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    New From Wisconsin

    Welcome from yet another Wisconsinite! I'm located 40 miles south of the People's Republic of Madison.
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    Hello from Memphis, TN

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    Best bullets for plains game

    Whatever premium bullet shoots accurately (groups the best) through your rifle. Today, there are a large number of bullets with excellent performance. However, bullet placement is still the single most important factor.
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    New member Minnesota USA

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    Good luck!
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    SOUTH AFRICA: Small Cats & Small Antelope Safari

    Congratulations and thank-you for posting the pictures and safari recap.
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    Hello from Mississippi

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    Hello New From Tucson

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    New from South Africa

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    Liver Anyone?

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    Liver Anyone?

    Another option: You can make braunschweiger out of any edible livers. The best (mildest) that I have made was from calves' liver, but venison liver is usually just as mild. Liver sausage uses the same procedures and materials, but has a different spice profile. Several years ago, I posted...
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    New member

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    New guy

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    New Member from Alaska

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    Montana Rifle Company Actions

    I have a Montana on a custom-built .375 H&H. It works perfectly.
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    New guy from OK

    Seems like nothing changes for the better where universities are involved. Thanks for the update.
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    Montana BP Hunter

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    New guy from OK

    Welcome! I miss Oklahoma - went to grad school in Stillwater back in the 70's. In those days, Animal Science grad students could hunt on the north and south cattle ranges.
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    Rare White Buffalo Seen In Tarangire National Park

    OK, that's just plain cool! Thanks for posting.
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    Howdy from Texas

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    30-06: 168gr vs 180gr TTSX for PG?

    Since 2009, I have used "light for caliber" TSX in my .300 Win Mag (168gn) and 7mm Rem Mag (140gn). The results have been fantastic. Mostly, the penetration is through and through. The two times that I recovered bullets, the four petals were peeled back perfectly and the weight retention was...
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    Bread making

    Clearly, you are a man of many talents!
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    Hey from NC

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    Young gun Colorado

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    New Member

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    Barrel Life

    Just to emphasize the impact of cleaning mentioned by Phil G.: Several times, I have had members of my sportsman's club complain to me that the barrel was "shot out" of their hunting rifle. In almost every case, a vigorous and prolonged scrubbing with a good copper solvent completely remedied...
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    Hello from the Peoples Communist Republic Of Illinois

    503: Welcome from Southern Wisconsin!
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    New member from Michigan

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    Greetings from North Carolina

    Welcome and thank-you for your service!
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    Greetings from Wales!

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    What is the BEST piece of hunting advice you've been given?

    "Keep shooting until the head goes down." This was duck hunting, but I have found that it applies to all hunting.
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    Magnum Crossbolts On Synthetic Stock?

    Just a guess, but it's at least likely that there is not an aluminum bedding block that mates to the recoil lug, An "all polymer" stock would then need cross bolts. Just like you, I'll be curious to find out the actual reason.
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    Giraffe flat rug including the head

    CPM - Not sure if you got an answer to your original question, so here's one: Randy Mayes at can give you a price and will do nice work. He did one for me in 2009. You can see the rug if you look up the thread about " color to paint a trophy room...". On the...
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    Finished a 9.3x62 Mannlicher style Mauser.

    Beautiful work!
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    Anyone else use their 416 on Plains Game?

    You have received a number of informative responses. I'll add my two cents: I've shot puku, sable, hyena and a couple of other non-DG animals with my 416. The carcass damage was no greater that what I have experienced with a 300 mag shooting 168gn TSX. I hope you get all of the answers that...
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    My New .375 H&H RSM

    Nice purchase. I have its bigger brother in .416 Rigby and after a little tuning on the ejector, I am very happy with it.
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    Greetings from Moz

    Welcome back!
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    hello there

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    Hi from Australia

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    New Wisconsin member (one year lurker)

    Welcome from (yet another) Wisconsinite! I live in the south central part of the state, but lived in Sheboygan County for 20+ years prior to that.
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    300 mag projectiles

    I have had very good results (accuracy, penetration and weight retention) in a .300 SAUM using 165gn TSX and in a .300 Win Mag using 168gn TSX. My reason for choosing the TSX over Partitions or A-Frames was the accuracy in my particular rifles.
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    Zeiss bino refurbishing question...

    I've had one pair of Nikon binoculars develop a problem from very hard use. Ditto with a Zeiss rifle scope. In both cases, I contacted the repairs department through their respective US websites. Nikon repaired the binoculars for free - no questions asked. Even though they were long out...