B-Square base that was on my Dad's Ruger New Model .41 mag 6 inch and Bill Stewart's "Hunting Africa's Dangerous Game.
  33. ArmyAV8tor

    Victoria Falls visit on Zimbabwe or Zambia Side

    I saw the falls from the Zambia side in 2021 since the Zim border was closed to Botswana. It's impressive. Make sure to hike down as far as possible. I'm guessing you get just as wet from either side. I would have liked to drink at the Vic Falls Hotel for nostalgic/historical reasons...
  34. ArmyAV8tor

    Favorite game to eat on your safari

    Toss my hat in on the Hartmann's Zebra filet. Just outstanding. Eland is my #2 and lastly a springbok backstrap rare off the hot coals! Mmmmmmmm.
  35. ArmyAV8tor

    Philip Glass on TIA

    Phillip, Watched the buffalo and hyena show. Nice work. Good shooting. Looking forward to the elephant segment. Going after my first buffalo in Sep 2024. Hopefully it will go as smoothly as yours.
  36. ArmyAV8tor

    New PA Member

    Welcome CastShooter. I am in Hollidaysburg.
  37. ArmyAV8tor

    European mount taxidermy questions

    RichD, The pics below are my take on the question. I added a piece of skin from the matching animal. Top teeth are included.
  38. ArmyAV8tor

    Post Safari Depression

    My post safari depression has just cleared up. Celebrating receipt of my trophies with a glass of Rabbit Hole while reminiscing on the hunts.
  39. ArmyAV8tor

    Post Safari Depression

    I suspect my depression will start Tues when I drive to BWI Airport to pick up my trophy crates from 2021 and 2022. Fortunately I have another AH'r going along.
  40. ArmyAV8tor

    In memoriam - "Deadeye" has fired his last shot

    Here are some of the treasures "Deadeye" had squirreled away. Win Super X 12ga 2 3/4 #2 Paper. Sticker $4.40 Alcan 12 ga 3 3/4-1 1/4 of 7 1/2 Rem Peters 12ga 3 - 1 1/8 - 7 1/2 Federal 12ga 3 1/4 - 1 - 6. $4.97 K-Mart Rem Sur-Shot 16ga 2 3/4 - 1 1/8 - 6. $2.40 So much more to weed through!
  41. ArmyAV8tor

    Christmas Blessings to you all

    Merry Christmas Gary! Have a blessed holiday and the same to all the AH'rs.
  42. ArmyAV8tor

    Well boys, what's your temperature like now?

    I feel blessed. It's a balmy 5 deg in my little section of PA.
  43. ArmyAV8tor

    In memoriam - "Deadeye" has fired his last shot

    Thanks again for all the prayers and kind words. Didn't fire a shot this rifle season. I figure Dad decided if he couldn't go, we shouldn't have all the fun!
  44. ArmyAV8tor

    Prayers for Mark

    Prayers are with you Mark.
  45. ArmyAV8tor

    Whisky appreciation

    Sorry. Here is the video.
  46. ArmyAV8tor

    Whisky appreciation

    Celebrated the Feast of St. Andrew last evening with some friends. The video shows the available line up for tasting and toasting.
  47. ArmyAV8tor

    In memoriam - "Deadeye" has fired his last shot

    Love the Woolrich. Tomorrow's opener won't be cold enough for that but I looked at Dad's yesterday and remembered fondly my first set so I could could look just like him. Enjoy every minute and story!!!