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    Looking for Barnes load data for the 450 NE 3/14"

    Hornady manual lists their 350 gr bullets but not with the powders you mentioned.
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    9.3x62mm vs. .375 H&H Mag

    thank you
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    9.3x62mm vs. .375 H&H Mag

    as far as i am aware, john barsness is not late metricman
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    9.3x62mm vs. .375 H&H Mag

    were those loads pressure tested or predicted? metricman
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    35 Whelen load data

    since different bullets have different constructions jacket alloy, bearing surface, etc., i would start with the data from whoever makes the bullets you are interested in using
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    9.3 Sisk

    that is my understanding as well
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    9.3x62 load

    that ought to do it you can get some sleep now
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    9.3x62 load

    that load exceeds data published in the nosler reloading manual no 7 (max 57 gr)
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    9.3x62 load

    do you happen to have pressure data using RL 17?
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    Why not 30-06 paired with .416?

    why not indeed!
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    9.3x62 with 325 Oryx or 320 Woodleigh PP

    the woodleigh manual shows several loads around 2200fps for the 320 gr bullet in the 9.3x62 - same velocity, as far as i can determine, as the 360 no.2 . so, i would think it ought to work similarly
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    9.3x62 + Norma bullets + Non-norma powder

    the table to which you refer is probably the one from handloader magazine by john barsness. in his book, the great book of gun gack, he notes that that load (66 gr big game with 286 gr nosler partition) was tested with the pressure trace system and did not exceed 60,000 psi
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    35 Whelen

    i believe i have read that the factory barrels have a rather slow twist. you might want to check whether the twist rate of your barrel will stabilize the 280's.