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  1. Ernie Shipman

    Weatherby Mark XXII For Sale

    My sincere condolences and apologies.
  2. Ernie Shipman

    Weatherby Mark XXII For Sale

    Still available? I may be interested...
  3. Ernie Shipman

    Special Swarovski Pricing For AH!

    I second that motion!
  4. Ernie Shipman

    30 Plus Knives For Sale

    You can also quote, if available, the Hunter Skinner. Thanks. es
  5. Ernie Shipman

    30 Plus Knives For Sale

    PM me a delivered price to the US on the 4x4. Measurements too please (metric is ok). Thanks! Respectfully, Ernest Shipman
  6. Ernie Shipman

    7x57 bullet choices

    Ask you PH - he has seen it all & is the best one to advise.
  7. Ernie Shipman

    What Line Of Work Are You In

    Well.... I have had a varied career. I started & owned my own commercial sign shop from 1991 to 2018; sold but am now back part time. I started a retail gun shop in 2003; sold it in 2019. I am also heavily involved part time in ministry. I am an ordained ruling elder in the Presbyterian...
  8. Ernie Shipman

    AWCC Raffles for the Benefit of Late Professional Hunter Phillip Smythe & his Family

    SO sorry to hear. I had looked into hunting with him 3 years ago thru a South African I had met thru the gun shop I used to own. Although we never met, he was a 1st Class gentleman to deal with. Thank you for the opportunity to help out his family.
  9. Ernie Shipman

    To Camo or not to Camo

    I am NOT a fan of camo - too over advertised. I hunt Africa like I hunt here - tans and greens depending on the area I am hunting in.
  10. Ernie Shipman

    Shooting sticks, 2 or 3 legs?

    Another BIG pro to the 3 leg: you can hand gea from it after the shoot. Seriously, it’s quite handy keeping expensive stuff out of the dirt!
  11. Ernie Shipman

    Shooting sticks, 2 or 3 legs?

    I have used both on 2 trips to Africa. I prefer 3 leg, BUT, most important thing is try both before you go and PRACTICE!
  12. Ernie Shipman

    Safari/Hunt Clothing Recommendations

    I’m primarily in the states an upland bird hunter. I have been to Africa 2 times and brought khaki colored shirts and pants, similar to what I use in the states in mid fall. Be prepared to shed layers and it can be cool in the early morning. The lodges I stayed in didn’t have heat, but they...
  13. Ernie Shipman

    Shoes and boots? I need help!

    I bought a pair of Meindl Perfekt Walkers at Cabelas in the bargain bin 6 years ago. Took them to Africa for a month in 2015. Worked fantastic. Bought a pair of their Light Hikers to take in 2017. All day comfort, great support, zero issues, held up well to the thorns. Light but very tough...
  14. Ernie Shipman

    Russell or Courteney - Safari Boots...

    I have used Meindl boots on 2 safaris. I also wear them most days at work. On my feet about 1/2 a day and walk 2-5 miles every day. I got them at Cabelas. Super comfy, high quality, long lasting. $200....
  15. Ernie Shipman

    Help with Scope choice for Dangerous Game rifle

    I have owned both and sell both. personally, I prefer the Trijicon. I am just not a fan of the CDS system. Two reasons: a. it’s totally not needed on a low power scope intended for short range, and b. I’m a simple man; I detest complex stuff in the field or gear that needs (in this case) an...
  16. Ernie Shipman

    The .22 Hornet in Africa?

    In the US I have shot alot of smaller critters with my CZ. It's actually my most favorite rifle - SUPER ACCURATE & VERY FUN to shoot!
  17. Ernie Shipman

    Plains Game rifle choice... Am I crazy???

    Listen to your PH... It's what you are paying him for.
  18. Ernie Shipman

    Kenetrek, Meindle or Lathrop and Sons hunting boots

    I have used Meindl's 2x in Africa and wear them almost daily at work - LOVE THEM!
  19. Ernie Shipman

    One case for two rifles, or two single rifle cases?

    I have used (domestically & internationally) the Tuffpak case. BIG advantage: It weighs little. Most gun cases themselves weigh a lot and are pretty bulky AND they scream: "GUN INSIDE". The model 1050 is the best for guns. Easily holds 2 rifles and LOTS of extra gear. Check the website &...
  20. Ernie Shipman

    Hello from Romania

    Welcome to AH! I have been to Romania 3 times and looking forward to visiting again!
  21. Ernie Shipman

    .22 WMR lever or pump?

    Get a Win 94/22. If you want to be really cool, ge tthe Trapper version!!!
  22. Ernie Shipman

    My new to me 22 Hornet-CZ 527 Lux

    Love my CZ American in 22 Hornet. My go to rifle for pests on my farm. 1" accuracy with most factory loads!
  23. Ernie Shipman

    Firearm cleaning and care products

    Tetra products. period...
  24. Ernie Shipman

    Namibia: Cell or Satellite phone?

    I have taken my iphone both times, 2015 & 2017. In 2015 I bought a SIM card & made sure my carrier knew I was abroad. It was a BIG headache in Senegal. I went there 1st for 2 weeks & did not change my SIM card.... Generally frustrating. I used a new SIM card for the next 2 weeks in South...
  25. Ernie Shipman

    Recommedations for Safari Shooting Schools

    GREAT article in todays Sporting Classic online @ a school in TX.
  26. Ernie Shipman

    9.3x62 bullet choice for Moose

    I used Nosler Partitions (handloads) in SA last year on Giraffe & 3 other PG. All GRAVEYARD DEAD, 1 shot.
  27. Ernie Shipman

    .22 hornet vs .17 hmr

    I LOVE the Hornet. Why: 1. ULTRA COOL name 2. no recoil 3. quiet - i can usually shoot it w/o ear defenders 4. it's my go to gun for my farm... I've put down alot of critters with it: skunks, pick-u-porks (porcupines), wounded critters, etc... 5. VERY accurate... I usually shoot 100 yds or...
  28. Ernie Shipman

    Underwear for safari?

    It's UNDERWEAR - no need to get all squishy @ it.... put it on, go hunt, change it & wash it... Remember what your momma told you: make sure you have clean underwer in case you get in an accident...
  29. Ernie Shipman

    Sako Brown Bear or Grey Wolf in 375 H and H

    My vote would be the Kodiak. They sell much more than any other .375 by Sako. I have owned and shot them too and can attest to their quality. Cheers!
  30. Ernie Shipman

    Pistol grip reservoir?

    Sometimes, I put a spare flux capicitor in there... at other times a bit of Kryptonite - known to stop any buff charge...
  31. Ernie Shipman

    What’s your ideal Dangerous Game bolt gun?

    Low budget: Sako 85 Kodiak in .375 H&H - handy length, GREAT open sights, rock solid optics mounting system, boringly accurate. We have sold alot & I love shooting them. Top it off with a Leupold VX6 1-6 scope... High budget: Blaser R8 Professional Success with a Blaser scope....
  32. Ernie Shipman

    9,3x62 bullet selection

    I shot several plains game last year with my 9.3x62 using handloaded 250 Barnes TSX bullets. All 1 shot kills. EXCELLENT performance. Also, I downloaded the shot placement app on my iPhone - VERY handy... Cheers!
  33. Ernie Shipman

    Anyone have a CZ 527 7x62x39?

    I have a 527 American in 22 Hornet. LOVE it - Boringly accurate. Everyone of my friends who shoots it loves it... I just use "el cheapo" Winchester ammo in a Burris 3-9 scope. BUY ONE NOWWWWWWW!!!!!!!
  34. Ernie Shipman

    Full stock rifle

    We sell alot of the Sako Bavarian rifles. Aside form looking STUNNING, they are boringly accurate...
  35. Ernie Shipman

    .308 scope?

    Leupold VX5 or VX6. I have used both in Africa on 2 separate safaris and LOVED them....
  36. Ernie Shipman

    30-06 Ammo options

    If your wife is recoil sensitive, go 150's. Federal Fusion was designed from the ground up as a deer cartridge. What @ Norma??? Oryx (180's) Or Kalahari (150's) Hard to go wrong with Nosler....
  37. Ernie Shipman

    Tuffpak Question

    I LOVE mine - used it on 2 trips last year. One in US, one to SA. I LOVE how it just keeps gobbling up gear. I used mine to put hunting clothes around the gun slip. ONLY drawback - at JFK I had to pull everything out as the police wanted to se all inside... (they were polite, but firm)...
  38. Ernie Shipman

    New Member from Tennessee

    I wish I was 20 again!!!
  39. Ernie Shipman

    Hello from Illinois

    You will NOT be disappointed! I'm planning my 3rd now!
  40. Ernie Shipman

    Pocket cameras, anything new?

    I forgot to ad: I alo took a Leica V-Lux. GREAT camera. I made a coffee table picture book after with 11"x14" photos - was awesome! I got it used at BH Photo supply for under $400! What a steal!
  41. Ernie Shipman

    .300 Winchester Magnum enough?

    I have been 2 times & shot most of all the animals you wish to take. My 1st trip I used a 375. This year I went for a giraffe. I asked my PH for suggestions. I said I was thinking of either a 30-06 or 9.3x62. He said if I brought my '06 he would only allow a brain shot as the skin at the...