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  1. HuntingGold

    Hello from Oregon USA!

    Welcome! I'm in Klamath Falls and work Medford area, let me know if you need anything. Randy
  2. HuntingGold

    Anyone else butcher?

    This Roosevelt bull is aging now... butchering will occur in about 10 days. The last bull I shot of this size was a bit dry (no fat after the rut) and tough. Im hanging an extra few days in a walk-in cooler to see if that will help.
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    For Sale 243 Once Fired Brass

    @Bob Nelson 35Whelen called asking to borrow 55 bucks. I bet this is what he wanted.
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    Mouflon hunt?

    I need to write up this report... it's only been 14 months or more... when was it due? Here is a photo of the team looking into a small canyon at what would later become my sheep. I'm posting it to show the topography of where this hunt takes place. Note the Adriatic in the background.
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    Mouflon hunt?

    @mark-hunter You have certainly helped several of us finding good destinations in Croatia! I hope to return one day.
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    Mouflon hunt?

    I did my hunt in Croatia along the Adriatic coastline. Nice hunt.
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    Cull Hunt LJ SAFARIS

    Sounds like a lot of fun!
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    Incredibly interesting
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    ROMANIA: Oct 2023 Fallow Deer With HUNTROMANIA

    There was a place outside of Bucharest, I'm sorry I cannot recall the name, that was a multi-acre outdoor facility that held actual Romania homes and buildings from many locations about the country and from hundreds of years ago. It was a walking, self-guided tour with most of the signage in...
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    ROMANIA: Oct 2023 Fallow Deer With HUNTROMANIA

    I enjoyed your report. Previously I had asked my Romania contact for info on a Fallow hunt but still haven't heard back. HUNTROMANIA may get my business. There is plenty to do, even around Bucharest. I'm sorry you didn't get that opportunity. Romania is beautiful.
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    Completed Danube cruise and Stag hunt

    Sounds like a wonderful trip for you both!
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    Wanted Tiger Stripe Myrtle Wood Rifle Stock Blank

    I have a blank I bought for a project that has not yet come to fruition. I've had it for nearly ten years. I'm away from home now, I may have a photo in my files.
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    Is $1700 fair for a Remington 798 375h&h

    People went weird during the pandemic. I lost track of prices 6 or 8 months ago but a friend tells me prices are dropping quickly for used rifles. I checked on gunbroker and it does look like the market has softened.
  14. HuntingGold

    Is $1700 fair for a Remington 798 375h&h

    Prior to the pandemic, they were well under $1000 for like new. 12 to 1400 now ? Maybe???
  15. HuntingGold

    Buffalo Cow Hunt On 44,500 Acres 2024

    I hunted for bulls on this reserve last July with Bayly Sippel and can recommend outfit. It is a physically more demanding hunt, up and down hills, crawling through the brush, and what not... so be prepared.
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    Wanted Sierra 7mm Bullets

    All I have is 160 and 175.... I tried
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    Oribi hunt 2023

  18. HuntingGold

    On my way

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    RIP Jimmy Buffet

    We used to have "Buffet Partys" with Cheeseburgers, Margaritas, Tequila, Pirates...etc. Jimmy will be missed
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    Searching for less expensive Buffalo hunt

    I've hunted this hunt and found it to be a very good hunt and I'm working on the report. Another member and his son also hunted it and have completed their report. They took 2 bulls. Unfortunately I shot and lost mine. The group made a helluva effort at tracking and recovery. In the end, the...
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    on a lighter note...

    My wife frequently drinks that particular wine but sadly I've never seen that glass, therefore that is not my wife.
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    Harry Selby - Did he ever write a book?

    I enjoyed the article, thank you for the link.
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    On my way

    All the best to you! I'm looking forward to pics
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    SOUTH AFRICA: Long Haul Cape Buffalo Hunt With BAYLY SIPPEL SAFARIS

    I was there just before you. Blouberg was quite nice. Bayly Sippel did a fantastic job. I still need to write my report. Unfortunately I came home sick and once better, dived back into work and life. I'll get it done, hopefully soon.
  25. HuntingGold

    35 Whelen with 250 gr Norma Oryx

    Bob? @Bob Nelson 35Whelen
  26. HuntingGold

    CROATIA Hunting Information

    Wow! I'm glad you are ok and happy that the damage is repairable.
  27. HuntingGold

    KAROO WILD Safaris - 2023 Season Pics

    We were just talking about you a few days ago. I'm glad to see things are going well! Nice pics
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    Hello from Eastern Oregon

    Hello from Klamath
  29. HuntingGold

    Special Business Hunt South Africa US$2,150 - €1,965 - AU$3,287

    Slightly over a week ago I could've used you! Quite possibly would have !
  30. HuntingGold

    Re-Barrel a .30-06 to ??

    I have both and really enjoy both chambers
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    Fair Chase Reserve Buffalo Hunt On 44,500 Acres

    I'm here now. Shot the rifle last night. Meeting for breakfast in just an hour.
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    Hello from Pretoria South Africa

    Welcome to the forum. We will be driving through your area in a few hours on our way north!
  33. HuntingGold

    A free day in Johannesburg

    Thanks again Kevin. As a side note, since we had multiple stops, we hired a private driver through a tour company. I enjoyed his input, as well as the input from Diedre at Africa Sky and we added in our own little stops along the way. In all, I think this poor man had to endure us for 8 hours!
  34. HuntingGold

    A free day in Johannesburg

    We are just outside Joberg now. Yesterday we followed Kevin's advice and hit the Safari store where I bought a new hat. Then Melville and Moon, Amatulis, then the Cuban Restaurant. All were very good suggestions. Thanks much! We added to the list this morning with a hot air balloon flight. In...
  35. HuntingGold

    View out the window- Post your pics

    Current view with 2 hours until lift off.
  36. HuntingGold

    View out the window- Post your pics

    That was leaving last night. Now in ATL looking out a window waiting for tonight's flight to Joberg
  37. HuntingGold

    Speer Grand Slam Bullets 375 Caliber

    That would be great
  38. HuntingGold

    Speer Grand Slam Bullets 375 Caliber

  39. HuntingGold

    Speer Grand Slam Bullets 375 Caliber

    Darn you.... I'm leaving for Africa very soon. If these are available when I return we shall have a deal. Until then fellers.... feel free to scoop them up because my bullet shelf is near full... ok it's overfull.
  40. HuntingGold

    RWS 375 Bullets info request

    @Hunter-Habib I appreciate the detailed information. If you would like to have them, perhaps we can find a way to send them to you.
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    I am hesitant to post regarding the issue in Florida as I would rather read and learn about the international politics and discussions as well as the present decisions by SCOTUS. However; the first training I received in Active Shooter training was to arrive on scene, relay information to...
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    on a lighter note...

    This actually happened here about 8 years ago. Kids at a bus stop waiting for their ride when a large dog trotted up with a bone in its mouth complete with tennis shoe at the end. It was Tweaker Tonia, she'd been missing for a few months... missing no more. Ahhh the stuff that never made the...
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    CROATIA Hunting Information

    I've spoken to @mark-hunter by text but want to say to him publicly a big thank you for all the wonderful information. We had a great time in Croatia.
  44. HuntingGold

    CROATIA Hunting Information

    My mouflon is on his way home now. A wonderful trip to Croatia.
  45. HuntingGold

    Stevens 22lr/410 3" is it worth it? I'm thinking about picking up one of these little kits to fool with. There is a little demo video in the link.
  46. HuntingGold

    Stevens 22lr/410 3" is it worth it?

    For the price of that gun, it is a no brainer, buy it. You are correct in that TSS shot has changed the game on 410 bores. While tss is very expensive, it has changed the game on what a 410 can do. In the last week, I have just bought another 410. For fun, look up reloading the 410 with hand...
  47. HuntingGold

    Off to Craddock for a kudu

    All the best to you and your party on the hunt!
  48. HuntingGold

    Wish me good success, I am headed out after Mountain Lion Go get 'em