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    My Take on Dangerous Game Scopes

    1. I was a bit surprised to learn that illuminated scopes have been around long enough to now be considered "classic". 2. A discussion on "Dangerous Game Scopes" is a tough subject to cover because of the variability of DG types and hunting scenarios. To include non-DG into the scenarios makes...
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    9.3x62 load

    Yea, he's still around. He pops up occasionally over on another forum.
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    Range only pistol ?

    Once had a Ruger 7-inch+ 44 Magnum. Just couldn't find a reason to pack it around...
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    Thank you! That must be a sweet shooting double.
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    First Dangerous game capable rifle

    If you hand load, you can have a great deal of fun working up a 300 grain load for the 5.3kj and 5.4kj ME police. 300+ grain bullets? Even more fun. You'd only be looking at ~36 to ~38 ft-lbs of recoil from a 8.5lb rifle. Just shoot and grin...
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    @Philip Glass what weight is your double with those new barrels? Thanks
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    South Africa's Economy Loses Momentum Amid Record Power Cuts

    It's the amateur hour that just keeps on giving...
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    The .375 Ruger is 13 y/o now. A look back at people's early opinions

    I agree that the standard, nominal MV of most 300-grain factory ammo is too fast except for perhaps all-copper expanding bullets. For the Swift A-Frame, which is composed of pure copper & pure lead I load them to 2,450 fps MV. That MV will gain you entrance to any country that cares a whit about...
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    9.3x62 with 325 Oryx or 320 Woodleigh PP

    I used a hand loaded 300 grain A-Frame on the last buffalo. It's my current favorite load in the 9.3. Then again, I use A-Frames on everything....
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    9.3x62 with 325 Oryx or 320 Woodleigh PP

    Just rustled up some 320 grain Weldcore's to go along with the stash of 325 grain Oryx's. Going to use BigGame to work up to 5.3 kj ME and 1 MoB (minute of buffalo). Got my winter planned out... should be fun.
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    Magnetospeed V3 Ballistic Chronograph

    If you don't yet have a chrony, that is a good price for delivered to your door.
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    Current state of Dangerous Game optics?

    I've had a Leupold 1.5-5x20mm on the .375H&H since forever, and a Leupold fixed 2.5x20mm on the 9.3x62mm. Not yet feeling the need for anything more...
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    Questions about the African Carry and Others

    Find a pic of an infantry squad on combat patrol. Copy them.
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    375 Ruger vs 375 H&H

    Equating higher MV with "higher performance" has always amused me...
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    Effect of world war 3 on Hunting

    Dunno. Let's look at history. How was hunting during WWII?
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    Anyone Worked With the Barnes 350 gr TSX In A .375 H&H?

    I have used the 350 gr. Weldcore and load it right at 2,300 fps (actually 2,292 fps via the chrony) using H4350 after trading emails with Kevin Robertson. I have a box of the 350 gr. TSX that I plan on loading with either H4350 or Ramshot Big Game. H4350 will have slightly better load density...
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    Ruger Hawkeye African .375 Ruger as Dangerous Game rifle?

    I have both a M70 .375 H&H and a Ruger Hawkeye African in 9.3x62mm. The H&H required tweaking and polishing to make it absolutely, positively reliable in feeding and ejecting. When I got the Hawkeye, I started with trying every which way I could to get it to fail on both feeding and ejecting...
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    Go Ruck boots

    Just retired my current pair of MACV1s to the home pasture today. 850 miles on the treads. Starting tomorrow my daily 5-mile stroll in the hills will be on a pair of MACV2s. Curious how well the treads hold up...
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    9.3x62 Solids

    If you hand load and chasing 5.3kj ME, it is straightforward to accomplish with a 300 grain bullet and a 24" barrel. My choice is H4895 for 2 reasons: 1. at 5.3kj ME the load density is in the sweet spot of H4895 at ~95%. 2. the composition of H4895 means it handles the daytime temperatures of...
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    9.3x62 Solids

    Yup. I mentioned that to Swift and they thanked me for the inquiry ...
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    9.3x62 Solids

    The last box of those I ran past the chronograph were 2,290 fps MV from a 24" barrel.
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    9.3x62 Solids

    I have a couple boxes of the factory loaded Norma 275 gr. solids and a box of the Federal loaded 286 gr. Woodleigh Hydro solids. I also have a box of the 300 gr. DGS solids for handloading. I once asked Hornady by email why they offer the DGS, but not a 300 grain DGX. They thanked me for my...
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    .30 Cal: Eland & Kudu = Moose & Elk ?

    Moose hunting outfitter prices are coming down. The general response I get when I tell them I'll just hunt Africa instead is "you can hunt how many for how much? It's beginning to look like I may be adding a Moose to the .30-06 within the next couple of seasons...
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    .30 Cal: Eland & Kudu = Moose & Elk ?

    Eland, Southern Greater Kudu, and Elk (sadly, no Moose. Yet.) .30-06, 180 grain Swift A-Frame, 2,725 fps MV
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    What is your go to 375h&h load and what do you use it on?

    I used to use RL15 until on one hunt temperatures went far past 100 degrees F. Now it's H4350, H4895, Varget, H4831SC, and Big Game. Now I don't care about the temperatures. I just work on my sunburn.
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    Tick bite fever

    The Dr. and I get along pretty well. I give him a heads up when I'm leaving, where I'm going, and when I'll be back and then we check-in afterwards. We spend most of our time chatting about the hunt and eventually get around to talking about whether I got bit or not. One time his nurse even...
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    What is your go to 375h&h load and what do you use it on?

    Just an aside, today I ran a 10-shot string past the chronograph (MagnetoSpeed V3) of the Federal Premium Safari .375 H&H 300 grain A-Frames. Rifle is a M70 factory 24", standard twist barrel. Nominal MV is labeled 2,450 fps. Actual MV is 2,447 fps, S-D of 23.9 and an E-S: of 72. While careful...
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    Which Double Rifle Caliber is worth the investment in 2023?

    I recently finished purchasing what I estimate is a lifetime supply of brass and bullets for the 450/400, and now I'm on the monthly purchase plan for DGX-Bonded / DGS factory ammo for same. At the beginning of 2023 I was quite close to forgoing the 450/400 and instead dropping the coin for a...
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    Buffalo hunt or not

    I still have problems with walking on hides laid out on the floor of the animals I've shot. Just feels wrong...
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    Windows Security PSA

    Hey! I happen to represent that remark. And it's Mr. Uber Nerd ...
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    If you could only do one, or one more safari

    Probably western Zambia for as long as they let me stay. Pack a .404 Jeffery to use on everything and anything.
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    9.3x62mm vs. .375 H&H Mag

    I've yet seen mentioned comments regarding the nominal MVs printed on boxes of factory ammunition that plane loads of hunters take with them on their dream hunts. Doctari and others have written about the "enthusiastic" MVs asserted by Kynoch about their DG loads. I'm thinking that enthusiasm...
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    Wanted to say thank you all! For the .375 advice!!!!

    Those groups and remembering to breathe are definitely minute-of-buffalo.
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    What's the next cartridge your looking to add to your collection and what role will it fill?

    .404 Jeffery. Got the itch to go traipsing after elephant...
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    Judge stops NM gun order...

    From "A reporter asked Grisham, 'Do you think that criminals are going to hear this message and not carry a gun in Albuquerque, on the streets, for 30 days?' Grisham responded, 'Ah….no.' However, the Democrat governor refuses to recognize that criminals, by definition, don’t follow...
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    Judge stops NM gun order...

    Ready, Fire, Aim ...
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    Am I the only weirdo?

    It's not the rifle but the Warthog behind me during Zoom meetings. In the first zoom meeting someone was finally brave enough to ask me "uh, what's that, that thing behind you?" I nonchalantly replied "oh, that's just Walter. Don't worry, we talked beforehand, and he's promised to behave...
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    Loading "Factory" Ammo

    In all cases (pun intended) a chronograph is your best friend. I've never 'lended' ammo to someone as that assumes I'll be getting them back, unfired. A key step in loading the same cartridge for a chamber different than mine is to always use either new brass, or fully resized brass. I lean...
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    404 Jeffery Caliber

    I've always thought we need a rinse repeat of the .450/400 NE 3" story for the .404 Jeffery. Who was it that got that ball rolling again - Boddington? With his contacts/relationships with Ruger & Hornady eventually his prodding resulted in #1's offered in .450/400 NE 3" and the ammo for them...
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    why do people not use premium bullets?

    Ditto. I have a brother who spends some serious $$$ to chase book quality guided Mule deer and Elk across the western US. He also is one who will check the rifle and ammo combo once a year just before he leaves for the hunt. A decade ago I got him thinking about what's the cheapest item on...
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    Sako 9.3x62 Groups - Thoughts?

    Can also be from overcleaning. Are you cleaning to remove all powder and copper residue and getting to 'bare' metal between shooting sessions?
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    For Sale Bansner Winchester 70 Safari Stock

    Mine wears one. They are a very nice stock.
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    When is Woodleigh coming back???

    Fingers crossed that at least some of those .375's are 350 gr. Weldcores ;)
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    When is Woodleigh coming back???

    From another forum posted on 15 August they've now have 5 machines producing .375 bullets.
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    Winchester Safari 375 H&H new with pics

    In factory ammo my Safari Express .375 H&H likes the Federal Premium Safari 300 grain Swift A-Frame at a nominal MV of 2,450 fps. Come to think of it, I've yet to come across any factory ammo it doesn't like...
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    New US Customs policy pertaining to bows & arrows for hunting

    Returned to Seattle from a rifle hunt earlier this year. I always pack my boots last so's they're on top and easy to reach when asked to have a look-see. Never, not even once has anyone ever asked to see my boots. Kind of a bummer, really, 'cause I'd like them to hand out official little...
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    Hodgdon 2023 Reloading Manual Fail

    Huh. Sure enough. My bad. Never mind...
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    Hodgdon 2023 Reloading Manual Fail

    Hmmm... I get why some "classic" cartridges get dropped from loading manuals, but when Hornady drops both the .375 & .416 Ruger's, which they co-developed, it makes me wonder what their sales data is telling them about those two cartridges.
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    Norma PH solids for Buffalo

    PH's, just like client hunters, have all formed their own opinions. The PH I hunted buff with this season replied "your bringing A-Frames? Then don't bother bringing solids". Someday, I'm gonna get to try these Hydros....