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    SOUTH AFRICA: BOWHUNT: Cheetah Safaris Report 2019 & Equipment Learning

    Congratulations! Looks like you guys had a very memorable family adventure, and some great looking trophies.
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    Buffalo Target

    Thank you for the input. I'm hoping to make the target realistic in size so that whatever distance or position it's shot from the feedback is accurate.
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    Buffalo Target

    I'm looking at making a buffalo target for a local shooting range. I'm planning on using AR500 steel and something similar to this picture (it still needs work), the thin white lines along the jaw-line and horn-line would be thin cuts in the steel to differentiate the head. To get the...
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    WIN a FREE Hunt from Wintershoek Safaris with Observer, 4 Trophies & Taxidermy for 2018/19

    Congratulations to MAdcox, but I'll keep wallowing in my self pity; first New Mexico gave me nothing in today's draws and now no freebie to Africa. MAdcox, share lots of photos and I'll get over it, good luck on your hunt!
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    ZIMBABWE: Has Anyone Hunted With HHK Safaris?

    Thanks for the replies so far, but certainly not what I was hoping to hear. My friend that hunted with them before was with Johan Bezuidenhout as his PH, that's also been his primary contact in working on details for this safari. I have been in contact with Graham Hingeston on some general...
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    African Hunting Targets

    Stug that looks like a great practice course. Was your charging lion on a sled being pulled by something? When I committed to my first safari, I made a life-size kudu target from plywood with an AR500 steel plate for the vitals. Now that I'm close to committing to my second safari I need to come...
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    ZIMBABWE: Has Anyone Hunted With HHK Safaris?

    Like everyone else, once safari #1 was over I was dreaming of safari #2. I hunted plains game in SA in 2014 and have been aching to go back and dreaming of buffalo. I have a friend who has hunted Zimbabwe and with HHK before. He was very happy with his hunt and PH. I think he has been with this...
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    375 H&H model 70 & Buffalo

    Thanks for the info Bob, that sounds encouraging.
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    375 H&H model 70 & Buffalo

    Well the pre-64 went to my friend's son, certainly don't blame anyone for passing a rifle onto family. I'm getting ready to start working on some hand loads for the 375. To start I was going to work with some 300 grain Swift A-Frames and would like to try something in a solid as well. I've...
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    I was considering one for a 375 with plans of Zimbabwe - not anymore. I'm sure I'll find other ways to spend that money ...... plus more.
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    375 H&H model 70 & Buffalo

    Thanks for the continued responses. We're looking at 2019, the friend I'm trying to go with has buffalo hunted a couple times and wants free-range. Which country doesn't matter, right now. I've hunted KZN once and the areas we hunted were so big you couldn't find or see a fence most of the time...
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    375 H&H model 70 & Buffalo

    Velo Dog, thanks for the PM and information. Thank you as well to everyone, it has me thinking that it's time to get off the fence and buy. I like mdwest's attitude of buying the rifle .... and the hunts will come. I've come close to getting back to SA for safari #2 and PawPrint and KMG were...
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    375 H&H model 70 & Buffalo

    Thanks for the replies on the rifle, I'm going to see if I can get a little range time with it soon and then most likely buy it. Any outfitter recommendations for buffalo? I hunted in KwaZulu-Natal SA on my first safari, and as much as I want to hunt that area again, I'm leaning towards...
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    375 H&H model 70 & Buffalo

    I've hunted plains game once in Africa, but I've been planning to go back for buffalo and plains game. I don't own a big bore, so I'll need to get my first DG rifle. I'm looking at 2019 with a friend who has been to several African countries for both plains and DG. His wife gave him a new rifle...
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    Merry Christmas! Happy Hunting to all... 2017

    Merry Christmas to all here on Africa Hunting. I know, it's a little early, but better than late and for the next couple of days things are going to be busy. I found out you can make snowflakes in the reloading room, now it's time to put this flake to its intended use. Straight Shooting & Good...
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    Here a livecam in Kenya

    Another bookmark added to the toolbar menu.
  17. Fishing Upper Columbia River

    Fishing Upper Columbia River

  18. Fishing Upper Columbia River

    Fishing Upper Columbia River

  19. hunting4sanity

    Bday Sturgeon for dad

    Great job on all of you getting that gift for your dad. I'm sure that was tough being the guy that 'had' to tag along on the trip.;) I'm sure the memories for your dad will be even more than some beautiful monster fish.
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    Sanity found ....... at least for a little while

    One of the companies we do business with lined up a customer appreciation fishing trip earlier this week. I was planning on sending two of my sons on the trip; all along they were planning on one of them backing out at the last minute and making me go (plus some of the things going on here at...
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    Great Fly Fishing from "smokey" western Montana

    Awesome trip and photos, thanks for sharing your adventure!
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    KYRGYZSTAN: Hunt With Arpa Marco Polo LTD

    Graham, what a fantastic trophy, congratulations! I hope you have a full report here soon, or a link to your report if it's in another thread. Outstanding photo as well.
  23. hunting4sanity

    TuffPak Questions.......

    So far I've had good luck with my TuffPak and putting clothes in with the guns to add padding and because I always travel with too much stuff. I have kept the original brochure in there as well to demonstrate that it is in fact a designed gun case. Now I'm worried though because if I have to...
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    ETHIOPIA: Northern Operations Africa 2016

    When and where is your next safari? I don't do much reading, but thoroughly enjoyed this one and look forward to the next.
  25. hunting4sanity

    ETHIOPIA: Northern Operations Africa 2016

    I usually just look at photos and skim the reading, I've read every word of your report so far and anxiously look forward to more. Grand adventure and trophies!
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    Chuck Norris - Sniper Skills

    Maybe I was just in one of those weird moods, but someone just sent me this link and I thought it was worth a laugh and sharing.
  27. hunting4sanity

    What Animal to take?

    The choice between a black wildebeest and a zebra would be a tough one. I was fortunate enough to get both on my one and only safari. I had a pedestal mount done of my zebra and it might just be my favorite taxidermy from the safari. Where and who are you hunting with? Look at pics of taxidermy...
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    SOUTH AFRICA: Hunt With Pawprint Safaris

    Congratulations on your trophies! I hope someday to stop reading reports about hunting with Pawprint Safaris and write one instead, sounds like a great outfit and hunt.
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    Animals That Surprised You

    Probably my number one animal going over was a kudu, seeing them only intensified that desire, seeing an even better kudu on the last day makes me want another one. I was leaning towards a zebra going over, that changed to a must-have once we were out hunting, back at home it's probably my...
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    SOUTH AFRICA: South African Hunting Safari With Crusader Safaris 2016

    Congratulations! Great trophies, combined with an intriguing story and stunning photos, all combined into a very enjoyable hunting report. Now, I have yet another place I want to hunt in Africa.
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    SOUTH AFRICA: Dangerous Plains Game Safari With KMG Hunting Safaris

    Congratulations on a perfect safari and some great trophies! That sure makes me want to get back to Africa and go hunting with KMG.
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    SOUTH AFRICA: On The Way To My One Day Safari

    I know I could sure use even one day in Africa right now, best of luck!
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    SOUTH AFRICA: Dangerous Plains Game Safari With KMG Hunting Safaris

    I'm very jealous, you're going to have a great safari. Looking forward to the pics.
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    Family Gun Time

    Two of my sons and I had the chance to go shoot in the Karstetter Memorial Field Match near Wilbur, WA. The match is a college education fund raising event for the children of Matt Karstetter. Matt was a former Marine and a very passionate shooter, after he was killed in a work-related accident...
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    Duck Taxidermy Pictures

    I like the dedication to a beautiful bird, shown by your barefoot retrieve.(y)
  36. hunting4sanity

    First Safari Nearly Here!

    Good luck to all of you lucky enough to be going this year! Looking forward to the hunt reports and LOTS of photos.
  37. hunting4sanity

    Duck Taxidermy Pictures

    I know this an African hunting site, but I just had to share a picture of this mount. When I finally got my first wood duck, it was naturally headed straight to the taxidermist. I discussed how I wanted the mount and when it was completed last week the taxidermist called to let me know it was...
  38. hunting4sanity

    Experience Africa With Limcroma Safaris

    Great looking facilities and photos. This really makes me miss Africa.
  39. hunting4sanity

    USA: New Mexico Barbary Sheep Hunt

    Sorry I took so long in responding, for some reason I've been unable to access the site for weeks now. I have a 300RUM with a Benchmark barrel and a Vortex scope, I also used a Leica spotter and binos. He was slow & hurting after the first shot and that may have been enough, but until they're...
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    MOZAMBIQUE: Hunt With Tootabi Valley Safaris

    Great photos of your trophies, thanks for sharing.
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    USA: New Mexico Barbary Sheep Hunt

    When I show the pictures to people, there have been quite a few who have no idea that Aoudad/Barbary sheep are even here in the states and can be hunted. New Mexico has a couple of other critters I'm still hoping to draw a tag for someday, but the odds on ibex and oryx still elude me ...
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    KYRGYZSTAN: 2nd Chance Ibex Hunt

    Congratulations! I'm glad this worked out after all you endured on round #1. I almost went over there with a friend last year, still trying to decide if I'm man enough for a hunt like that someday.
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    SOUTH AFRICA: Africa A Dream Realized With SS Pro Safaris

    Awesome report, fantastic photography, congratulations!
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    USA: New Mexico Barbary Sheep Hunt

    Like many of you who hunt here in the US, over the years I've applied for many tags and have grown accustomed to rejections a couple of months later. One tag I've been trying to draw for the past five years was for New Mexico's Barbary sheep. When New Mexico released the results of their draw...