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    HELP NEEDED To Find Scott van Zyl Gone Missing In Zimbabwe

    Like so many others I have followed the disappearance of Scott van Zyl with great anticipation and concern. I check this thread several times a day. I have to express my gratitude and admiration to all the people who spent countless hours searching for Scott. His location and what happened to...
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    HELP NEEDED To Find Scott van Zyl Gone Missing In Zimbabwe

    All, please keep the updates coming. I am organizing the Georgia Chapter SCI membership to donate individually and will email blast everyone on our mailing list. I know several have already donated. If you are able, please email and organize your local Chapter to do the same. Our Chapter...
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    HELP NEEDED To Find Scott van Zyl Gone Missing In Zimbabwe

    To whoever is managing this post, Please keep updates coming and post often, even if there is not much to add. My first trip to South Africa was to hunt with Scott and SS Pro Safaris. Someobe described Scott as tough as an oak stump and this is so accurate! I hope he is found soon! I will make a...
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    SOUTH AFRICA: Any Recent Review With Adansonia Safaris?

    I've hunted with him twice, 2012 & 2013. His camp has a family atmosphere and I thoroughly enjoyed myself. He will make you feel like an old HS friend you used to hang out with. He has a no pressure atmosphere and fair pricing. PM me if you need more info.
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    How much does it usually cost to go on a hunting trip in Africa

    The OP has 1 post to his credit...... 1! Conclusion? TROLL. Although there were some great replies, he / she was fishin'
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    How much does it usually cost to go on a hunting trip in Africa

    I smell a troll. After reading about Bazz giving up hunting on this forum....... Hmmmmmm?????? My apologies if I'm wrong but something smells fishy. Just sayin'.....
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    Trophy Giraffe

    I'm planning to do some sort of free standing floor pedestal shoulder mount, maybe looking at or eating some leaves. I've got 9' ceilings in my rooms plus a two story den (open to the level above with a loft that overlooks the main floor) so I have plenty of room. I might even put him on the...
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    Trophy Giraffe

    Well, since I started this thread I have had the opportunity to go back and hunt South Africa again. We did ask the land owner if he would let us take the giraffe I posted in the opening post. Unfortunately, he said no. However, I did find a nice "dark giraffe" that will now be my trophy...
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    Traveling with Night Vision Scope?

    Straight flight from ATL to JNB. Going in June. I had a woman today with the US Dept of Commerce tell me I needed an export permit for my scope??!! Like... my REGULAR scope!! I've hunted in RSA twice before with my last recent trip last year and I've never needed an export permit for my scope.
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    Traveling with Night Vision Scope?

    Does anyone know if you can travel into and out of Africa with a Digital Night vision Scope on my rifle? This one works both day and night, not just at night like a Gen I or Gen II true night vision. I have a Pulsar Digisight N550 I want to take for some night hunting for the small cats. Does...
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    SOUTH AFRICA: 1st Tme Hunt Reviews For Hunting Consortium & Garry Kelly Safaris

    You should really take in what Upton is telling you..... if the PH says shoot, pull the trigger and talk about it later. When the PH gets excited, you should too. If you make your first trip a 10 day safari and you go with 3 animals on your list, what are you going to do for the remaining 8...
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    Daily Rate Question

    If you are interested in going to the Limpopo province, I know a few outfitters who are extending their "show specials". PM me if you want more info.
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    The Trophy Fee for Cape Buffalo?

    Thanks Brick, that's quite a range and more along the lines of what I was looking for. The last special I saw on this forum was 10K even all inclusive of daily rate, transfers, etc. I am guessing this is a good deal??? The outfitter sold his buffalo package at the SCI National show for $13,500...
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    The Trophy Fee for Cape Buffalo?

    Heading over to Limpopo for plains game in June. The outfitter keeps asking me about my interest in Cape Buffalo. Have seen several ads on this site for buffalo specials but wondering what would be a good price for a cape buff? This will be my third trip and do have an interest but also have...
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    WTB: TuffPak Rifle Case

    PM sent
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    Question for Tuffpak Users - How to Pack Right

    Bubble wrap is another way to protect the guns and keep weight down. I would also suggest keeping the guns separate from the sack and put the guns in barrel first. When you arrive for inspection, you just unzip the stock end of your soft case, pull the gun out for serial number inspection, and...
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    Question for Tuffpak Users - How to Pack Right

    I agree w James' advice & I do essentially the same thing. As I read your post, I was thinking of suggesting foam, like "egg crate" mattress material you would put on top of a mattress or your heavy jacket, but this has already been covered. I have some foam at the bottom of my case. I can pack...
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    Concern about Deposit Refund Policy - Bushwack

    I understand your point of view. Mine was more to the point of the special circumstances.... A diagnosis of CANCER! If the guy just changed his mind then too damn bad, his loss. Booze, food, and fuel will still be used by someone else and likely won't go bad. Again, if that same deposit allows...
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    Concern about Deposit Refund Policy - Bushwack

    What expenses could Bushwack possibly have not to refund the guy at least something? I've never heard of paying someone (in this case, the PH) in full BEFORE they do a job? That's crazy. You don't pay someone for a job before they perform it??? Really?? I guess I don't understand what possible...
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    Taxidermist recommendations in South Africa

    Had one experience with Highveld. Will not use them again.
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    Remington 700 Safari Grade Custom 375 H&H Mag.

    Try to place it in gun broker or and see what type of interest you get. Good luck
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    Trophy Giraffe

    While in RSA this past April, I saw a very dark giraffe with almost a birthmark on his face - making his face almost white. A giraffe has never been on my radar as an animal to take while on safari but after looking at the pictures of this old guy, I have had a different mindset. Most of the...
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    Tipped or Not?

    I should update this post... it is the 275 and 300 grain bullets on sale at Cabela's. I think I saw the 250 grain on the Barnes website or perhaps somewhere else?? I am going to order the 300 grain and let it rip. Thanks to those who replied.
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    5 Day Safari Hunt!!!!

    I would be willing to bet that if you contacted the outfitter he would let you come in 2014.
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    Does the time of year determine the weapon to be used? Can we use rifle or is it bow season?
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    South Africa was ADDICTIVE......

    Hello akeate, I sent you a private message with a few questions about your hunt. thanks,
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    Tipped or Not?

    Hello All, This may actually be a post for the reloading section but here goes... I will be working up a load for my newly purchased Winchester M70 in 375 H&H. While shopping for bullets (I am a die hard Barnes fan) I found a sale on the 250 grain Tipped TSX at Cabellas but was...
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    Daily Rates, Trophy Fees, and price negotiations

    Some outfitters have "packages" already posted on their websites. The annual SCI convention has many of the outfitters offering discounts and packages and I'm sure the same can be said for the Dallas convention. On the other hand, all you can do is ask. May I ask where it is you want to go?
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    Proof of Immunizations?

    Call the good folks at Vaccines On The Go. Ask for Amy or Jody, they will know and can actually send a nurse right to you if you need something. I don't have the number handy but google search them.
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    SOUTH AFRICA: Adansonia safaris

    X 2 I went with Brett on this safari and it was my second trip to South Africa. Owner, Mof Venter and his PH Stehan really put us on the game. Brett had an unbelievable safari and his waterbuck was the largest one ever taken by a client in Mof's 17 years of outfitting. The 58.5" kudu was...
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    FS. Winchester model 70. .375H&H

    PM sent
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    Flight Costs to JNB from ATL?

    A friend of mine went recently in May for $1350 out of Houston, thru Atlanta to JNB. Crazy thing was that the flight from ATL was $1700??!! Seems to me like it should cost you more to get you TO ATL, then $1700 for the same flight. I have seen the ticket from $1600 to $2200, again depending...
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    Best "In-Africa" Taxidermists?

    I would second the notion of having it done back home, either with someone who is known on the national level, such as Dennis, or the Wildlife Gallery, etc. I had a mixed bag of results from Highveld from my 2008 safari. I received my trophies in 2010 and the "replacement trophies" (to fix the...
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    You can call me on my cell at 678-698-8555. I am in N. Atlanta and am happy to send you pictures...

    You can call me on my cell at 678-698-8555. I am in N. Atlanta and am happy to send you pictures of what I received from Highveld.
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    Has anyone used Highveld Taxidermy?

    My advice (from experience) is to get your stuff done back home. I had Highveld do the 10 animals from my trip in 2008. Did not see my trophies for two years!!! Mixed results! Some good, some just plain awful. Thomas eventually redid the work with new animals I did not shoot but those showed up...
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    Predator calls?

    The guy in the pics is not me, he is a friend who went with me and it was his first trip! He had no idea what he shot. All I could say every time I looked at that kudu was "Holy Sh!t that's a big kudu!!" He shot that kudu on day 2. Toward the end of the trip he started to "get it." I told him he...
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    Predator calls?

    sorry guys, indeed 58.5 inch kudu, and yes, 32 inch Monster waterbuck! pics attached. 32 inch one side, 31.75 on the other. I included a picture of the skulls from the salt. The smaller waterbuck is actually a solid trophy at 27.5" right / 26.5" left.
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    Predator calls?

    So I am back from RSA and did take my rabbit call. I sat in an open field only one evening and called three times about 20 minutes apart starting at 4:30. About 5:45 we spotted a lone jackel behind us at 45 yards. Took a running shot but no luck. I believe this is proof predator calling does...
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    Predator calls?

    I am leaving for Limpopo in two days and have packed my predator call just to see what will happen. I also packed a rattle bag (sine the rut is supposed to be in) to see if I can't call something in. Anyone ever tried to use a predator call or a rattle bag in Africa?
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    Range finder in carry-on?

    Leaving for Jo`Berg this week and am finalizing all my things. Seems like I have read on this forum that there is some variations on whether a laser rangefinder can go in the carry-on bag. I can`t find anything on Delta or TSA website about it. What`s the verdict?
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    Do i still have the brass? Well, sort of. I finally bought a reloading kit and need the brass...

    Do i still have the brass? Well, sort of. I finally bought a reloading kit and need the brass for myself now. So, I am not looking to sell any but thanks for the inquiry.
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    Rifle cases and oversize baggage

    You can get a pass on the size of the case but not on the weight. Be sure you are not over 50 pounds!!!
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    Trophaendienste Taxidermy Namibia

    Let me help you out and make this real simple........... Get your work done back home! Take it from someone who got screwed by getting everything done in africa. Big mistake. Your opportunity for recourse is non-existent if you get your work done overseas. I did not listen to my friend...
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    36 inch Sable

    These are the three bulls he has available. One is is an OLD guy with worn off tips (middle), one has a non-symetrical arch to his horns (right), and one is more of a classic (left). Which one would you guys choose?
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    Tuff pak and Excess baggage fees

    In my experience, gun cases can exceed SIZE limits but you better stay under 50 lbs or be prepared to part with at least $75.00 each way.
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    I think there are always deals to be had. Without getting into specifics, I am going on my second safari this year and my third next year. After I complete these trips I will be able to say I never paid a daily rate. Likely this is not the norm but I would think that like any business...
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    36 inch Sable

    Wow!!! Perfect pictures and exactly what I was hoping to get when I posted this thread. Thank you!!!! The price from the outfitter is just too good to pass up and I will be one of the first ones in camp so I will get to pick from all 3. Wish I was leaving tomorrow. Thanks again to all who...
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    36 inch Sable

    Brickburn, yes indeed. The picture was taken by the breeder who sold them to the outfitter. The breeder sent the pictures to see if my outfitter was interested in buying them. He bought three bulls and sent me a picture of all 3 yesterday. One of them is really old and has lost his tips, the...
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    36 inch Sable

    Wolverine, no worries. I have never considered taking a sable before so I have no point of reference to judge what is a trophy and what is not a trophy in the way of horn measurements. I have heard others say once you hit the 50" mark on a kudu, you really have a nice one! The only way to get...
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    36 inch Sable

    Here is a picture of one of the bulls he has on the property Me thinks he will look nice on the wall!!