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  1. Gail T

    Travel to JNB on Qatar airlines

    Qatar Airlines extended their fully refundable tickets offer to entice ticket sales. It worked! Lori Spears was super helpful and found a way to get us into Namibia. Qatar cancelled their DOHA to Windhoek flight, so we fly to OR Tambo and take Airlink Airlines from there to Windhoek. A bit of...
  2. Gail T

    Free Hunt for One Hunter & One Observer from Arc Africa Hunting Safaris for 2015

    Photo #3 is my favorite. Composition and execution very well done.
  3. Gail T

    Tanzania villagers slaughter six rare lions

    Any information about who put the telemetry collar on one of those lions? Someone knew, or should have known, where that lion was. Much more to this story for sure.
  4. Gail T

    Hello from New Mexico

    Interested in learning more about places and species to hunt.
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