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  1. Bsums

    Gourmet Table Fare Or Just Quality Meals, WHat To Expect?

    I don't think anywhere you go you will have an issue of the food being horrible. But obviously were you go and hunt with will make the difference. Although the best is the wild game you shot grilled over the fire each night.
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    Glasses vs. Contacts

    Wear whichever one you usually wear each day and hunt in. if you always wear your contacts or glasses hunting than stick with it, no need to throw your shooting and comfort off. Just keep spare contacts with you while out if you go that route.
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    Brown Bear Hunt Cancellation Price

    Is it the total of 7 bears per person or for both hunters? Either way that's quite the offer for an Alaskan bear hunt!
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    2015 Late Season Leopard Hunt Namibia $10,000

    Can extra days be added if not succesful? 7 days for a leopard could be a little tight.
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    WANTED: Springbok Grand Slam Hunt

    I believe Tootabi has it as well.
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    Huge Hunt Discount

    "All pertinent information is required, including outfitter name and where the hunt will take place if different than your company name as well as the area(s) where the hunt will be conducted. All costs MUST be stated, detailing what is included and not included, plus the discounted prices." I...
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    Huge Hunt Discount

    Photo is blurry. Check the ad section rules please
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    New Zealand Discounted Hunts 2016

    Will your outfitter take bow hunters?
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    Leopard Hunt Special for 2015 US$16,500

    This is a crazy price for Moz, must at least be a lot of interest?
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    Gator Hunting Who's done it? Need advice

    What do most people do taxidermy wise? Unless you shoot a small gator most people don't have room for a full size gator. I'd think head mount is a good way to go but who do you go to for the making of belts, wallets, etc with the rest of the skin?
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    Lion mount help

    Two always beats one. I wonder if your wife will think its as good of an excuse to go back as we all do.
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    Lion mount help

    I think this facial expression/mouth could look good with the running pose.
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    Lion mount help

    I agree that the look of jumping to nothing doesn't fit to me. Add another animal to it and its great though. I think the original idea photo is great with a snarling/slightly opened look would be awesome. So it shows the teeth and the aggression I think your looking for. I think the mouth in...
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    Late Season Zimbabwe Hunts

    Whats the average croc size taken? Can plains game be added to these hunts?
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    Silk Purse out of a... Cougar's ear?

    At least it was partially salvageable and it gives you a good reason to go back.
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    Zimbabwe Goverment Lists 23 White-Owned Farms For Seizure

    I stand corrected. But that is worse than what I was thinking. The uneducated can be educated. Leeches can't be made to work.
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    Zimbabwe Goverment Lists 23 White-Owned Farms For Seizure

    The government removed the white farmers who were educated and knew how to run a commercial agriculture farm and replaced them with uneducated black citizens. With removing all of the knowledgeable farmers the new ones have no one to learn from. I'm guessing Zimbabwe doesn't have schooling for...
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    Ready to Hunt Elephant

    Have a phenomenal trip! To me elephant hunting is the epitome of African hunting and I hope I have the opportunity like you one day.
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    USA: A Hunt Report On A Life Long Dream Come True... My Alaskan Dall Sheep Hunt

    Sounds like a great trip! Its hard to beat the beauty of Alaska. Who was your outfitter?
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    24 Hours...Thank you to everyone

    Congrats on heading off on your first safari. Which of the two big five will you be hunting?
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    Hello from Nicaragua Bird Hunting Adventures

    Welcome to AH! I'm sure you'll enjoy this site.
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    Mozambique Pictures

    Whats the best month/time of year to go to Moz to avoid the tse flies and mosquitos the most?
  23. Bsums

    Mozambique Pictures

    @TMS Would you need to take malaria tablets if going to Moz?
  24. Bsums

    Hybrid Buffalo?

    It has the color of Afrikaner or N'Dama cattle. To me it doesn't look much like an Asian buffalo as the asian buffalo has a dark color similar to Cape Buffalo and the horns are angled back more without the curl like the cape buffalo. If it was a mix of the two I don't think it would give the...
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    Zimbabwe Lifts Suspension on Hunting Lion, Leopard and Elephant

    "No further hunting of collared iconic animals will be allowed." Thats too funny.
  26. Bsums

    New Zimbabwe Lion Up Drying… Not Cecil… Yet!

    Beautiful lion! I'm curious about what the little things on the paws are for?
  27. Bsums

    Candian Lynx Hunt

    Chasing Lynx with hounds is an exciting hunt. Sounds like a great opportunity to get such a beautiful and unique cat.
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    Mozambique Pictures

    Thats some really nice ivory! Whats the chances we'll every get it past USFW again?
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    What are your thoughts on culling?

    I don't see the issue. As long as the price is fair. A lot of times on cull hunts you can take trophy animals as well, no one wants to be cull hunting and find the legendary 65in+ kudu and have to pass. Its just normal hunting to maintain proper animal populations.
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    Incredible Hunting Deal Tanzania 21 Day Deeply Discounted Hunt

    Let me go check my scratch off tickets and find out if this hunt is still available or not.
  31. Bsums

    Namibia Leopard Hunt 2015

    Whats the size of the concession? Is the lodging on the property or separate, if separate what is the travel time between the concession and lodge? Are other species than listed on quota and could be hunted? Travel time from airport(windhoek?) to the concession/lodging? Is this a concession or...
  32. Bsums

    Botswana bans sports hunters after Cecil killing

    The greenies really don't understand much besides emotions. They say hunters brutally kill animals but any death an animal experiences in the wild is much much worse as death from old age is basically unheard of. Its either starvation, disease, or predators. Which all are prolonged and painful...
  33. Bsums

    Botswana bans sports hunters after Cecil killing

    He does contradict himself. The only hunting allowed is private properties yet he says they will continue on game farms, aka private property? It may not be anything new but a publicity stunt.
  34. Bsums

    Botswana bans sports hunters after Cecil killing

    I believe last year was the last for public land hunting and this is ending the private property hunts. Probably need a Ph/outfitter in Botswana to clarify all of this.
  35. Bsums

    Zimbabwe Parks " New Ruling"

    That was my first thought. Makes the anti's happy and more money in their pockets. Their will probably be plenty of paperwork fee's. I can deal with this, I just hope they don't pull an even more stupid move like Botswana.
  36. Bsums

    Botswana bans sports hunters after Cecil killing

    What a shame. We've lost Botswana and Zimbabwe is not looking good either. Where are the hunting companies P.R. firms trying to combat this onslaught from anti-hunters? I hope Botswana doesn't go down the tubes like Kenya did.
  37. Bsums

    Zimbabwe Parks " New Ruling"

    This could screw up some hunts but everything they said was stopped could still be done with written permission. Its probably just being done to make the sheep happy until they forget about this in a couple weeks.
  38. Bsums

    PETA on hunting dogs

    I found this on PETA's website and couldn't believe this garbage. "The bears, cougars, deer, foxes, and other animals who are chased, trapped, and even killed by dogs during (sometimes illegal) hunts aren’t the only ones to suffer from this variant of the “sport.” Dogs used for hunting are often...
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    Death of Zimbabwe’s Best-Loved Lion Ignites Debate on Sport Hunting

    This all just makes me sick. It has been blown out of proportion and these people have destroyed a family's lives before we even know the facts from fiction. The ignorance and hate disgusts me. Let the courts handle this and leave the people alone.
  40. Bsums

    Quote for Yahoo story on the pros/cons of legal trophy hunting in Africa

    Bill, I'm sure you can find many knowledgable individuals on here who would be happy to answer your questions. The problem is if their name will be held anonymous. Those who we refer to as anti's are known to make threats and be very harassing.
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    Death of Zimbabwe’s Best-Loved Lion Ignites Debate on Sport Hunting

    The comments on the article are very sickening. Many of them are about murder or injury to the hunter/guides.
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    Top rated plains game hunting outfitters in the eastern cape

    Its impossible to make a top list as everyone has their own opinions and so on. Make a list of all your wants and find an outfitter who fits your needs and check references.
  43. Bsums

    NAMIBIA: Africa At Last

    Sounds like a great hunt, can't wait to hear more. Good thing they found your rifles after one day; last year it took them a week to find mine on the same trip from Johannesburg to Windhoek. Did you happen to fly Namibian Air?
  44. Bsums

    Death of Zimbabwe’s Best-Loved Lion Ignites Debate on Sport Hunting

    We've just seen it happen before with lions used to humans getting old and start to struggle to hunt game. Decide to try to eat someone.
  45. Bsums

    Is this really hunting?

    I do think we all need to be sure we aren't being too quick to condemn the outfitter or hunters. I do feel the use of aircraft in this scenario was wrong and I hope the outfitter/hunters understand where our criticism is coming from and can reflect. Besides the one usage of aircraft most of...
  46. Bsums


    No need to go overboard; your Ph will pretty much have everything you need. I didn't use a daypack and don't think its necessary, most likely you won't be carrying it around.I had extra ammo on my belt and phone/camera in my pocket, and bino's strapped to my chest/around my neck. Then I would...
  47. Bsums

    Is this really hunting?

    To me this isn't hunting. We need to judge other hunts/hunters by two criteria, ethics and legality. I don't know if this hunt was legal or not. But what I do know is this is ethically wrong. If a hunt is legal but is morally and ethically wrong then we should not be supportive of it. I like...
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    Sable Hunt Special South Africa

    Size of property and photos?
  49. Bsums

    Blood Lions: Blowing The Lid Off The Canned Hunting Industry

    Good thinking Royal!