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    Animal you wouldn't hunt

    Before my first African hunt , the only animals "off list" were primates. While we were in the Selous, a Masai woman's infant was snatch d and devoured by a troop of baboons (the baby was under a shady bush, just meters away from mother, who was harvesting yams. the only thing recovered was the...
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    Need some help with making the right choice

    I have a Browning BLR takedown in .300 WSM - I enjoy it greatly. Very versatile rifle and ammo is easily available. Never been a 7mm fan, My .30/06's can do mostly what a 7mm can. BTW - It appears that 7mm WSM's are sliding into obscurity.
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    USA: Texas Hunt Trip

    For nilgai, check out the Armstrong Ranch (where Dick Cheyney shot his buddy); cow nilgai are a bargain and superb table fare. The Boot Ranch , owned by former rodeo star MAlcolm Callaway, has javelina (my wife & I killed 4 with 3 shots) and truly free range elk. Like yourself, we Really...
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    Night Vision & Thermal Pig Hunts

    Is late March a good time for spotting/shooting hogs?
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    BLR .223 Hog Stalker

    ... for groundhogs
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    SKB Model 680 12 Gauge o/u

    Please email me at - if you have one Thanks.
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    Free range or not?

    I have hunted on a large - 18,000 acres - fenced property in Namibia. My guide (not a PH) showed me several spots where cheethas had learned to run prey (springbok, young wildebeest) into the fence. I don't regard that as free range.
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    Hybrid Buffalo?

    Note the buff on right side of photo with horns curling up and back - also unusual...
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    A question for the Professional Hunters, European hunters and African hunters...

    muskox, for a change-ofpace NA big game hunting experience...
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    Recommendations for a UK outfitter for Chinese Water Deer?

    I see a smiliar post here from last February. I realize outfitters and fees can often change... I ' d appreciate booking information for a short hunt in January 2016. Thanks, Joe
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    SOUTH AFRICA: Big Year For Pigs

    Nice warthogs and a bonus bushpig! I've tried for them in both the Save & Bubye conservancies in Zim- not too common due to high lion predation. Coutada 9 in Moz (Mokore Safaris) has got some brute warthogs.
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    SCI or DSC? If you could only go to one...

    My wife & I (we've hunted several continents) have been to both. We now only attend DSC. We find DSC more inviting and affable overall (we were given free passes our first year, unsolicited, by a DSC volunteer). The overall differences between the two conventions are palpable.
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    WANTED: Cape Buffalo

    Contact Neil Duckworth @of Mokore Safaris in Zimbabwe's Save Valley Conservancy. You'll see elephants, lions, rhinos, all free rangr & wild, during your hunt.
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    The safety of hunters traveling to Mozambique hunting

    I hunted a few hours from Tete last year, no problema!
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    WANTED: Cheap Place to Hunt in South Africa

    Talk to Peter @ Crusader Safaris, north of Port Elizabeth. He should have something for your budget.
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    FREE RANGE Eland & Kudu...

    I think you'd be happy in Zimbabwe on either the Bubye Conservancy (John Sharp, PH) or Save Conservancy (Gary or Barrie Duckworth). These PH's are reputable & honest and known as among the best.
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    Why the big price difference??

    Just for comparison's sake, if nothing else, check out outfits in Zimbabwe, specifically in the Save & Bubye Conservancies. You will experience wild Africa, the game is plentiful and you 'll see all of the big five ( with leopard being the rarest to spot in daylight) in their natural...
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    WANTED: Cape Buffalo hunt for 2017

    Consider Mokore Safaris in Zimbabwe, with the well known Duckworth family, contact Neil Duckworth. Its unfenced wild Africa where you'll see lions, elephants, ALL kinds of plainsgame and...some nice dugga boys. My wife & I cannot wait to return.
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    Hunting honey badger

    The Bubye Conservancy in Zim has plentiful honey badgers. You can bait for them but lions and/or leopards may get there first. I called for hyenas at night and we had two adolescent lions, and later a leopard respond to the the calls. Exciting stuff! Did get a hyena, though, saw many. The best...
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    Hunting honey badger

    Honey Badgers are common in many parts of Zimbabwe, The Bubye & Save Coservanciesbeing two such such places. They can be hunted at night with a light ( very exciting and you will see many predators, large and small).
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    Are red dot sights "catching on" in Dangerous Game hunting?

    I haven't tried red dot/holographic sights on DG but I do use illuminated reticle scopes now for most hunting. I used a Zeiss Dialyte 2-8x for my cape buffalo hunt in Zim and I really appreciated the red reticle contrasted on that jet black hide.
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    Change of plans

    I don't know Andri but Andrew Pringle of Crusader Safaris is an honest, stand up guy. My wife & I had a great hunt on the Western Cape this past August.
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    Suggestions for flatskins

    I recently hunted RSA Eastern Cape with the main intent of obtaining skins from a springbok & blesbok. I think they are beautiful. I will probably drape them over the back of big chairs or a sofa. My wife wants to have the seats of each dining room chair done with a different animal, from the...
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    SOUTH AFRICA: South Africa Free Range Hunt with Crusader Safaris

    yup, JG, its all hearsay, you got me! I'll see about getting pics up, this Lyme has caused some cognitive deficits ( temporary, I hope) and the pic posting , for me, is a challenge.
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    SOUTH AFRICA: South Africa Free Range Hunt with Crusader Safaris

    My wife & I had a great 6-day hunt on the Eastern Cape in August with Crusader Safaris. It was our 5th African hunt and first time in RSA (other than many transits through Joburgh). Peter runs a solid, honest operation, our deal was sealed with a handshake last year @ DSC. We'd always wanted...
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    Best Country in Europe for Hunting

    I'm not sure about bowhunting, but France is a hunter/gun-friendly country, easy to fly in/out w/shotgun or rifle... Wines? Check. Beautiful coast? Check. Huntable species from birds to boar to deer to stags to chamois? Check.
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    Favorite .308 caliber

    My favorite is the .358 Winchester. What an overlooked gem! I've heard it described as the .35 Whelen Short, b/c its a .308 necked-up to .358 (whereas the Whelen is a necked-up '06). I can't wait to use it in Africa. Its a perfect deer- to- elk- to- hogs- to- moose caliber with solid...
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    When have you needed your "back up" gun...

    I needed my back up rifle (.375 Ruger BLR rebarrelled from 300 Win mag) a few weeks ago on a free-range plainsgame hunt on the Eastern Cape in RSA. I had problems with the scope on my .308 BLR so the .375 was put into service. Soo glad I took it as a "back up"!
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    Your favorite DG scope reticle?

    I love my Zeiss Duralyte 2-6x w/illuminated reticle. I put four .375 Ruger rounds into a cape buffalo (BLR rebarrelled from .300 Win mag) in way less time that its taking to type this... The lighted red reticle on that black hide made it all come together quickly!
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    I really like drillings...They are versatile when both large-and-small game can be encountered on the same hunt. I own a guild gun made in Berlin, 1929. Its a 16 ga double over a [rebarrelled] .22 hornet, great for all US small game & deer or hogs w/slugs. As for caliber/gauge combinations, I...
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    Some questions on a plains game rifle

    I agree with most respondents that the .375 can do it all on plainsgame...My go to gun is a BLR rebarreled from .300 Win mag to .375 Ruger. From Cape buffalo to springbok, it does it all.
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    BLR Takedown SS In .358 Win.

    To complement my other assorted takedown rifles...
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    High Fenced Debate?

    I hunted on a high fenced property on my first trip to Africa, a Namibian ranch of about 16,000 acres. There were quite a few cheetahs on the property and they had adapted over time to use the fence as a means to chase and intercept their prey. IMO high fences are neccesary for game ranchers to...
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    Bushpig Pictures

    I just got home from a hunt in Baviaans River Valley in Eastern Cape, RSA, near Bedford. I used a foxpro caller with " piglet distress" sounds, but no takers. Bushpig density there is rather low, farmers shoot them on sight. Will try it again in Zim or Moz, God willing.
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    Looking For A-Bolt 7mm Magnum Magazines

    ...these are black 3-round magazines. If anyone has any for sale, please let me know., could use 2 or 3. Thanks& Happy Hunting.
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    WANTED: Help! I need some advice

    I hunted with him several years ago & he was amenable to negotiating fees as I wasn't after big game or "top ten trophies"... Might be worthwhile to email him re: what you are looking for & then talk about fees...
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    The hunt that epitomizes Africa

    You may wish to consider hunting spotted hyena. These critters really represent Africa for me, they are tough, adaptable, and ugly-beautiful animals. I've hunted Africa 5x, incl. cape buffalo, each & every day was exciting; however, calling in a pack of turf-defending hyenas was extra special. I...
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    WANTED: Help! I need some advice

    Talk with Christi Liebenburg of Hatari Safaris. He should be able to hook you up with exactly what you're looking for...
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    Bushpig Pictures

    I will attempt to call one (or more!) in on my Eastern Cape hunt later this summer. I've read of successful hunts using baby bushpig distress calls ( Foxpro has these). A warning, though, I tried the same in Zim in the Bubye and had lions & a leopard come in. Good thing were in the truck! This...
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    Hunting Newfoundland

    For anyone looking for a true spot and stalk ( no truck hunting) moose hunt in Nfld., I suggest Dean McDonald of Moose Valley Outfitters. I'll be going with him for a third time. He is honest & works really hard, on overall good guy.
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    The "little" guys. Which one do you choose and why?

    I have seen, but not hunted per se, most of the little ones on various hunts. If I were to choose, it would be the grysbok. They take off like a rabbit, often nearly underfoot. What a neat shotgun hunt that would be.
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    Plains game, where, who?

    Hi Norway woods, If you are interested in Namibia, I can highly reccomend Christi Lebenberg of Hatari Safaris ( look on google). My wife & I had a fun, great hunt with him and shot many trophies, all spot and stalk, no truck hunting. We spotted animals from high rocky areas and stalked them...
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    Hunting Common Reedbuck

    My wife & I hunted Coutada 9 in Moz. last August with the Duckworths of Mokore Safaris. Like you, I was after a common species ( warthog) but I wanted a big boy, which I got. We saw many VERY large reedbuck while stalking hogs. This is wild, unfenced, "old Africa" but with very comfortable...
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    Flying with Guns through England

    We flew JFK-Heathrow-Joburg last summer on Vigin Air. Class act, not a problem. Took my takedown BLR rebarelled to .375 Ruger.
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    Bringing home primitive weapons and souvenirs

    I've had good luck bringing back such items from Africa. Knives, mostly - I like to go to street vendors who are selling their own stuff rather than African versions of big box stores. Often, knives are not displayed, but just ask, and guys will be showing you their crude but well made wares...
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    Hello from Kentucky need advice !!

    Welcome to AH! One suggestion for afirst timer to Africa, just be aware that most ranches in South Africa & namibia are completly high fenced. May be a good idea to know how many acres you'll be hunting on, some are big, some...not so much.
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    A question to those who have had a "bad" hunt in Africa

    I booked a hunt at one of the Africa-only shows ( held in Atlanta/ Edmonton/ Calgary) through a very well known African PH. Since I would not be hunting DG he would not be guiding me himself but assured me he had a good guide for me. It turned out to be an "appy" (Apprentince PH - not...
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    Odd hunt policy

    can anyone list the name(s) of outfitters with this "3-shots-you're-out" policy?
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    anyone have problems with Hornady 375 Ruger bullet performance?

    I used Hornady 300 grain DGS solids, as my PH suggested, to take a nice cape buffalo in Zim last summer. The solids performed flawlessly. I used the DGX expanding bullets on plainsgame and my wife used them on a big stallion zebra, no problems, all 1-shot kills.Cannot comment on DGX on DG , though.