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  1. Suaio

    458 / scope

    Never used sir, but I've seen some mounted over heavy caliber Double rifles, so they must work as intented and hold the recoil without being dammaged.
  2. Suaio

    458 / scope

    I'll start looking for a pair of rings. At least it will be usefull for me! Thanks a lot sir! Rodrigo
  3. Suaio

    458 / scope

    Hi Mr. Glenn. Are you sure this Lep will survive to the .458 recoil? I've just received one instead of a FXII 2x20 - handgun scope, the ordered one. I got a CZ 550 in .458win and no intention to scope it, but I may try this cheap Leupold, as it won't be useful for me on a 44mag SW Hunter.
  4. Suaio

    HUNTING Leopard

    Man, these "disassembled" leopard photos were the most usefull I've always seen about this animal. Better than any lecture or schematic draws. Hope to remember them when shooting my first tom! Thanks for sharing!
  5. Suaio

    HUNTING Wildebeest

    Hunting Bluewildbeest has been my karma since my first time in Africa, wich includes a wounded female (not intented to be her) just retrieved the next day and two wounded and non retrieved (and payed) males. So, this time I was looking very carefully for a good trophie with my 9 years old son...
  6. Suaio

    Hello from Brazil/Paraguay

    Thanks a lot, guys! I'm really enjoying to be here!
  7. Suaio

    Hello from Brazil/Paraguay

    Thank you Jerome. It´s a pleasure to be here with you!
  8. Suaio

    Hello from Brazil/Paraguay

    Thanks Guys! Alguém fala português por aqui. Vai me ajudar bastante. Obrigado! (Someone who speaks Portuguese here. Will help me a lot. Thanks!) Thanks Bobpuckett. Just getting used to the forum, then I'll start posting something.
  9. Suaio

    Hello from Brazil/Paraguay

    As you can see I'm really out of soccer theme. There's no match today, that's just training, whats being showed by TV on live.
  10. Suaio

    Hello from Brazil/Paraguay

    Thank you guys. Hope to learn a lot more following the AH! (y) Thanks enysse and BRICKBURN. The PHs I've hunted with are really good men. And by now, my personal friends. (Kemp, Niel, Malcolm, Mphanas) and all the trackers. The Bluewildbeest is mine (30,5"), but not the Kudu :(. At the...
  11. Suaio

    Comment by 'Suaio' in media 'Hippo'

    Been there...
  12. Suaio

    Comment by 'Suaio' in media 'Warthog'

    My first one!
  13. Suaio

    Comment by 'Suaio' in media 'Blesbuck'

    Unforgettable backup shot!
  14. Suaio

    Comment by 'Suaio' in media 'Gemsbuck/Oryx'

    After a 30 minutes layed down waiting, not even a kick, after the .375HH shot.
  15. Suaio

    Comment by 'Suaio' in media 'Black Wildebeest'

    Interesting healed old shot at his boss. Battlefields, ZAR.
  16. Suaio

    Comment by 'Suaio' in media 'Hunting Zebra'

    Getting out of two unlucky hunting days!
  17. Suaio

    Comment by 'Suaio' in media 'Hippo hunt with Leeukop Safaris'

    A lot of kilometers for this hippo, isn't it Niel Uys?
  18. Suaio

    Comment by 'Suaio' in media 'Waterbuck'

    I know this guy! lol
  19. Suaio

    Get the rifle!

    Get the rifle!
  20. Suaio

    Hello from Brazil/Paraguay

    Hi, I´m Rodrigo, better known as Suaio, the name I´ll use here. Living and working in the frontier of Brazil and Paraguay, I´ve some experience hunting South Africa, Argentina, Paraguay and Brazil. Also have been here in AH sometimes with my friends from Leeukop Safaris...