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  1. RudiB

    .280 For Plains Game?

    The .280 is a great choice!!! Use premium bullets as per any hunt and you will have great success. More than enough gun for duiker to Eland. Enjoy your safari and report back with your findings.
  2. RudiB

    Left-handed .308 for the wife- bolt gun

    Tikka or a tikka.
  3. RudiB

    Lefty lightweight deer / elk gun

    Very little diffs in weight (carry 2-3 more rounds and you same weight ) but glass and dials on vx5 is superior.
  4. RudiB

    Lefty lightweight deer / elk gun

    Tikka t3x topped with talley lightweight rings and leupold vx5hd 3-15x44. That would be my choice and still under your budget.
  5. RudiB

    CZ 550 stock change

    Is the LOP standard from B&C. Or did you have it shortened?
  6. RudiB

    Lightweight scope suggestions

    I have 3 of VXHD 3-15x44 that i use for hunting longer ranges on some 6.5’s. I love them and would buy 3 more tomorrow if i could afford to have them on all my rifles.
  7. RudiB

    450 rigby

    500gr Rhino solid shanks. 500gr Swift A frames.
  8. RudiB

    Ruger 416 Rigby RSM feeding?

    How reliable do these in 416 Rigby feed? I am only intetested in DG rifles that feed… Please give me your thoughts if you have first hand experience with one. Looking forward to hearing from you guys.
  9. RudiB

    For Sale Blaser R8 375H&H / 30-06 Two Barrel Set

    Africa ready!!
  10. RudiB

    A Proper Plains Game Rifle

    I I second that 168 ttsx from a 30-06 is serious medicine for all PG
  11. RudiB

    .375 or .416 for Cape buffalo?

    The one you feel most comfortable with and can shoot the best. The 375h&h is a great choice with 300gr A frames. I let my clients use my 375 h&h and its magic
  12. RudiB

    Barrel Length for 375 H&H

    Mine is cut at 22”. Works great. I dont mind loosing 50-75fps.
  13. RudiB

    A new .375h&h

    1. ZKk602 2. CZ550 3. Winchester M70 My preferences
  14. RudiB

    62 Inch Kudu With NKWE SAFARIS

  15. RudiB

    Norma PH solids for Buffalo

    Swift A Frames will do the job just fine.
  16. RudiB

    Tikka T3X Factory Trigger Wanted

    Looking for a Tikka T3X factory trigger. Please PM if you have one available.
  17. RudiB

    300 gr swift A-Frame 375 h&h penetrate humerus?

    300gr Swift A frame is Proper Buffalo Medicine.
  18. RudiB

    Reloading or factory loads for Dangerous Game?

    Its more important to use quality bullets when going after DG. Swift A Frames, Barnes TSX are my choice for expanding bullets. Most brass solids do the job just fine. Load your own or buy good stuff. I only use my reloads with my clients. Never let me down.
  19. RudiB

    Zkk Parts

    Screws sold
  20. RudiB

    Zkk Parts

    This is whats left Zkk 600/601 screw sets Mag boxes zkk602/600 Zkk 600/601 extractor
  21. RudiB

    Zkk Parts

    I have 2 of the tools left. Also have screws left. Rest all gone.
  22. RudiB

    Zkk Parts

  23. RudiB

    The .375 and Leopard - I need a bullet

    Barnes 250gr TTSX
  24. RudiB

    Want to buy Safari Binos

    Swaro 10x42 or leica 10x42.
  25. RudiB

    Rifle for Plains Game and Dangerous Game

    375 or 416. Take the one you shoot best. Use premium bullets. Barnes TSX or Swift A frames.
  26. RudiB

    Most efficient 3 cartridge spread for dangerous game?

    30-06 375 H&H 450 Rigby Bolts cause im used to them
  27. RudiB

    Zkk602/cz550 Magnum Stock Wanted

    Looking for a classic straight comb wooden stock for cz550 magnum/zkk 602 action
  28. RudiB

    Taking bullets (not ammunition) to Professional Hunter

    We dont always have the bullets as freely available as you in the US. You wont get in trouble by bringing your PH bullets. You will be doing him the biggest favour and make his job easier.
  29. RudiB

    Rifle case for Africa

    Pelican 1750 works good. Most my clients use them with excellent results.
  30. RudiB

    Taking bullets (not ammunition) to Professional Hunter

    No problem taking him Bullets. Put them with your check in. Ive had many clients bring me bullets.
  31. RudiB

    Zkk Parts

  32. RudiB

    Zkk Parts

    I can get them to you. Sent you a PM
  33. RudiB

    Zkk Parts

    Zkk602 pop up peep sights. R1500 each Zkk 600 mag box R800 Zkk 602 mag box R800 Zkk front sight hood R800 Zkk 600 firing pin spring R500 Zkk 601 bottom metal R2500 Zkk 600/601 bottom metal screws per set R500 Zkk Tool R800 each Zkk 600 extractor R1200 WA me on [redacted]. Port Elizaberh SA
  34. RudiB

    6.5 Creedmoor for Plains Game

    You can comfortably shoot all the plains game with premium bullets is your 6.5 CM. My clients shoot mostly with my 6.5’s (260, 6.5 CM, 6.5-284) cause i know how well they kill and they shoot them well. There is no replacement for shot placement. That combined with good premium bullets is all you...
  35. RudiB

    What’s your ideal Dangerous Game bolt gun?

    If you are the hunter(client) a 375 scoped will do the job. If you can handle a .416 or .458 cal well, you will have better stopping power if needed. I like my clients to use a scoped(QD mounts) 375 cal with Barnes, Swift, Nosler or similar top quality bullet. My Brno 375 and 450 Rigby is cut to...
  36. RudiB

    .280 Remington

    Guster your choice of caliber and bullet is perfect. Enjoy your Safari.
  37. RudiB


    Hi everyone. I'm the owner of Aloe Ridge Safaris. Eastern Cape. Looking forward to being part of Africa Hunting.
  38. RudiB

    Looking For A Gemsbuck Cape

    Im looking for a Gemsbuck shoulder Cape in South Africa. Please let me know if you have one for sale. 079 496 0788