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  1. A Frame66

    Anyone have a netgun?

    Mine is a Coda brand. And yes it's a mess to untangle nets and you damn sure don't won't to take one of these SS weights to the dome!
  2. A Frame66

    Anyone have a netgun?

    Got it new had it for while. I'm on the road right now but I will post up a few pics of it and the net when I get home.
  3. A Frame66

    Anyone have a netgun?

    I've got one ,they shoot a 308 blank, not sure right off the top of my head on the manufacturer, but we've used it to catch deer with.
  4. A Frame66

    Hello from Florida

    Welcome to the site Enjoy ! What part of the state do you call home?
  5. A Frame66

    SOUTH AFRICA: Has Anyone Hunted With KAROO WILD Safaris?

    Looking to get some feedback from folks that have hunted with Karoo wild safaris. And yes I've run the search engine. If you like you can pm me and we can discuss your experience good or bad. Just shopping for 25' Thanks!!
  6. A Frame66

    Hi all!

  7. A Frame66

    Let’s see your pup

    This is my buddy, I've had this same breed for many years. He's great on a leash for a wounded deer.
  8. A Frame66

    Cat hunters

    Congratulations! Damn nice cat!
  9. A Frame66

    Greetings from Georgia

    Welcome from coastal GA area
  10. A Frame66

    USA: Conservation Goose Hunt NY 2023

    Congratulations on the hunt!!
  11. A Frame66

    USA: Conservation Goose Hunt NY 2023

    Good luck with the local birds up there, love to shoot the one's here in GA and FL during the early season. Now if that damn hurricane didn't blow them completely out of both states!
  12. A Frame66

    I’m a dad!

  13. A Frame66

    Dialing in the Elephant rifle

    Wonderful looking stock!!
  14. A Frame66


    This is a great idea!!
  15. A Frame66

    Site Slowing Down?

    Mine has been the same as well.
  16. A Frame66

    Top 3 Safari Essentials Check out our recommendations

    Thank you, I have been looking at some of your different products for a future trip.
  17. A Frame66

    In memoriam - Loss Of A Fellow Forum Member SAFARIKIDD

    RIP, Prayers to the family.
  18. A Frame66

    Winchester Model 70 Chambered In .458 Win Mag

    Very nice rifle!! Glws..
  19. A Frame66

    Winchester Model 70 375 H&H, new to me!

    Very nice rifle!!!
  20. A Frame66

    Big Kudu Down

    What a bull, congrats.
  21. A Frame66

    Omay North Concession awarded to MARTIN PIETERS SAFARIS

    Congratulations!! And great news.
  22. A Frame66

    New member Baldwin fl

    Welcome! New member myself, lived in Hilliard before moving to GA. My dad still lives in Callahan.
  23. A Frame66

    Hello from Ga.

    Down on the coast not far from Brunswick. Have a good buddy that works Robins.
  24. A Frame66

    Hello from Ga.

    Thank you sir! Enjoy tour weekend.
  25. A Frame66

    Hello from Ga.

    Thanks much, will do.
  26. A Frame66

    Hello from Ga.

    Waverly GA, just west of Brunswick
  27. A Frame66

    Hello from Ga.

    Good evening. Been lurking in the shadows for awhile, this is a great site with some great info and people! Planning 1st trip across the pond and will be attending Nashville this yr. Hope to meet some of the fine members of the forum.