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  1. ScottG

    Dossier: Hunting & Human-wildlife Conflict

    Sadly this will fall on deaf ears. Hunting equates to killing and they don't get the big picture at all. Soccer moms only care about their precious brats.
  2. ScottG

    MONGOLIA: Mongolia Ibex & Roe Deer Hunt

    Congratulations. Hope is a great adventure.
  3. ScottG

    New Buffalo Shoulder Taxidermy Mount

  4. ScottG

    SOUTH AFRICA: Plains Game Hunt With Induna Safaris

    Looks like a great adventure! Congratulations.
  5. ScottG

    Hello All - New User

    Welcome Sir
  6. ScottG

    Trophy Room Construction Completed

    Great room enjoy.
  7. ScottG

    SCI On NBC

    Maybe I'm a bit pessimistic, but I see no good coming from this. They will not walk away from this saying wow that went well.
  8. ScottG

    Women aren't complicated

    Oh yes my queen always worked with my wife.
  9. ScottG

    NAMIBIA: Plainsgame Hunting With Leopard Legend Hunting Safaris

    Congratulations looked like a great adventure
  10. ScottG

    Not hunting related but I did something today..

    Congratulations and thank you for your service.
  11. ScottG

    I am stoked

    Welcome lots of great people and great information. Good luck on your family adventure.
  12. ScottG

    1st African animal

    Awesome animal. I hope you have a great adventure!
  13. ScottG

    Brown Bear Detail...

    Awesome! !!
  14. ScottG

    ETHIOPIA: Rocky Valley Safaris

    What a great adventure!
  15. ScottG

    Prison Sentence for Convicted Rhino Horn Seller

    Way too light of a sentence. You get more for cruelty to animals.
  16. ScottG

    SOUTH AFRICA: My First African Adventure With Wild Wildebeest Safaris

    Congratulations sounds like a great adventure.
  17. ScottG

    Money Saving News from Top of Texas Taxidermy

    Should generate some business good for you.. Trust is a hard thing to come by in this day and age.
  18. ScottG

    It’s go time!

    Sounds like a great adventure. Hope everything goes well. Good luck.
  19. ScottG

    ZIMBABWE: Lindon's 3rd Safari Of The Season Ngamo Sikumi

    Congratulations sounds like a great adventure .
  20. ScottG

    SPAIN: Spanish Grand Slam March 2018

    Looked like a great hunt. Congratulations.
  21. ScottG

    Decline In Hunters Threatens How U.S. Pays For Conservation

    They will blame the hunters when things go poorly. It's the American way. Tell someone else how to do it and blame them when it goes wrong.
  22. ScottG

    Happy Easter

    Happy Easter.
  23. ScottG

    New member from Scotland

    Welcome Sir and good luck in Africa.
  24. ScottG

    In need for recommendations for South African outfitters

    There are plenty of guys here. Check out the ads visit their website. Lots of great reviews already out there. Lots of personal testimonials from good folks right where you are looking for advice. Good luck.
  25. ScottG

    Cecil The Lion In The British Media: The Pride And Prejudice Of The Press

    One man with an agenda can effect a large amount of peope.
  26. ScottG

    Gorgeous KUDU

    Great Suff!
  27. ScottG

    Chuck Norris - Sniper Skills

    Hey no Michael J Fox jokes.
  28. ScottG

    Chuck Norris - Sniper Skills

    Love it.
  29. ScottG

    Dry Kansas

    Wish we could send some our rain your way. We've had our fill here.
  30. ScottG

    SCI offers reward for information

    Really sad to hear. This is how hunters get a bad reputation,. Hope they catch them.
  31. ScottG

    Quebec to allow caribou herd to die off

    Where are all the animal rights groups. . Don't they have the money to take care of this. . Oh that's right they just batch about things and stir the pot. Doing something costs too much of there precious n Money.
  32. ScottG

    PSA WARNING For Canadians and Northern USA Residents

    That is a story no human being would have heard. . Just keep that one between me and the Beaver.
  33. ScottG

    Making Boots From Hippopotamus & Ostrich

    Positive interview.
  34. ScottG

    Good morning from the snowy UK!

    Welcome Sir. Great place with a lot of great people.
  35. ScottG

    World's Largest Ivory Burn Delivered A Strong Message—But Who Received It?

    If any thing they jumped for joy . If they would have sold that cache it might have driven down the price. The only people that these demonstrations help are the clueless antis to make them feel better about themselves.
  36. ScottG

    Pictures From My Taxidermists

    Water Buck looks great.
  37. ScottG


    Well if everyone else had the flu all I can say is we have the best doctors. Go team USA!
  38. ScottG

    Florida State Senate Narrowly Passes Bill To Raise Age Limit For Purchasing Rifles

    More laws are not the answer. There is plenty of blame to go around on this one.
  39. ScottG

    Greetings from Germany

    Welcome. Keep reading there is plenty of information here. You won't be disappointed.
  40. ScottG

    In memoriam - Ngwenya - Mokore - The Tragic Loss

    Tragic loss for all.
  41. ScottG

    Greetings from Sweden

    Welcome Sir.
  42. ScottG

    Gun Control - The Debate, Argument Or Whatever ...

    That is what a lot of this is. Kids not knowing how to deal with things. My father was no mechanic. But I built fence picked up hay worked cattle. Mowed fed the animals .we were thought work ethics another thing that is missing. If you don't lose you don't get the passion to get better.
  43. ScottG

    Full Mount African Lion Taxidermy Headed Home

    I would not want to be on the receiving end of that stare.
  44. ScottG

    Awesome Cougar Mount Taxidermy

    Awesome Sir!
  45. ScottG

    Gun Control - The Debate, Argument Or Whatever ...

    Goes back to the home. Parents are not spending quality time with their kids. If they are not teaching them someone is. People talk about God in our schools I don't want someone else teaching something that important to my children. Then there is T Ball.
  46. ScottG

    New Rockin G Ranch pictures

    Great stuff !
  47. ScottG

    Next generation of hunters

    Congratulations Sir.