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    NAMIBIA: 4 Weeks In Namibia With Ongariwanda

    We were still laughing about it over a few drinks that night . Even Deb saw the funny side . ( eventually ) ......... DEBS, I don't say anything :A Quiet:
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    Hunting Blackbuck in Argentina!!!

    Rocket -- in less than three weeks we will be on the plane to Argentina. We are looking forward for a short hunt and definitaly on our list - The Blackbuck. Hope to meet you at the FERIA.
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    WANTED: Looking for a Monster Anything with a Bow

    What about hunting Africa's most famous animal -- THE GREATER KUDU? An experience of a lifetime!!!
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    NAMIBIA: 4 Weeks In Namibia With Ongariwanda

    Dory, you have me in tears!! Where did the time go? We miss you ... Normally our clients book ... arrive ... hunt for 7 / 8 days and go back. We have make new friends. BUT THIS TIME ... our clients book ... we communicate almost for a year .... they arrive ... hunt for 16 days .. and we had to...
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    New arrival

    Welcome to the AH family. A great forum to get information and to give information. We are looking forward to hear your hunting stories!
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    Checked bag issues?

    We always recommend our clients wrapping their bags in shrink wrap. It is not expensive. Maybe this will not stop theft but the thieves will rather take bags that can open easier than taking bags that will take a lot of time. And guys closing your bags with a lock DOES NOT help at all. They open...
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    NAMIBIA: Did Someone Go Hunting With Christie's Adventures Namibia?

    Justhunt ... do you know what is Lourens Family Name?
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    WANTED: Help on first Safari

    We would like to assist you with your plans visiting our beautiful country : NAMIBIA
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    WANTED: 2016 African hunting trip

    Hi James I can reccommend TOOTABI HUNTING SAFARIS, they are about 45 minutes drive from Port Elizabeth in a beautiful area next to Addo Elephant Park as well as the famous SHAMWARI game reserve. You will really experience a GREAT hunt and a GREAT stay with Loodt Buchner.
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    NAMIBIA: Did Someone Go Hunting With Christie's Adventures Namibia?

    Namibia is a BIG COUNTRY with a few people BUT in Namibia we are all like one big family. The accident of Christie was very bad for all of us. His wife Madelein is still on the farm. I can provide you with her telephone number if you inbox me.
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    NAMIBIA: Kalahari Hunting Safaris

    Very honest people .. you will experience a great hunting safari in one of the most beautiful areas of Namibia.
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    Namibia finally booked

    You and your family can really get excited. Namibia is a country that will call you back to Africa again and again. If you need any help in planning your road trip -- getting ideas -- booking lodges -- please feel free to contact me. It will be great to assist you with information.
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    Hunting the Tiny Ten

    Hi Gizmo Hunting the Damara Dik-Dik is a real special hunt. These tiny animal are really beautiful and they make a special trophy. You need a special permit to hunt them and as outfitter you only have 2 permits per year to hunt the Dik-Dik. You can hunt the Klipspringer, Duiker and Steenbok...
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    Greetings from frozen Missouri

    Welcome to the site -- after discovering this site you will REALLY want to visit Africa. It's a great site with a lot of interesting facts and information. Enjoy it!!
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    Hello From the Great White North!

    welcome to the site -- hope to hear your great hunting stories. Live your dream and one day you will be able to visit our beautiful continent .. Africa.
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    Another Newbie

    Welcome to the site -- seems to me you really had a great hunt and took good trophies. Africa will call you back again and again!!
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    Hello form UK

    Welcome to AH Dodge - A great site FULL of interesting facts and information. I love this site!!
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    Hunting Bushpig question

    Make contact with Loodt Buchner of TOOTABI SAFARIS in the Eastern Cape.
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    FREE RANGE Eland & Kudu...

    Namibia is definitely the answer to your question. There is many area where Kudu and Eland is free ranging in their natural habitat.
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    Porcupine in Namibia

    They are legal to hunt but MAKE sure with your outfitter he didn't already hunted his quota -- because each outfitter is ONLY allowed to hunt 1 porquipine per year.
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    Kudu - Namibia or Limpopo?

    Difficult to make a choise between the 2 countries because I am sure you can get GOOD kudus in both countries. My personal opinion is that the open spaces in Namibia give you a good chance on better quility. The hunting areas in Namibia is big, free range and natural habitat. The game is not...
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    Malaria Medication Namibia

    You will have a GREAT time with Otjiwa Safaris. You DO NOT need to take any malaria medication. Its still winter in Namibia - cold in the early mornings and late afternoons and during the day it can get to 25 degrees. But this area is dry and it is NOT a malaria area. ENJOY your hunt in Namibia...
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    Trophy's Home from Namibia

    looking forward for those pictures
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    Windhoek hotels

    Kalahari Sands Hotel is situated in the centre of the city - very nice and safe. You can have a light lunch at small bistros close to the hotel.
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    Greetings from Canada

    Welcome to the site!!
  30. Huntin Africa

    Hi from Argentina

    Welcome to the forum, Emiliano. Looking forward to hear your stories and see your photos.
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    New member from NZ

    Welcome to this forum -- you will just love it!!
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    Greetings from Lagos

    Welcome to AH. This hunting family share the same passion. You will love this site
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    New member from Canada, Eh

    Welcome to AH... hope to see GREAT reports and photos.
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    Hunting Elephant

    Our friend Alfredo Hunted this "meat" elephant in Namibia, Caprivi last year.
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    Good afternoon to all from PORTUGAL

    Bem-vindo Carlos. Desfrute do site. Espero que você fique entusiasmado e comece a planejar o seu caça safari para África.
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    Hello from Texas

    Excitement(y) Enjoy your safari... and we are looking forward for your hunting stories and photos.
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    new member from Louisiana

    Welcome to the this site. You will enjoy all the stories on this site and get a very good idea of Africa Hunting and realize age do not play a role when it comes to living your dreams. Enjoy all the hunting stories.:)
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    WANTED: First hunt $25,000.00 budget

    welcome Joseph --- with really alot of time thinking.... planning ... deciding..... seems to be very exciting. Namibia can offer you an unforgetable Africa Safari. With your budget you can really have a GOOD hunt in our beautiful country. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you need any help...
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    SOUTH AFRICA: First Safari

    congratulation on great trophies. You really had a great safari in Africa. Beautiful pictures.
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    Ohioians Headding to Namibia

    Windhoek International Airport is one of the easiest airports you will ever visit. we never had one client that had to pay any bribe money for anything. Make sure you have an invitation letter from your outfitter signed with his signature. PRONTO shipping agent is a very good option for sending...
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    Howdy from Texas

    Welcome to the site Rusty --- a good timing. On this site you get so much useful information. I think it is an exelent idea to go for plainsgame --- a must for your first African hunt. Enjoy every moment of planning this safari.
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    Hi from Texas

    Dreams only comes reality by living them. Welcome to this great site. I think it is great to plan a safari to Africa with your family. Enjoy every moment of your plans up to the REAL safari.
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    it's finally my time

    Have a great hunt. Enjoy every moment of your safari. And we are looking forward to an unforgetable hunting report
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    NAMIBIA: African Days outfitting A Trip Of A Lifetime

    Seems to me you had a good hunt with good trophies. A pitty not be able to hunt Zebra or kudu. Ashame that you had opportunities on the zebra but due to quota you couldnt hunt one. When a client book a safari with a wishlist you normally really try to give them an opportunity on their wishlist...
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    SOUTH AFRICA: Trevor Lake Safari 2014

    congratulations on this great hunt. Beautiful trophies.
  46. Huntin Africa

    Offering First Hunting Safari to Africa

    The hunt will take place on our own private property 21 000 acres. Hunting in freerange land offer you good quality trophies.
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    SOUTH AFRICA: KMG Safaris Round 2

    Congratulations with your anniversiry!! AND your way of celebrating it. Sound if you really had a GREAT time. Wish you another 30 happy years together!
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    Offering First Hunting Safari to Africa

    Did you ever dream of hunting in Africa? Unlock your dreams and come to enjoy your FIRST AFRICA HUNTING SAFARI 6 Hunting Days (1x1)... 1 Restday Arrival day + Departure day 1 x Oryx * 1 x Blue Gnu * 1 x Impala * 1 x Springbuck * 1 x Warthog Transport from Windhoek International Airport to...
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    Hunting Blackbuck in Argentina!!!

    Rocket -- will inform you of our plans. Thank you.
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    Hunting Blackbuck in Argentina!!!

    we are planning to visit Argentina 2015 for a ROAD SHOW and will be hunting during our visit --- Blackbuck definitely on our list.