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  1. Art Lambart II

    My Take on Dangerous Game Scopes

    Nice video Phil, even nicer trophy room. I agree with you 100% on using a high-power scope on a 375 H&H. It makes no sense to me whatsoever to limit the capabilities of the 375 H&H by using a low power scope.
  2. Art Lambart II

    Eland Cartridges for recoil sensitive shooter?

    My son has been shooting a 6.5 x 55 Swede since he was 9 years old, he's now 13 and is 5’-5” and 130 lbs and can shoot a 30-06 without issue but he still prefers the Old Swede. This change didn't happen overnight we started slowly by moving up to a 270, then to a 308 and finally the 30-06. Every...
  3. Art Lambart II

    Help need from my UK brothers and sisters

    Thanks for the head up on John Dickson & Sons, I'll be paying them a visit.
  4. Art Lambart II

    Help need from my UK brothers and sisters

    In March of 2024 my wife and her research team are heading to Edinburgh for a 4-day conference. Normally these conferences take place in some US city that I have no interest in visiting, but a trip to Scotland is a different matter entirely. We plan on extending our trip for a few days so we can...
  5. Art Lambart II

    Daughters mountain goat

    Congrats to your daughter, if it wasn't her rifle before it is now.
  6. Art Lambart II

    One caliber away from contentment... who else?

    Scrap that 243 idea and buy a 7mm-08 or 7x57, you'll be much happier.
  7. Art Lambart II

    Remington 760

    I have no problem using a 760 in 30-06 or 35 whelen as my Bushveld Plains Game rifle. Fast handleing, and accurate is the same all over the world, if its fast and accurate in the US, its fast and accurate in Africa.
  8. Art Lambart II

    AH Get Together In Nashville During Safari Club International (SCI) Convention 2024

    My son Trip and I are comming. We had a great time at last years get together.
  9. Art Lambart II


    On my first safari, I took a Duluth Fire Hose Work coat and never used it once. On my second safari, I took a Cabelas Micro Berber pullover with Windstopper, which I wore the morning I shot my Sable. Unless you plan on hunting from a blind you won't need a warm outer layer on a daily basis. If...
  10. Art Lambart II

    SOUTH AFRICA: Surviving A Lion Charge Lion In The Kalahari!!!

    Congrats on your lion, can't wait to see the video.
  11. Art Lambart II

    ZIMBABWE: D-Day In The Omay (And D Doesn't Stand For Delta)

    Honor your Father and Mother so that your days may be long on the earth.
  12. Art Lambart II

    ZIMBABWE: D-Day In The Omay (And D Doesn't Stand For Delta)

    Nice write up Toby, sorry to hear about your bull elephant what a bummer. Are you currently planning your next trip to the Omay?
  13. Art Lambart II

    ZIMBABWE: Pain & Perseverance In The Omay

    Nice cat Phil, I hope your neck issues get resolved and you heal up soon.
  14. Art Lambart II


    Congrats on booking your first Safari. Don't worry about hunt boots, just use hiking shoes. Limpopo is not a mountainous area, so you don’t the ankle support.
  15. Art Lambart II


  16. Art Lambart II

    Help me figure out a rifle

    If your a reloader the 7x57 is a great choice, if not look at the 7mm-08. In the USA the factory loads for the 7x57 are cup & core bullets, the 7mm-08 is factory loaded with everything under the sun (Cup & core, bonded bullets from Nosler, Swift, TBT, it come in Nosler Partition and Mono metals...
  17. Art Lambart II

    Hello from MI

    Welocme to AH
  18. Art Lambart II

    Why was the bring back Von Gruff thread deleted?

    I am deeply saddened by this situation; I love AH and I love Gary’s knifes. I believe I own the very first knife Gary made for an AH member, it was a gift from my father, I will miss Gary on this forum.
  19. Art Lambart II

    1 MOA Hoax

    The only way to test a rifles accuracy is to remove the shooter from the equation, every time you add the shooter to the equation you add variation. IMHO group size is not as important to hunters as the first shot. Once your rifle and scope are zeroed to the same spot the only shot that matters...
  20. Art Lambart II

    Hunting distances- how far is too far?

    All field positions are not created equal, some are unsupported (Off-hand, kneeling, prone), some are supported (Shooting Sticks, Tree branches, rocks, backpacks), and some are stabilized (Front Bipod and rear sandbag from the prone position) and they all provide the shooter with different...
  21. Art Lambart II

    ZAMBIA: Classic Sable, Classic Caliber Hunt With spike.t At Takeri Reserve Zambia

    Good luck on your safari, waiting for the report.
  22. Art Lambart II

    SOUTH AFRICA: KMG Hunting Safaris June 2023

    What a great hunt and report
  23. Art Lambart II

    The ultimate buffalo hunt

    I should probably do a typical Buff hunt first so I could appreciate this magical "Ultimate Buff Hunt".
  24. Art Lambart II

    Most Misjudged Plains Game Species?

    Here is my advice on judging African PG. If you are assigned a PH with 10+ years of experience as a PH, trust his or her judgment and you won’t be sorry. If you have an inexperienced PH, tell him or her its Gold medal or nothing, that way all of your animals will be high bronze or better. I'm...
  25. Art Lambart II

    Ruger Guide Gun thoughts and reviews

    I love the 35 Whelen it's my go-to caliber for everything I hunt, my second favorite caliber is the 30-06 with 180-grain bullets. The only issue with the 35 Whelen is the availability of factory ammo. Until your life settles down I would stick with the 06. Good luck with your hunting and thank...
  26. Art Lambart II

    A Proper Plains Game Rifle

    Nice rifle, I'm a fan of 180-grain bullets for the 30-06 but use what shoots best in your rifle. I'm a huge fan of the 35 Whelen and love the idea of the 400 Whelen, just make sure your brass is head stamped for the 400 and not for the 30-06 or the 35 Whelen. The SAP could give you trouble if...
  27. Art Lambart II

    Mercury recoil reducers, do they work?

    I have one in my 416 Rigby Ruger #1 and it works great. IMO adding the mercury recoil reducer helped the balance point of the rifle. Full disclosure, I got the gun from @tarbe with the mercury recoil reducer already installed. My #1 with the installed recoil reducer weighs a Trim 11-1/2 pounds...
  28. Art Lambart II

    Preferred family of Medium bore cartridges?

    35 Whelen without a question, if I'm hunting DG ill use my 416 Rigby
  29. Art Lambart II

    SOUTH AFRICA: The Adventure Begins!

    A 35 Whelen with a 225 TSX at 2750 FPS. The only shot he gave me was a frontal chest shot at 220 yards, I placed the bullet right where my PH asked me to and he collapsed in his tracks, like an anchor dropping in water.
  30. Art Lambart II

    What single caliber would you reccomend from each of the following cartridge families to a new shooter?

    I have shot the 375 H&H, 375 Ruger, 404 Jefferies, 416 Ruger, 416 Rigby, 458 WM, and 470 NE. So, to answer your question I'd pick the 375 H&H 404 J Stop there, as a client you'll never need anything larger for DG.
  31. Art Lambart II

    SOUTH AFRICA: The Adventure Begins!

    Great Sable, I agree with you my Sable is my most prized trophy. I stalked my Sable foe 22K over two days before he offered me a shot, it was by far the best hunt of my life.
  32. Art Lambart II

    Where do you draw that magical line between Hunter and PH cartridges?

    Speaking for myself the largest caliber I would hunt DG with is a 470NE but I would prefer to use a 416 or a 404. We all know that firearms don’t recoil in the field only on the range, but it’s on the range where you gain confidence and proficiency with your firearm. I can shoot 20 rounds of a...
  33. Art Lambart II

    Reloading Addiction Group

    I'd love to use 225gn Woodies but I cant find any.
  34. Art Lambart II

    SOUTH AFRICA: The Bushbuck Hunt I Dreamt Of

    WOW!!! what a great Bushbuck
  35. Art Lambart II

    Reloading Addiction Group

    I'd take some 225 grain barnes at 2750 fps for my 2024 spring black bear hunt.
  36. Art Lambart II

    Ruger No. 1

    I have two #1s a 30-06 and a 416 Rigby. Being left eye dominate I have use single shot rifles as my primary hunting rifle for over 3 decades. My Rigby wieghts a slim 11-1/2 pounds and is much easier on the shoulder than a 470NE double rifle. As for accuracy it clover leafs three shot groups at...
  37. Art Lambart II

    SOUTH AFRICA: My First Safari Hunting The Mountains Of The Eastern Cape With KMG Hunting Safaris

    Nice Zebra, I hope you had some Zebra steak on your safari, they are awesome.
  38. Art Lambart II

    Deciding what to hunt in South Africa

    If you want to hunt for all eight Days of your safari add Kudu and Eland.
  39. Art Lambart II

    CANADA: First Hunt In Canada

    Charlie, that was a great hunt and report. Trip says count him in on next years hunt.
  40. Art Lambart II

    Prayer Request

    I'll pray for you and your family.
  41. Art Lambart II


    I took the exact same rifle to Africa, your going to have a great time.
  42. Art Lambart II

    CANADA: First Hunt In Canada

    Charlie, good luck on your hunt, I look foward to hearing all about it when you get back to KC. Be Safe and Shoot Straight,
  43. Art Lambart II

    Rifle for Plains game

    A scoped No. 1 in 30-06 has been my favorite hunting rifle for decades, and has been on both of my safaris. My No. 1 loves any 180 grain bullet I have ever used in it but is not as accurate with 165s. I would have no concerns using it for Eland but I would prefer my beloved 35 Whelen.
  44. Art Lambart II

    Want to buy Safari Binos

    Hunters bring two types of optics to Africa, binos and rifle scopes I would recommend spending a little less on your binos and a little more on your rifle scope. The most important binos on your safari belong to your PH, not you. Most of us can’t judge African game so the need for a highly...