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  1. Mark Biggerstaff

    Leupold vx 5hd 2 - 10 power

    Medium rings
  2. Mark Biggerstaff

    Swarovski Z3 3-10x42 L4A

    Sold! Thank you sir. PM replied to.
  3. Mark Biggerstaff

    Leupold vx 5hd 2 - 10 power

    No issues with tube length if you choose the right mounts. Talley bases with their QD rings work perfect. Also have used Warne bases and Leupold QD rings without any problems. Here is 416 set up with Warne and Leupold
  4. Mark Biggerstaff

    Swarovski Z3 3-10x42 L4A

    As new in box Swarovski Z3 3-10x42 4A. Had this for a 7x57 but decided on a different scope for it. $800 shipped UPS
  5. Mark Biggerstaff

    Combining freight costs?

    I am doing a that already. 2023 safari will be held until I complete a 2024 trip and have both those combined and shipped back. Made arrangements with the Taxidermist and trust them. They had done all my previous safaris so have confidence in them.
  6. Mark Biggerstaff

    Flying and Mercury

    I have had no issues travel wise with them in my rifles. Five trips so far and no issues. They are sealed inside the stocks and not easily removed. Yes the do add weight to the rifles but I have become accustomed to carrying without issue.
  7. Mark Biggerstaff

    Same guide or different guide?

    Good question. I have completed 5 trips and number 6 booked for 2024. Same outfitter and PH. We have become good friends and he knows all my health issues and has plans in place if needed. We have hunted his main farm in NorthWest, traveled to Limpopo and Kalahari region. I discus what I want...
  8. Mark Biggerstaff

    ZIMBABWE: Two Pipe Talks

    Really enjoyed watching. Thanks for sharing your adventure.
  9. Mark Biggerstaff

    NYAMAZANA SAFARIS Meet & Greet 2024

    Hope to catch up with you at HSC!
  10. Mark Biggerstaff

    Site painfully slow

    No problems for me. I'm going thru Tapatalk app tho.
  11. Mark Biggerstaff

    4457 used multiple years

    Correct. Henry also advised me it must be within 6 months of arrival date.
  12. Mark Biggerstaff

    Free Booze and Food! January 11th 2024

    I plan on making this years event! Looking forward to it DaveI have 1 bottle of Richelieu left!
  13. Mark Biggerstaff

    U.S. Shippers

    I have used Trophy Shippers since Tom has left. No issues for me. John and Alan both have taken care of what needed done without issue. Communication was good thru it all on 2021 and 2022 shipments. 2023 safari is pending and will still use them for it
  14. Mark Biggerstaff

    Lemons to Lemonade

    Awesome repair work.
  15. Mark Biggerstaff

    Warthog Pictures

    Honestly I don't remember. When I saw him couldn't believe what I was seeing and got the shakes.
  16. Mark Biggerstaff

    Warthog Pictures

    Bos en Dal, Northwest Province, April 2023.
  17. Mark Biggerstaff

    Best Sticks for Tall Guys?

    Another vote for African Sporting Creations 3pc sticks in the tall height
  18. Mark Biggerstaff

    Hello from Colorado

    Welcome! You are in the right place to learn all about Africa.
  19. Mark Biggerstaff

    MOZAMBIQUE: Niassa Reserve With KWALATA SAFARIS October 2023

    Congrats ! Popcorn! Can't wait for more!
  20. Mark Biggerstaff

    ZAMBIA: Takeri Reserve Zambia - Oct 20-27, 2023

    Congrats on a wonderful safari. Excellent trophies and thanks for sharing. You have me thinking now about Zambia !
  21. Mark Biggerstaff

    SOUTH AFRICA: Hunt With EXECUTIVE HUNT AFRICA In Limpopo Province - A First Time Hunters Experience

    Well done! Thanks for sharing. You are now doomed like the rest of us, you have been bitten by the Africa Bug!
  22. Mark Biggerstaff

    For Sale Leupold VX3i 1.5-5x20 Duplex

    Scope is Sold
  23. Mark Biggerstaff

    For Sale Leupold VX3i 1.5-5x20 Duplex

    Andrew passed Sold to @Berettaco
  24. Mark Biggerstaff

    For Sale Leupold VX3i 1.5-5x20 Duplex

    Rings are Lows.
  25. Mark Biggerstaff

    For Sale Leupold VX3i 1.5-5x20 Duplex

    Talley Rings for standard Talley base. Was on a Winchester model 70 375 at one time. If I remember correctly.
  26. Mark Biggerstaff

    For Sale Leupold VX3i 1.5-5x20 Duplex

    Leupold VX3i 1.5-5x20 with Talley QD Lever rings. Scope has one scratch on turret cap. Found in back of safe, forgot I had it. Duplex reticule. $400 shipped.
  27. Mark Biggerstaff

    Duiker mount in DFW

    @gizmo. Top of Texas Taxidermy in Amarillo does all my African game. Great work he does. Give him a shout.
  28. Mark Biggerstaff

    Hi all!

  29. Mark Biggerstaff

    Purchasing Airline Tickets - Advice Wanted

    I try book as early as I can to get the seats that I want and when the price is right. Watched Delta flights for June 2024 when they dates first opened up for my hunt. They had been all over the place price wise for Comfort+ or Premium Select. One morning about 7am there was a price drop and...
  30. Mark Biggerstaff

    Dreamer from Tx

    Welcome from El Campo area.
  31. Mark Biggerstaff

    For Sale Leupold VX6 3-18x50 FireDot Duplex

    SCOPE IS SOLD!! Thanks again.
  32. Mark Biggerstaff

    3 Year Plan

    Update 2023 Completed. Monster Warthog and Bushbuck 2024 Bos en Dal SA. Hippo and Croc 2025 work and save 2026? Plans are Elephant and Leopard Working on Big 5 Dangerous 7 list.
  33. Mark Biggerstaff

    For Sale Leupold VX6 3-18x50 FireDot Duplex

    Drop to $1200 shipped
  34. Mark Biggerstaff

    For Sale Leupold VX6 3-18x50 FireDot Duplex

    Leupold VX6 HD 3-18x50 FireDot Duplex. Scope is in great condition. Very light ring marks that photos will barely pick up. Free turret has been used. I have put back on the turret that came with scope. No box, papers or lens caps. This scope is off my 300 Win Mag. Has been on 1 safari other...
  35. Mark Biggerstaff

    For Sale Winchester Model 70 Safari 416 Rem Mag

    See Post 22 Gun sold over 3 years ago!!!
  36. Mark Biggerstaff

    ZIMBABWE: First Hunt In Africa, First Hunting Report, Dalton & York Safaris

    Thanks for sharing your hunt. Some great animals.
  37. Mark Biggerstaff

    Ruger Hawkeye M77 .375 Ruger $1050

    Congrats to both of you!
  38. Mark Biggerstaff


    Great Buy!! Glad I a wasn't on AH today.
  39. Mark Biggerstaff

    Limited Quantity Restock - 416 Rigby, 416 Rem Mag, 7mm SAUM, 300 SAUM, 300 WSM, 270 Wby Mag + More

    Ordered some 450 Rigby brass from you all today. You have a good selection of items. Looking forward to doing more with you all. You have stuff I can not get from my normal suppliers.
  40. Mark Biggerstaff

    Custom BRNO ZKK-602 375 H&H For Sale

    Congrats on sale! Someone got a sweet rifle for there next safari
  41. Mark Biggerstaff

    Custom BRNO ZKK-602 375 H&H For Sale

    Wow! Beautiful rifle! Good luck with sale this will make someone a great rifle!
  42. Mark Biggerstaff

    Wanted Remington 760 Or 7600 Long Action 4 Round Magazine i.e. 30-06

    No problem Art. Glad to try and help you. Like I said if it doesn't work. Just send it back. If it does, we can settle up then.
  43. Mark Biggerstaff

    416 rem mag build

    Call Midwest Gun works. Picked up one from them about 5 weeks ago. They did have them. Not listed on web site. I called them. I got follower, mag box and spring. Also. Call Winchester Parts Dept. they had also. A little higher in price. They made a run of 416 Rem mags so they have some.
  44. Mark Biggerstaff

    Travel with $$ rifles

    Nope, Never. I am planning trip 6. Take my CZ customs every trip. I will always take my rifles. Never an issue and not really worried about losing them.
  45. Mark Biggerstaff

    Looking for my First Hunt

    Welcome. Lots of good sponsors here, you will get a lot of suggestions. As mentioned already. May-June time frame I suggest. Cooler weather, and hopefully not as green. I did April this year and will stay with Late May and June from now on. Was warm and very green.
  46. Mark Biggerstaff

    Elephant Hunt In Zimbabwe Late Season 2023 Special

    Congrats! Welcome to the AH forum. Please do a hunt report and post some pics in the Hunting Reports.