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    Lost rifle help please

    Your best shot is to have someone at home contacting your airline and have them follow-up on the baggage (based on the tag). Otherwise, likely they missed the connections somewhere during your trip and will arrive with the next plane Good luck!
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    .416 or .458

    I own both caliber, a 416 Blaser Safari rifle and a Krieghoff 458 double. Pros of the 416: - More comfortable to shoot - Longer shots possible (I have shot a 41" sable at 240 yds, dropped dead) - Larger choice of ammunition and very good knock down power Pros of 458 - Heavier grains...
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    non hunter trying to plan a safari/hunt honeymoon for finance. help please!

    Hi Brandi, as everyone agrees SA may be your best bet. Or Namibia. may nice outfitters with great and luxurious property. and, yes, beware of the cold weather, I have been there on occasions where it... snowed (exceptional but it happens). Generally you should be fine. but if you want to do...
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    Zanardini 9,3x74R Super Express Luksus

    I would strongly discourage you to use 9.3x74R on buffalo, and I am speaking of experience. I have tried it a few years ago and it was not a pleasant experience. The shots were clean but the buf just did not go down. This caliber is mostly used for large european game, driven hunts, for...
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    ZIMBABWE: Buffalo - Hwange Consul Area

    Again, if the operation is run by a Zim operator I would feel comforted... But I would not go there through a SA based operation. They have very often little morality and more than once no proper paper/authorizations. they just make deals with the land owners (meaning friends of Mugabe who...
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    ZIMBABWE: Buffalo - Hwange Consul Area

    Hi Timbo, I know Dave Amyot pretty well. He is (was?) normally working for ZimAfricas and is a very good PH. He guided my son (13) for a successful buffalo hunt and I have hunted hippo with him last year. So, no worries on that side. Concerning the area in which you will hunt, as one post...
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    ZIMBABWE: Has Anyone Experienced A Hunt With Wayne Jardine In Zimbabwe

    Me again. I have hunted both with Dave (1x) and Wayne Jardine (3x). Either alone or with my dad (75) and my son (13) All together taking one leopard, 4 buffalos (my father one, my son one and myself two), two elephants (40 and 70+ lbs), one top-five SCI livingstone eland, two sables (35" and...
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    dream safari

    Hi Peleton, The hunt was adjacent to Hwange national Park, in the Colliery concession which is run by Zimafrica. Third hunt there and saw every time nice jumbos. Last one was the best regarding big trophies, mostly because late in the season (mid-august) and very dry conditions pushing the...
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    dream safari

    Hi Tony, As for you rhino is on top of my list and, for me, the last of the big five list. I am struggling between darting and shooting and have a bit of stand-by position until I see an offer that will make me go one direction or another. I trust both are fun. Again, motivation would be for...
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    Is it taboo to hunt White Lion

    I will try to avoid judging right or wrong, but just state some facts. Some companies, who will "release lion for six months", are known to release lions under witnesses, then open the gate of their small pen next days.... Lions will come back to safety and be kept there until the client...
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    Zimbabwe Lion Hunt?

    Correct, it was a photographic lodge and went into hunting only after that. I did the customary check on Malindi and was OK. It is a bit sensitive here so I will not expand... As you know, lots of people have a stand-by position in Zim and until there is (hopefully soon) a change at the head of...
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    Zimbabwe Lion Hunt?

    As said, I was there recently, and I agree with you. But the situation in the Gwaii area depends from farm to farm. The lion permit I had (issued by Park) allowed hunting on the whole area (no limitation, regardless of the owners (rightful or not)). Malindi is still operated by Zimafricas and...
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    Recommended size of Scope for .375 H & H

    Nope, you are straight on the spot with the Zeiss. I also use same scope on a R8 Selous 416 Rem, and also a Zeiss with greater magnification for a R8 success in 270 W and 338 WM... It seems we share similar tastes for weapons and scopes... Take care and good hunting JP
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    Recommended size of Scope for .375 H & H

    Hi DavieH, I have the same gun, same caliber, and use a Schmidt and Bender 1-6x red dot. It works fine long range (have shot antilopes at > 250 m range) medium range with poor light (shot leopard at night) but is also great for driven hunt (no parallax, have shot deer, roedeers and boars)
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    Illegal Land Seizures and Arnold Payne

    Totally agree, but I am not optimistic about the future on the wildlife there. Poaching is rampant, SA operators a huge issue, Park is selling its asset (game...) because they are out of money (no more payment from hunting concessions seized). Sad!
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    Central Africa Hunting Season Update...

    Glad you have been able to get out of this unfortunate situation. Every body knew that you were framed and hoped for the best. Hope to be hunting with you soon. Cheers!
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    Zimbabwe Lion Hunt?

    Absolutely correct! And I believe everybody hopes corrective measures will be taken once Mugabe and his goons are out! Coming back to wayne, Farm 31 (Malindi station) was build by himself and a few associates in the 90s, before the land distribution. He is trying to get the hunting rights back...
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    Zimbabwe Lion Hunt?

    That was the beauty of this hunt! Very, very large area to hunt. The lion permit covered the whole ICA (Intensive Conservation Area), from Farm 27 (or 28?) up to Dete Annex. Also, for this reason, we were accompanied by a Park ranger. We ended up baiting at 6 different blocks and shot the lion...
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    Zimbabwe Lion Hunt?

    I just got back from a successful lion hunt in the Gwaii. Park Authorities made an auction for three lions there in early May and I was lucky to get one tag with Wayne's help. These are fully legal hunts, with exportable trophies I will post a full trip report later this week but it was a very...
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    Zimbabwe Lion Hunt?

    I have hunted mayn times with Wayne of Zimafricas and can vouch for him... He has been mistaken many times for another Wayne (wayne Dickinson if I am right,who has a pretty bad reputation). As for poaching and corruption,whilethey were some unsubstantiated rumors at one point, he is been...
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    United Airlines keeping hunters from taking guns

    Surprising... For your info,hehre is what can be found on United website regarding firearms regulations: [I][I]Firearms United accepts one item of shooting equipment per customer as checked baggage. One item of shooting equipment is defined as one hard-sided shooting equipment case...
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    Outfitter recommendation for October 2012

    I would recommend Tshipise Safaris, in the Limpopo (Home). Very good operation and quite a large one (> 25 Kha). Peculiarity is that they are bordering Zimbabwe and part of the operation is unfenced (uncommon in SA). Also, very very good Kudus, waterbuck and huge nyalas. Apart from that they...
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    Scope on plane

    Normally the scope is fine with you, this is what I do. Now, it happened to me (once every 6-7 times) to meet an over-zealous (and stupid) security personal that gave me hell, but that is rather the exception. Some lengthy discussions later is was fine...
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    In Memoriam - Another Tragedy Wayne Clark Killed by Buffalo

    I have heard from one of his close friend (another PH) that he actually died of internal bleeding that went undetected at first... Then, things started to go unexpectedly out of control while waiting to be air-lifted out of the field. My thoughts to his family.
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    PRVI Partizan GROM for 300wm

    I use Partisan, but ONLY for training, when the goal is to shoot hundreds of shoots pre-season. Honestly, would never use them for anything else. Typically, at 180 yards, shooting with a blaser R8, you will get 5-6 perfects shots (95-100) then a couple will go everywhere but on target... They...
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    high quality walkie talkies for guide work

    Definitively, Garmin Rino 655T, about 18 miles reach, solid and reliable, very high quality, sms included as well as the possibility to send pics. It has good camera and a positioning system that allows you to position the other radio vs. your position. I am using it for red deer hunts over...
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    What a gift! Cannot wait to try it...

    Aha! That's the plan, she went with me last year for elephant, even though she is not very keen on hunting... I guess close to a perfect woman, and beautiful by the way!!! I guess I must have been good in a previous life to have such a good karma...
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    What a gift! Cannot wait to try it...

    Lion hunt and buffalo planned in Zim in August... can npt wait!
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    UNITED KINGDOM: An Unusual Roe Buck Hunt

    Can not open it, can you repost?
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    458 Winchester Magnum

    I can speak for the caliber, not for the gun itself. I have a Krieghoff double rifle 458 WM and love to shoot it. Some will argue that 458 WM is a bit obsolete, but it is a great classical african caliber. Multiple choices of bullets and manufacturers, very reliable. Go for it, you take...
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    UNITED KINGDOM: An Unusual Roe Buck Hunt

    Then I stand corrected, interesting! Would be nice to check whether the antler/bone connection is abnormal... Best
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    What a gift! Cannot wait to try it...

    Just turned fifty years old ten days ago, and got the most beautiful birthday present ever from my companion! I do not know how long she has been saving for this one, but I guess I am a lucky man. Blaser R8 Selous, 416 Remington magnum, my dream.... I went to Africa hunting in April, but now...
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    UNITED KINGDOM: An Unusual Roe Buck Hunt

    Congratulations! I have probably shot way over 50 trophy roedeers and, believe me, this is quite an unusual trophy. Since the basis of the antlers look healthy and normal (correct?), I would guess that the anomaly is probably due either to a wound to the velvet, or a bacterial/fungal skin...
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    Ted Nugent guilty of "Poaching"

    I know I will be crucified for making this comment, but I am getting annoyed by reading politically oriented comments on this site. Always aggressive and conservative. I am CEO of a high tech company (a precision to avoid being labelled upfront as a communist), voting left or rights depending...
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    Where & How In Zimbabwe &/ Or South Africa Can l Buy - CZ550 Safari Magnum Rifle (DG) chambered in .

    Buy it in UE! You will be able to find it on the internet in France, then have it shipped to the UK. It may require a bit of paperwork (such as a UE gun passport) but it is achievable. Another option is to identify the gun in France/Germany, then have a UK gun dealer buy it for you and take...
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    Very good post! I am just surprised that those responding all agree, based on the current replies we all are aligned and one would deduct nobody ever goes for trophy book animals. On a pure management basis, shooting top animals in their prime is not a good thing. It does deplete the...
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    2 Lions for the Price of One!!!!!!

    Agree, and sometime a little bit of restrain does not do harm. Truth is that nothing is black and white, fenced lion hunting has pros... and cons. I am going lion hunting next week, free-ranging in Zim, but believe me when I say that I did hesitate a lot, mainly since shooting raised lion does...
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    .404 JEFFERY - A Professional Hunter point of view

    I wonder... where do I stand? I own a 458 WM (got a killer deal on it), but have hunted the last 35 years... The 458 WM is a Krieghoff double rifle, which make me an elitist, while I just jumped on it because of the price... My working rifle is a 375 HH, which does not fit with the above...
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    Norwegian big game rookie - 3500 dollars to spend on a rifle!

    Totally agree, I have a R93 with 375 HH, works like a charm. The great thing is that you can start with one piece, then add another one etc... A bit like a lego, as your budget increases. With the new R( on the market, you can expect to find second-hand R93 at very good price. Only difference...
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    Look at CAWA hunting operation. Very good and probably the best operation in CAR. They do lion hunts by calling. The price will be probably south of 35 KUS$. Lion in CAR are VERY big bodied, but with smaller mane. I am going next week for lion north of Zimababwe, if you wish...
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    Hunting African animals by calling?

    Only place I heard where they were calling animals in africa is CAR, where they call lions...
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    hunting areas in namibia to look at

    Look at Aru Game Lodge. They have all the game you want, large hunting area, the place is great, good and fair hunting, great PH and outstanding accomodations. You will have to work hard for your mountain zebra there....
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    My experience is that it is definitively worth a shot. very often, and especially if you are hunting late in the season, the pH/outfitter will have the choice between selling some trophies at reduced price or having "leftovers" at the end of the season. I got kind of used of booking a hunt for...
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    Buffalo Pictures

    Yes, depends on how you take the pic. Showing the bosses will look like the spread is reduced, reversibly looking from a lower level will show more spread... you can take various pics and convince people it is not the same buff... Thank you for congratulation, this buff was exactly what I was...
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    Buffalo Pictures

    that was my dad's buf, now the one I shot and made me VERY happy! Old dugga boy, shot on a charge, last shot 5 feet away, between the eyes with a 458 WM (you can see the bullet entry middle above the eyes), way cool...
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    Buffalo Pictures

    43 inches, 17.5 inches bosses buffalo shot last year in Zimbabwe...
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    US PH in SA

    Just a quick note... As teenhunter's dad, I can also answer this :-) Isaac is 13, crazy about hunting and has hunted with me many times in Africa. He has shot many animals, including his first big five last year (see pic), shot with a 375 H&H. You can say I am a proud of my son... This...
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    Deer Hunting with .223??

    Also, agree. .223 is a very small caliber. Yes, it will kill a deer with a heart shot but it leaves absolutely no margin for error. It is also illegal caliber in Switzerland and for good reasons (too many lost animals...).
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    Hunting dogs

    In fact they do chase... barking. For roedeer, you will let the dog go and the roedeer will circulate in the forest, very often coming back to its starting point after an hour or so. Just need to be at the right place at the right time and shoot at a (fast) running animal. For red deer and...
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    What 375 H & H rifle would you Purchase and Why

    Oh,forgot. With its longitudinal reloading, it is probably the fastest gun to reload, which means a safety cushion for big game hunting.