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    Where are the Biggest Leopards found?

    This. I would call Jaco at NKWE Safaris. He has done a lot of these and taken some great trophies.
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    Best Hard rifle case

    I use a pelican with the foam removed minus a 1 inch thick layer. I put a cleaning rod, basic tools, optics in soft cases and that replaces the pelican foam.
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    Thoughts on the Leupold VX-5HD 3-15x44 Scope?

    I have that optic on a 300 win mag. Bottom line- it’s good, not great. The good- it’s relatively rare in that it’s an ideal balance of magnification, adjustment, and light weight with a smaller objective that allows lower mounts. Leupold has good service and it’s designed to be...
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    Ruger Safari Magnum Project

    Great work.
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    CHEDDITE 209 PRIMER any good?

    This. they out perform all US made primers in my muzzle loader. They seem super hot, clean, and are slightly shorter in length than US made. They fit the primer pocket better and get a better seal.
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    How bad is United Airlines

    Use air tags hidden in every bag, then one with you to see your location in relation to the others. They saved me when United lost my guns for days and I had to literally ask a CBP officer to walk with me to a baggage cart under the terminal to locate them via air tag.
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    Wyoming Elk Clothing Suggestions

    Ounces make pounds and pounds make pain. Minimalism and high performance… Boots- Crispi, Meindl, etc. Performance mid weight socks. If you have to pack your gear or an animal, I like Mystery Ranch…but there are many good packs.
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    NX8 1-8 on big bore

    I believe S&B is the only manufacturer that has a true 1x parallax free LPVO. Their optic genuinely converts to a true 1x red dot, then becomes a magnified optic if you adjust the power with a traditional reticle. It’s complex, but it is functionally 2 optics built into 1. They have a good...
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    Taxidermist Recommendation?

    I think shipping would be rough…2 big Kudu, Gemsbok, Waterbuck, Impala, etc. That said, a U.S. taxidermist quoted almost 3k for a Kudu…about 20k for 8 animals (7 shoulder mounts and a rug). So, doing it in SA might be viable in comparison.
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    Taxidermist Recommendation?

    Following an outstanding plains game hunt with NKWE in Botswana, I am in need of a good taxidermist. Couple of things I need- 1. US based. I will road trip to pick up the finished mounts. 2. Preferably East Coast to Midwest. 3. Cost isn’t the primary driver but I’m looking at 8 or so...
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    Who and what do waterfowlers and bird hunters hunt internationally? and their podcast is what you seek…seriously.
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    Removing wad fouling from barrel

    Don’t use power tools. You will leave crosshatching in the bore that makes fouling build up. i shot trap competitively for years. Plastic is a pain, but very solvable. It just takes proper tools. Get a GOOD brass shotgun rod, bronze tornado brush (several), bore mop (several), patch...
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    Big Kudu Down

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    Botswana Minister of Environment & Tourism Defends Trophy Hunting

    I love hunting in Botswana. It’s an amazing place. That said, their government is failing to capitalize on a huge block of hunting and conservation. Look at available Buffalo hunts…great but very few in number and wildly expensive. Elephant numbers are ridiculous and growing...
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    Ruger Safari Magnum Project

    Nice rifle!
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    North Fork Bullets

    Good bullets for relativity close range. Well made with good weight retention.
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    SOUTH AFRICA: Kuche Safaris

    This. That has to be put and take, just due to volume. Not my cup of tea, but everyone is different.
  18. Kudu Hunt Botswana

    Kudu Hunt Botswana

  19. Trophy Hunt Botswana

    Trophy Hunt Botswana

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    New guy planning for 2024

    I recently hunted with NKWE in Botswana and it was everything I wanted out of an authentic traditional African Safari. Best of all…I didn’t run into other hunters in the field or have to de conflict with other groups. Jaco is a first rate PH with prime habitat that’s exclusive to his use...
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    Ruger M77 Mk 2 action reliability vs mauser 98

    Ruger makes good rifles but you have to test them. There can be issues. That’s not unique to Ruger. At a minimum, they need bedding, trigger adjustment, and a thorough break in with copious live fire under realistic conditions.
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    Botswana Cancellation Hunt

    The Kudu at NKWE are stunning. It’s akin to Dall Sheep in the NWT or Mallards in Stuttgart, AR…being on the proverbial X and surrounded by optimal habitat, genetics, and minimal hunting pressure. It results in great animals in quantity that you don’t see many other places.
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    BOTSWANA: Another Dream Hunt This Time With NKWE SAFARIS & Jaco Visser

    Great photos and I agree on wishing I had found Botswana earlier in life!
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    FN Mauser project

    That would be true if parts were interchangeable. Over the course of the last century, how many mausers were made by how many manufacturers at how many factories… Parts aren’t available now for a lot of vintage rifles. A smith has to create them, try to heat treat…it takes years and is expensive.
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    Who is your preferred taxidermist?

    Anyone have a good taxidermist on the East Coast, preferably around VA/MD area? Happy to drive a ways…but not across the country.
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    This. I had terrible shin splints and sorbothane inserts cured them.
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    Botswana Cancellation Hunt

    Kudu # 2 down…56 inches with a beautiful outward top curl. Wow, what a hunt. I wouldn’t have believed it if someone had told me 10 days ago…
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    Botswana Cancellation Hunt

    As I wrap up my hunt, I wanted to update- if you are into giant Kudu, this is heaven. I saw 4 55 in bulls over the last few days and two that were 60 or better. Almost took one of those but just wasn’t in range. Not that I can complain as Jaco has exceeded every expectation…monster Kudu...
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    Want to buy Safari Binos

    I’m also looking for binos as well. They need… Stud mounting system for tripod use and quick release. Software interface with a mapping app to give you the grid on what you lase and allow you to walk to that spot via GPS.
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    Botswana Cancellation Hunt

    Gentlemen, that’s me in the photos. I booked with NKWE because I wanted to hunt wild animals in a wild place. I say without hesitation- this place is amazing, full of more animals than I ever thought possible, and a true fair-chase hunt. The trophy quality is astounding. My Kudu measured 57...
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    Winchester Super-X on Plains Game?

    With modern bullets, the days of traditional cup and core bullets have gone. the Barnes LRX loading is IMO, the best 06 load ever made.
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    Safari frequency?

    My hunt goals are more oriented around experiences and animals I want to hunt. Once it’s accomplished, I move forward. Moose, caribou, various deer, a LOT of waterfow…now African plains game…then dangerous game, wild sheep in the NWT, a Kodiak bear…
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    Thoughts on Barnes TSX, TTSX, and other solid bullets (Fox Bullets from Slovenia)

    I’ve used Barnes bullets around the world on the largest animals you can hunt. They worked perfectly, every time. They are also very accurate. I hope they eventually get caught up enough to produce the Safari and LRX lines as those are the best of breed IMO.
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    Warne, Talley, or Leupold QD rings ?

    I hate to say it because it’s not traditional for a hunting rifle, but LaRue Tactical makes the best QD optic mounts for a true return to zero. The Marine Corps tested just about every imaginable system for their ACOG and LaRue won hands down. Principally, I believe it’s because the cam lis...
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    Wyoming Winter Kill

    Maybe it’ll drive out the CA transplants in WY and MT and put property prices back near normal.
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    Which bullet in 300WM for Leopard?

    Partition is my go to. It just plain works. It opens FASTC does a lot of damage, and exits for blood loss. You can’t go wrong with it.
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    Hornady DGS for Elephant

    There are likely some technically higher performing solids…but real world, the DGS is more than adequate for any task you could put a solid to. The Woodleigh Hydro is probably the most advanced design…but feeding issues. The Swift Break Away is arguably going to make a more damaging wound...
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    Why avoid Hornady DG bullets and ammunition?

    Hornady makes some of the best ammunition in the world. their Critical Duty is the handgun ammo of choice for the FBI, USMS, and multiple other agencies that have spent huge money on testing. Their 5.56 short barrel loads are the best of their class and they both designed and built the...
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    IMR 4064

    It’s the standard powder for 7.62 sniper ammo in the US Military…so it was designed to be very temp stable and consistent.
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    African Trophy Export real time follow along

    how so? What specifically went wrong?
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    African Trophy Export real time follow along

    im headed there. Can you explain what happened?
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    A 404 Jeffery I have inherited

    Fine steel wool and Hoppes #9 would clean up the metal. Looks like a small amount of surface rust. Then the bore with a brush and patches. I would gently get it out of the stock and make sure all is good and rust free below the woodline. For the stock, I would get a big bag of UNscented kat...
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    Good Gun Deals This Week

    Open emitter optics are light and lower cost…but can be deadlined by a drop of rain. A closed emitter red dot is more suitable for a hunting optic. The optimal pistol red dot is the Aimpoint ACRO. Alternates would be the Sig Romeo 2 and a Steiner.
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    New Member from Idaho but living in Western Montana

    How does that work, living on the reservation? Are you Native? I ask because I see land for sale that often look to be inside the border of the reservation.
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    Are the new Hornady cartridges necessary?

    Hornady created new cartridges because it was the only viable way to put chamber specs on paper that were tight to precision rifle standards, with throats designed for heavy high BC bullets and fast twist barrels. The chamber specs for a 270 win are gigantic by modern standards. It costs...
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    Wanted Winchester Model 70 Stainless 375 HH

    Proxibid had one up for auction.
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    Buffalo, Sable & Roan Combo Hunt With MATTANJA HUNTING SAFARIS 2023

    What would your anticipated trophy size be, approximately? How old/mature? Born on the property or imported?
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    Thoughts on type of camps

    A truly authentic old school safari camp would be awesome. It would have to be authentic…not simply tents off a highway or similar. A lot of guys want the Ruark experience…but mostly see the resort experience in brochures.
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    An update from TROPHY SHIPPERS

    Can TS handle exports from Botswana?