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  1. George22250

    Fishing in Tanzania

    Fishing for tigerfish in Selous Game Reserve Tanzania with Tanzanian Tigerfish Adventures.
  2. George22250

    Camp manager needed in Tanzania

    We need an experienced camp manager for Tanzania
  3. George22250

    Huge tiger fish Tanzania

    It is in the Selous game reserve. We have a camp there for fishing. Best time starting form August and ends in November depending on the rain. We use fly as well as conventional especially in the other rivers that are more murky. Both with great success. The one is 15 kg and he was caught on...
  4. George22250

    Huge tiger fish Tanzania

    Good day, this is from our last trip to Tanzania on the hunt for large tigers... Enjoy
  5. Croc in Mozam

    Croc in Mozam

    15 foot croc shot in Mozambique
  6. Zambezi croc

    Zambezi croc

  7. Hippo on the Zambezi

    Hippo on the Zambezi

  8. George22250

    Tanzanian Tigerfish Adventures

    It's a pleasure showing you the pictures. We do most of our fishing on the Ruaha. The first photo is almost 10kg but we do go over that from time to time. It's an instant adrenalin rush and once one of these big ones take the fly you better hold on. Wes he is still swimming without any hooks...
  9. George22250

    Tanzanian Tigerfish Adventures

    This is where some of the best tigers are caught either on fly or conventional. Have a look at the photos.