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    Lionesses kill Crocodile

    If only they had a little hot grease and flour to put that "gator tail" in. Mmm
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    So who's going to volunteer to change the tyre?

    That tire would get changed right after I drove the entire rim off while limping to the next lion free province
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    Hunting Lion

    I love reading these articles/debates; however, a lion (other than a female) will probably always be a little bit too much "jack" for me to spare. Ryan, after seeing that photo of you (i assume) with your lion, I think we have met before. You were exhibiting in Columbia, SC and I was in...
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    Bank Wire Transfers - How to accomplish?

    If I am not mistaken, my bank was not one of the "intermediate" banks but had no problem doing a direct transfer. The bank should be able to take care of it.
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    African Rhino poaching crisis

    Good news for the SA rhinos Found this in my local paper, but may be old news. Good news travels much slower than bad. South African police arrest 11 suspected rhino poachers JOHANNESBURG (AP) - South African police say they've arrested 11 suspected members of a major rhino poaching ring...
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    Gemsbuck/Bushbuck Encounters

    touching the eye with the gun barrell may be more of an insurance policy, just in case the animal moves
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    The Sling Shot Man

    I have seen that before, he is from my part of the country (USA)
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    2009 SA taxidermy ready to ship

    that is the consensus of what i have heard. Is there any truth to increasing the likelyhood of damage to the trophies if air freight is used?
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    2009 SA taxidermy ready to ship

    Here are the pics of the mounts from my 2009 trip to SA with Huntley Ferierra Safaris, and taxidermy done by Safari Taxidermy in Polokwane. I would highly recommend both. Note: the taxidermy had not had the finishing touches when photos were taken. For those who have shipped trophies back...
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    South African Traditions, customs and manners

    If offered a rusk for breakfast, make sure to dip in your coffee or you run the risk of scraping the roof of your mouth completely off or breaking your teeth. I figured this out only after I had fought my way through mine and then watched my PH eat his like a warm biscuit.
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    Russell Boots

    I have a pair of the ph II's, the ones with the crepe sole. when I was in S. Africa last year, the ph's commented on how quiet they were and asked for information on where to purchase them. they are great. I have some pull ons as well, and because they are true "mocassins", they have no...
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    Hunting shows in SC, NC and VA in 2010?

    Southeastern Wildlife Exposition | Charleston, SC The Southeastern Wildlife Exposition Located in Charleston, SC normally the weekend of Valentines Day. There is also the Palmetto Sportsmans Classic, which I think is in March. Hope this helps.
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    Cape Buffalo advice

    While this could be a whole new forum topic, make sure to allow enough time for all of the Gun permits to go through, i.e. SAPS forms etc.
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    Gun case

    x5 on the pelican. traded in an skb and paid some extra and couldnt be happier. out of the 6 total cases that went from usa to rsa and back, the pelican held up wonderfully as others had broken locks, cracked shell, although someone did have a tuff pack that held up well also. I cut out a...
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    Afton GH Gun Service

    I have stayed there and used the service. From the earlier posts it seems not to be mandatory, I guess its personal preference. Personally, it was a minimal price to pay for piece of mind, as there is plenty of other stuff to worry about along the way. Knowing that the permit was approved...
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    sci record book plaque

    Out of curiosity, what does a sci record book plaque look like?
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    How Many Gemsbok?

    six, possibly the face of a 7th in the bushes on the left
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    Travel Through Amsterdam with Rifles and Ammunition

    I am traveling with a group through Amsterdam and all have their dutch custom forms, some of which are 1 page (listing weapon only) and others are two pages (listing weapon and ammunition). Customs says that ammunition should be listed but that if it is not, it still may be allowed to pass...