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  1. Mtn_Infantry

    Eland Cartridges for recoil sensitive shooter?

    You literally can't go wrong with a threaded and suppressed .308. I brought one to Zim and South Africa this year (18" carbon proof barrel, leupold VX5 3-15). Both PH's wanted the rifle after playing with it and seeing how light/compact it was (I didn't bring my can). I'm sure you're aware but...
  2. Mtn_Infantry

    Eland Cartridges for recoil sensitive shooter?

    @channelkat how old is your son, and what’s his current height/weight? When is your trip? It’s very possible you see a growth spurt between now and the trip. A rifle with an adjustable LOP might be a good idea. What calibers do you own? You might be able to build him up to shooting something...
  3. Mtn_Infantry

    Denys Finch Hatton rifle for sale

    I’m hunting with it but i don’t have that kind of money
  4. Mtn_Infantry

    My first 300 H&H… What do I have?

    The rear receiver bridge not being drilled and tapped does add value (10-20%) to the present conditions value. I’ve heard some dealers/collectors say it adds as much as 30%. What do you want out of the rifle? Do you want to update and use it for a hunting rifle (with some nostalgia) to spill...
  5. Mtn_Infantry

    Denys Finch Hatton rifle for sale

    Me, absolutely not paying that in my current financial state, but I also don’t want to pay over a half million dollars for a mule deer tag. If I had F*** You money then who knows. There are a lot of things people spend large sums of money on which have no additional function or use beyond...
  6. Mtn_Infantry

    My first 300 H&H… What do I have?

    Send it to Justin at Pre64 Win and let him bring her back to life. Is the rear receiver bridge drilled and tapped? Was the stock cut for the peep sight to be mounted?
  7. Mtn_Infantry

    Denys Finch Hatton rifle for sale

    I suspect it’s going to bring a fair bit more than that. It won’t bring what that UT or AZ Mule Deer Tag brought but it’s going to go for a lot and has some eyes on it that frequent RIA Auctions.
  8. Mtn_Infantry

    Remington closing plant in Ilion NY after 207 years

    You don’t have any Remington stock to sell because that company went bankrupt no longer exists.
  9. Mtn_Infantry

    Remington closing plant in Ilion NY after 207 years

    If you read the article and really this understood business history then you’d know the current company Remington Arms and their management is in no way affiliated with anything Remington (prior to 2020) or Freedom Group. You’re failing to differentiate between the Remington you’ve known for the...
  10. Mtn_Infantry

    .280 For Plains Game?

    280 Rem will be the perfect medicine for everything you’ve listed and some bigger animals. Definitely consider a good premium bonded or controlled expansion type bullet since PH’s prefer shoulder shots. 280AI is one of my favorite calibers and is great for Elk/Moose/Sheep at all ranges with a...
  11. Mtn_Infantry

    Remington closing plant in Ilion NY after 207 years

    Oh, I’m aware. There are one or two that have other reasons as well but it’s definitely something for the future.
  12. Mtn_Infantry

    Idaho Bound!

    Thats kinda what I figured. They go quick i had a buddy around 14,000 that was sold out by then
  13. Mtn_Infantry

    Who Needs A Sitka Discount?

    I personally don’t have a pair but have been looking and going back and forth between Simms. Everyone i know with a pair of the Sitka Waders swears by them.
  14. Mtn_Infantry

    Got my newest Packing List Item!!!

    It doesn’t come close to WLW in my opinion. I’m a big fan of all the Weller’s though I thing CYPB and Single Barrel are overpriced/hyped. My favorite is either the antique or full proof. If you have an old bottle of the antique that’s a store pick and says NCF on it, it’s essentially the full...
  15. Mtn_Infantry

    Got my newest Packing List Item!!!

    Enjoy it! Personally I think all the Pappy bottles are overrated, especially for some of the secondary prices. Glad to see another bourbon fan that’s going to open their bottles rather than collect them. What’s your personal favorite pour, and what’s your go to for a daily?
  16. Mtn_Infantry

    Backpack sling?

    For hands free backpack style hunting the Slik Sling. If you want an excellent all around sling, the A-1 Sling from Murray Leather is a great choice. I also like the Butler Creek Featherlight Minimalist Sling. I’ve been using that on an Ultralite Carbon Barreled rifle and liked it.
  17. Mtn_Infantry

    Call Out to Mark Biggerstaff

    +1 for Mark. He’s a great guy. Anytime I’m in the El Campo area, I too stop in and see him and chat Africa.
  18. Mtn_Infantry

    Idaho Bound!

    Were you able to get DAV tags? Knowing how few non-res DAV tags there are since they capped it, I wasn’t going to spend hours waiting. I much preferred their old system. Congrats to you though! Can’t wait to hear about the hunt. I’ve hunted units 19 and 14 several times, as well as 11a, 10a, and...
  19. Mtn_Infantry

    Remington closing plant in Ilion NY after 207 years

    The Remington you know and think of under “shitshow management” with “screwy corporate decisions” is vastly different from the Remington Arms of today. With their bankruptcy and division of brands they’re two totally different companies with different leadership. Having grown up in the...
  20. Mtn_Infantry

    Idaho Bound!

    Congrats!! My random queue number was 22k and change. I was getting some stuff from @gizmo delivered + working, so I didn’t even mess with it knowing there are less tags than that. Like @Tundra Tiger my focus is trying to draw a couple Alaska tags (Moose & Bear) for a hunt I’ve got a deposit...
  21. Mtn_Infantry

    Flying with rifles

    The wrong airport I can’t explain. Not only did it go to the wrong airport, it got put on a totally different airline. I was told it had to do with excess baggage from delays and cancellations a few days prior from a blizzard. Most airlines have an excess baggage agreement with other airlines...
  22. Mtn_Infantry

    Schmidt and Bender & other long range scopes

    I have multiple S&B, NF, Leupold, Swaro, Khales, Zeiss, and Bushnell Elite Tactical scopes. My personal preference, especially for long range is S&B followed by Khales, then the Leupold Mark 5/6 line, the NF Atacr, Bushnell and finally the Leupold Mark 4's. Swaro and Zeiss make great optics with...
  23. Mtn_Infantry

    Flying with rifles

    That’s any airline regardless of status. It’s part of their “Terms of Carriage”. It’s less likely to happen to someone with status, but I’ve personally been moved twice, including being downgraded from First Class (after seated) as Executive Platinum (highest status you can earn with American)...
  24. Mtn_Infantry

    Flying with rifles

    None of my issues with United have been while traveling through Newark. Once Houston messed up and sent my Rifle Case and Bags to Rapid City, SD instead of sending them to Gillette, WY and then refused to deliver them because they were a firearms, refused to put them on the plane because I...
  25. Mtn_Infantry

    Flying with rifles

    I’ve flown with firearms into and out of BDL, BOS, JFK, LGA, EWK, PHL and PVD on Domestic Flights. All are possible, especially with long guns. Travel Express was VERY hesitant to book me through London this year out of Houston and I actually booked that direct. Jennifer is great but can be...
  26. Mtn_Infantry

    Old but New from Texas

    Congratulations and welcome back. Given your location, I’m assuming you’ve got a pretty good turkey population. Please PM me some info on your Turkey Hunts if you don’t mind.
  27. Mtn_Infantry

    Can You Judge These For Me?

    I think you made the right decision. At the end of the day, we just need to trust our PH’s and I don’t think you’re led you astray. Your Sharpes is a pretty good one. Looks pretty similar in size to the one I shot this year. Then again a 1/8th of an inch is a lot on one of those guys.
  28. Mtn_Infantry

    Red Duiker Hunt With BAYLY SIPPEL SAFARIS Limpopo 2024

    You’ve really got me thinking …. One of the last 2 I need to complete my Tiny 10
  29. Mtn_Infantry

    Who Needs A Sitka Discount?

    Just an FYI, the waders aren’t eligible for any discounts or pro programs.
  30. Mtn_Infantry

    450/400 Nitro 3-inch Sabatti Double Rifle Plus Dies, Bullets For Sale

    This is tempting .... I really don't need a 3rd double
  31. Mtn_Infantry

    .375 H&H Ammo Prices?

    Certain loads might be that price because they haven't been manufactured in some time but there's plenty of .375 H&H out there for sub $100/bx right now
  32. Mtn_Infantry

    Free Booze and Food! January 11th 2024

    It’ll know closer to the show what days I’ll be in attendance, but would love to swing by if I’m there on Thursday (hopefully).
  33. Mtn_Infantry

    I may sell my giraffe mount

    You might also think about speaking to your favorite local gun store. If you’re a regular they might be willing to display it for you while you await another move or building a trophy room.
  34. Mtn_Infantry

    Same guide or different guide?

    The number of licensed PH’s in Zim is very low. There are more outfitters in the Eastern Cape of South Africa than there are licensed PH’s in the entire country of Zim. Because of the Residency requirements, VERY few Zim PH’s live outside of Zim. Ask your RSA Outfitter what his Zim PH Number...
  35. Mtn_Infantry

    Greetings from Connecticut

    Welcome! I grew up in Connecticut before relocating several times. Reach out to the folks at DSC Northeast as well for more info and like minded individuals. The several guys I know in it are all great. Feel free to send a PM if you have any questions, I’ve hunted Africa several times now.
  36. Mtn_Infantry

    SOUTH AFRICA: Kuche Safaris

    If I were bringing a spouse or non-hunting guest on any hunt I’d have some very specific questions for the outfitter, and make sure we had a detailed plan in place. It’s been stated Koos runs a larger operation, more moving pieces means a higher chance something slips through the cracks. Make...
  37. Mtn_Infantry

    North American Big 29 - average success rates?

    I was about to say, that looks like the Salty Dog. Had a drink or two there while in Homer in 2020.
  38. Mtn_Infantry

    ZIMBABWE: Two Pipe Talks

    Awesome video and trophies. Sounds like you’ve got a rematch with that scrum cap in the future. I think that’s a dream buff for most of us.
  39. Mtn_Infantry

    Into The Thorns For Sale

    Pm sent
  40. Mtn_Infantry

    Same guide or different guide?

    Your PH likely isn’t licensed in Zim unless he was born there and/or a resident for 10 years before going through the licensing. There are some legal nuances to doing this. I don’t know your PH or how he does hunts there so I’m not saying he is but MANY South African PH’s take hunters up to Zim...
  41. Mtn_Infantry

    7 Day Trophy Elephant Hunt US$15,000 All Inclusive

    You can get one for Elephant in Zambia
  42. Mtn_Infantry

    $500,000 Mule Deer

    There’s a group of a few dozen guys buying a lot of the Governors tags. Most of us can’t fathom the money they have and at the prices they’re paying the money is a drop in the bucket AND a tax write-off for them. They’re killing some absolute studs. I had the pleasure of hunting the week after...
  43. Mtn_Infantry

    My “Old but New” Winchester Pre-64 .375 H&H

    Love the rifle. My Pre64 Super Grade in 375 was crossbolted when I bought it. I got it knowing the collector value was gone but it’s been a workhorse of a rifle for me and has 3 of the Big 5 to its name, the entire spiral horned slam and 6 of my 8 Tiny 10 species plus countless other Plainsgame...
  44. Mtn_Infantry

    Double rifles aren't just for Africa

    You’re making me want to buy a smaller double myself now
  45. Mtn_Infantry

    338 WM -> 375HH -> 458 WM - Where does one go from here?

    Sell the 458, put the money towards a DR and go hunting. I just offloaded 2 different 458’s because of a double and a hunt.
  46. Mtn_Infantry

    First Double Krieghoff vs Chapuis

    I own a Chapuis 470 and a Merkel 500. I prefer the Chapuis and am considering selling the Merkel. I do not personally own a KGun but have played with and shot one. I wasn’t a big fan of the cocking on it, but I suppose if I owned one and practiced enough I’d learn to get over it. My vote is...
  47. Mtn_Infantry

    Winchester Model 70... new or pre-64?

    The current production M70’s are just as good if not better than the Pre64’s in terms of accuracy, and function. I think the fit is slightly better on the Pre64’s as it was all hand done vs mass production, but current production wood seems to be better unless you’re looking at some of the...
  48. Mtn_Infantry

    Anyone handled the Savage Renegauge? Thoughts?

    I’ve got one NiB Bottomland Turkey model (24” barrel - Im probably going to part with soon) and have shot one of the Renegauge Prairie models a good bit. The grip angle is very different (more boxy) compared to the SBE I shot for years, BUT it feels good and points more like a rifle than any...
  49. Mtn_Infantry

    NAMIBIA: Own Use Elephant Hunt In Namibia With ZANA BOTES SAFARI

    Congratulations again, glad it was able to come to fruition for you
  50. Mtn_Infantry

    3 Year Plan

    Thanks, fingers crossed it doesn’t start raining but we’ll see.