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  1. Shallom

    Expected Announcement From U.S. FWS Will Close Elephant Imports From Zimbabwe, Tanzania

    Dear Stakeholders... I would like to extend appreciation for all the effort and time invested by hunters and conservationists from around the world. Especially to platforms such as SCI, DSC, CIC, BGF as well as many chapters, organizations, groups and individuals who have spread the awareness...
  2. Shallom


    Cliffy... great topic and something us Outfitters need to know and address from as broad a perspective as possible. I will try make it to the seminar. "What's stopping you?" is definitely something I want to know about - I am personally very keen to know Tanzania-specific reasons that may be a...
  3. Shallom

    AH Get Together In Dallas During Dallas Safari Club (DSC) Convention 2013

    Cliffy... I will do my best to attend, but cannot promise anything yet as I already have a few tentative evening meets.
  4. Shallom

    Shallom @ The Shows

    Looking forward to it Jeff... should be a good four days!
  5. Shallom

    Shallom @ The Shows

    You don't want us to dehydrate now do you? It is a matter of survival, so can't promise anything... :)
  6. Shallom

    Shallom @ The Shows

    Jaco, I will come check on your customs clearance status : ) Have a good trip over here...
  7. Shallom

    Shallom @ The Shows

    Spike T, they confiscated it at customs, but I know where to get more - so do you... lets plan a party in some better weather :) Staying hydrated is not an issue, staying warm is more necessary and lager is not going to cut it - we need some fire-water in this joint! I thought Texas is meant...
  8. Shallom

    Shallom @ The Shows

    Please do come see us at the shows in Dallas & Reno... Dallas (DSC - Booths 931 & 1013) Reno (SCI - Booths 1424/1426) Looking forward to some safari talk!
  9. Shallom

    In Memoriam - Another Tragedy Wayne Clark Killed by Buffalo

    A young professional gone too soon... He will be missed by many. Pole sana to the family! SIMBA PROFESSIONAL HUNTERS ASSOCIATION (SPHA) P. O. Box 1525 Arusha Tanzania Reference: SPHA/MEMO/2012-001 July 12th, 2012. Professional Hunters Tanzania Tourist...
  10. Shallom


    I hear you...
  11. Shallom


    James, these are the facts we need to highlight... as 'unbelievable' as it may sound, what appears logical to you and me, may be a void to many. The politicians are not going to do the work required to establish the full impact of an industry and will continue to value it through direct value...
  12. Shallom


    Second Wind, after reading this reply I am beginning to think you are suggesting I AM in support of a possible hunting ban? I would like to make it very clear that I am in FULL SUPPORT of a hunting policy and an advocate to its preservation and sustainability for generations to come. My...
  13. Shallom


    What I am awkwardly trying to say to all of Africa is this: "I can take you to Silicon Valley or Austin, Texas and show you the future.....You can walk me out on the Serengeti and show me the past." In our rapidly changing World, there is abundant and most probably equal value in both. In a...
  14. Shallom


    For those who have been following developments and climate of the Tourist Hunting Industry in Tanzania, there are some new indications of a looming cloud over the need for a Tourist Hunting Industry. I would like to express my serious concerns over the current turbulence and superficial...
  15. Shallom


    Cheers Bwana! Looking forward to the challenge.
  16. Shallom


    James, thanks for the encouragement and glad you will be heading back out this way. The truth of the matter is many "open areas" and "game controlled areas" will fall to the pressure of encroachment. In my Kilombero area, the disaster is complete and it will never return to anything close to...
  17. Shallom


    No doubt it is not going to be easy... some may fail and some areas may suffer as a result. An opportunity has been presented and those who are serious about years of hard work, sacrifice and effort to get to where we are, need to abandon the politics and get to working for the industry. It...
  18. Shallom


    Ahsante sana Christophe... Karibu to the west. Best regards.
  19. Shallom


    I agree with you on sympathizing with some, but we are required by policy to invest and care for areas entrusted to us, irrelevant of ownership status. We should not feel regret or at loss for doing the right thing for the wildlife and its habitat. It is merely a lease, but comes with criteria...
  20. Shallom


    Thank you all for the warm welcome back into the fold... Things will work out. I am born into this business and am too connected and passionate about the industry to turn away or let anything divert me otherwise. It is such a tiresome cliche, but the time away and focus on family and survival...
  21. Shallom


    AH, Hunters, Outdoors-men, Friends & Stakeholders, it has been a long unexplained absence, but I am glad to see most of you still present and active on here. The stories will unfold and circumstances revealed in good time. Before I get to responding to personal emails and catching up with the...
  22. Shallom

    Free Hunt from Spiral Horn Safaris for 2011

    KUDU emonette82, that is an awesome kudu you got there... has everything i would ever want in a trophy - mass, curl, length, age and is completely smooth from wear & tear :) Well done and great photo with an awesome backdrop!
  23. Shallom

    Free Hunt from Spiral Horn Safaris for 2011

    I know where you saw this photo (morogoro), pity you were unsuccessful in Tanzania, but hope you enjoyed the experience. That wide bull is the World Record that was on display at SCI this year. At this point, he was part of a group of five bulls and the amazing thing is that two of them were...
  24. Shallom


    Does not get any better for whats on offer... Truly exceptional safari experiences with unmatched hunting opportunities.
  25. Shallom


    These hunts are being offered at 30% off! Partly due to booking cancellations and to fill up dates still available before the hunting season begins. You will not get get a better deal than this... Booking will only be accepted with full payment. Please get in touch with any questions and...
  26. Shallom

    CENTRAL AFRICAN REPUBLIC: Hunt Report From a 31 Years Old French Hunter

    Bwana... small world indeed - especially our hunting universe. Unfortunately I do not have roan in my areas, but can assist if needed with a couple of partner Outfitters. The best place for Roan these days is in the western concessions. Rungwa eco-system being the preference with still...
  27. Shallom

    Hunting Bushpig

    Christophe, that is an awesome hog! Well done. It is awesome working on something for such a long time and having so many failures before success - the feeling of accomplishment is super! Really glad to hear that you had a three year affair with this character. I have had a few myself, with...
  28. Shallom

    CENTRAL AFRICAN REPUBLIC: Hunt Report From a 31 Years Old French Hunter

    Christophe, you must have had lots of fun hunting with Herve - a very eager to learn and work character. I have been lucky to hunt with him once and it was a good experience to have someone really into the wholesome experience. Well done on a great hunt you guys. Cheers,
  29. Shallom

    Lions in Camps (Is Rehabilitation Possible)

    Roaming Africa, i think i get where you are coming from and have also considered such a project. In my research and feasibility efforts, there are two aspects that made me stop the pursuit; land & funds. Introducing them into the wild (of which we have a lot in Tanzania) is not very feasible...
  30. Shallom

    Official Leopard & Cheetah Hunting Announcement by NAPHA

    Roger, it may be hard to take right now, but in some cases, there is reason for setbacks... Please email me and we can talk about a leopard option in Tanzania that may well be within reach. Cheers,
  31. Shallom

    Lions in Camps (Is Rehabilitation Possible)

    There are many factors to the re-introduction of lions into the wild... at what stage of their development, what type of habitat, proximity to human activity etc. But it is possible to re-introduce a lion into the wild! It is hard work though and does not always succeed. Very time and fund...
  32. Shallom

    I shot my big Buffalo with my bow...

    Well done Lio... from previous experience guiding hunters like yourself, I can imagine the hunt precisely and congratulate you on pulling off a master-class of a buffalo hunt. Fantastic old bull and a wonder he was still hanging around the herd. Cheers,
  33. Shallom

    SOUTH AFRICA: Spiral Horn Safaris

    Ty, good to have you back and full of smiles and fond memories... Looking forward to hearing all about it. Well done on your African Safari and congrats on some fine animals, but most of all, for giving Africa a chance and letting her in. She rarely disappoints and is damn good at keeping the...
  34. Shallom

    The Tiny Ten Antelopes of Southern Africa

    Great photos... real good trophies among them. Love hunting these tiny monsters!
  35. Shallom

    ZIMBABWE: Back From Zimbabwe Buffalo Hunt with Touch Africa Safaris, Story & Pics

    Congratulations Bwana - glad to hear you had a wonderful first experience... well done to yourself and everyone who made it possible.
  36. Shallom

    Hello Everyone

    Steve, you are about to venture into the ring for the heavyweight title... Buffalo hunting is just amazing hunting experience! Zimbabwe is a good destination for buffalo and Safari Gal may well lead you in the right direction with leads, but do consider Tanzania as well. Have a look at the...
  37. Shallom

    10 Day Discounted Buffalo Hunting Package From Wild Footprints for 2010

    Get those bookings made... this special offer will not last forever and may never appear again. The Cape Buffalo awaits!
  38. Shallom

    Bringing Back Meat

    enysse, what you experienced is really sad! The people who deprived you of tasting your animals need to be kicked hard in parts that hurt! To me that is just not acceptable and you had the right to bring the roof down! Firstly you have a right to the meat on an animal you shot, secondly it is...
  39. Shallom

    Comment by 'Shallom' in media 'Hippo'

    Thanks Jose - the biggest bodied hippo ever taken in my area to-date. He snapped two winch cables! Had to cut him up on site.
  40. Shallom

    Biggest Lion in Africa

    Jerome... as beautiful as that specimen is, to me, it is not a LION! That is a PET! For that amount of money, one could have a hunt of a lifetime for a more worthy lion, plus three buffalo, leopard, hippo, crocodile and numerous others all inclusive in a 28 Day Hunt that would blow your mind...
  41. Shallom

    Discounted Buffalo Hunt in Mozambique

    Is that a dead calf on the third photo? What happened?
  42. Shallom

    Best Tasting African Animal

    Monish, it is some of the best meat i have had - deep red, with a unique taste that suggests you do not need to add much salt and very tender for such a muscular animal. But i recommend the rump as i have tried other cuts and do not think they are as good. Leopard i will eat but do not prefer...
  43. Shallom

    Best Tasting African Animal

    Thomas... there are two animals that will never come close to my taste buds and that is hyena and baboon! You go right ahead and try a hyena if you want, but I doubt there will be any positive reports to make. The animals has a stink that would put a skunk to shame and am sure that stench...
  44. Shallom

    Best Tasting African Animal

    Eland is awesome - but i can tell you from personal experience that some of the best tasting meat is not from the best looking animal - i think cane rat and porcupine are some of the most tender and delicious cuts out there. For me, Eland is the best, but they are not an easy to get animal and...
  45. Shallom

    10 Day Discounted Buffalo Hunting Package From Wild Footprints for 2010

    This special offer is open for booking until May 1st, 2010. Note that the offer is for FULL licenses and not on a shared basis. Each hunter will have their own license which entitles them to hunt two buffalo if they wish, plus the plains game species allowed. One of the reasons that Tanzania...
  46. Shallom

    Hunting Areas Wanted

  47. Shallom

    Travel Express and Lori Spears "Safari Gal"

    A Travel Consultant, Safari Agent, Hunter and Person of great stature and character - I have been fortunate enough to host Troy & Lori in Tanzania and they are not just good people - they are great people. A great addition and resource to this awesome forum...
  48. Shallom

    Cal. .416.

    Sorry Browningbbr for the late response... i have had excellent performance with the TSX on my .416 Rem and also recommend the Swift A's. Cheers,
  49. Shallom

    Hunting Nyala - What is a fair price?

    This thread is a clear indication of just how "hunting" has developed (or deteriorated) over the years. I am nobody to oppose another persons view or opinion, but speaking in my principle - DO NOT confuse HUNTING with some of the activities and views being discussed here - HUNTING ethically in...