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  1. First Buffalo....

    First Buffalo....

  2. First Buffalo....

    First Buffalo....

  3. First Buffalo....

    First Buffalo....

  4. EDD

    Missing Bolt for 300 Weatherby....

    Got a 300 Weatherby MK V Delux for free!!!! The catch you ask? It was bought out of a estate therefore some idiot removed the bolt.....!!! Anybody within South Africa who can assist me in making this beautiful gun whole again or do I have to import from the states?
  5. Eland Bul

    Eland Bul

  6. Zebra hide framed

    Zebra hide framed

  7. Zebra hide framed

    Zebra hide framed

  8. EDD

    Trophy Room Pictures

    Bliksem!!!! Looks like a museum....!!!!
  9. Impala


  10. Blue Wildebeest

    Blue Wildebeest

    My Brothers Bull.
  11. Blue Wildebeest

    Blue Wildebeest

    Old Warrior Bull!!!!
  12. EDD

    .375 H&H good Cape buffalo cartridge?

    Enough said.......
  13. EDD

    Shoot too many animals?

    Take Senior Management with!!!! AKA "THE WIFE" Problem Solved!!!!!!! :whistle:
  14. EDD

    Trophy Room Pictures

    Great man caves gentleman!!!!!!!!!
  15. Zebra


  16. Warthog


  17. EDD

    CLIENT: Jason Edens Client Beware

    Well done Sir!!!!! You handled the situation like a true professional!!! I for one do not have your patience.... I would probably have given the guy a few "KLAPPE" and if he wakes up told him that he fell off the hunting vehicle.... :sleep: :sneaky: Good luck Jaco!!!
  18. EDD

    Crocodile Pictures

    wow.... well done!!!!!
  19. EDD

    Solid or Partition Bullets for African Lion

    Well in the sixties they mostly used solids on everything...... and most of the legends are still alive to tell the tale.... Just saying....:sneaky: I'll personally opt for the Soft nose as well
  20. EDD

    African Sunset Pictures

    Didn't mean to HI JACK Bluey..... but i'm from south africa were hi jacking is a way of life....:p
  21. EDD

    Hi from South Africa

    Welkom Flippie!!!!!
  22. EDD

    African Sunset Pictures

    AFRICA..... Had to share this...!!!
  23. EDD

    premium bullet rant (read at your own risk)

    Love it when you "DAGA BOYS" lock horns regarding your experience in these technical stuff.... Really saves a green horn like me allot of time & money...!!!! This is what makes this site the fountain of information that it is!!! Keep it up Boys!!!
  24. My Boys first animals.....

    My Boys first animals.....

  25. Kudu


  26. EDD

    Holand & Holand 1910 Catalog

    WOW!!! Thanks spike!!! Youre really on top of things hey.....
  27. EDD

    Holand & Holand 1910 Catalog

    Pleasure guys!!! I enjoyed the cross eyed guns..... Wonder if there is still some of those around????
  28. EDD

    Holand & Holand 1910 Catalog

    Here is a H&H catalog from 1910, thought you'll guys enjoy the piece.... Enjoy!!!
  29. EDD

    Ivy Safaris

    Now that is whats I call shooting sticks.....;) Good video!!!! Well done!!!!
  30. My 1st Waterbuck...

    My 1st Waterbuck...

    AH cap.
  31. Warthog


    AH cap.
  32. Waterbuck


    AH cap.
  33. Impala with broken horn

    Impala with broken horn

    AH cap.
  34. EDD

    375 H&H Reload info Barnes TSX

    Sorry, made a mistake.... the load is 61g for my Barnes TSX Loads For my Frontier spartan 300gr I push it up to 64g... Sorry for any inconvenience....
  35. EDD

    375 H&H Reload info Barnes TSX

    Can't help you with the 270gr, but I use the 300gr TSX with S335. My load is 64g, Win Mag primers, OAL 91.1, Crimped... Great results... Hope it helps!!!
  36. EDD

    Famous African Professional Hunters

    As far I know you right Bushwack, Mr Harry is also still among us.... That leaves us with 2 Rhodesians & a gentle from Spain..... Keep it up guys....
  37. EDD

    Famous African Professional Hunters

    Thanks DOC, thats the one.... I knew building that new bookshelf was a great idea. Didnt know he has so many books on offer....! Any idea on his tally DOC????
  38. EDD

    Famous African Professional Hunters

    You read my mind Paw Print, I'm busy with his memoir series... the stories are awesome & hair raising most of the times. I think his tally is by far the most impressive... I know of a Spaniard, his name is Tony dont recall his surname though.... his also has some serious numbers to his...
  39. EDD

    Famous African Professional Hunters

    Who's the most experienced Big Game Hunter still alive today? We all know & love to read about great hunters of yester year.... But there are still legends walking among us with a vast majority of expertise & great numbers of big game hunted that we can only dream of.... Lets not wait until...
  40. EDD

    Good day from Johannesburg RSA

    Welcome & dont forget to share your stories & pics....!!!!!
  41. EDD

    Hog invasion!

    Some BIG ones running in between the "migration" there...
  42. EDD

    Scope suggestions please

    3x9 would be more than sufficient, maybe use quick release mounts for future DG hunting....?
  43. EDD

    live python bait.....

  44. EDD

    close hog..!!!

    :LOL::LOL::LOL: Good question!!!!
  45. EDD

    Munyamadzi Crocodile

    Great shooting!!!
  46. EDD

    Munyamadzi Hippo

    Nice hippo!!!!
  47. EDD

    Zambia Buffalo

    Definitely one of the videos out there... Great hunting & shooting!!!! Congrats & thanks for sharing!!!!
  48. EDD

    Old lion hunt close call

    dam!!!! Thats close.....
  49. EDD

    Impala hunt at Bos en Dal Safaris

    Good shooting, nice trophys!!!! Congrats!!!!
  50. EDD

    Judging Giraffe

    Looks Great!!!!