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    Bullet making dies

    I toy'd with the idea of this several years ago when I got into bench rest. Some of the BR guys I got ahold of to talk to about BR reloading we're making their own projectiles. Seemed expensive at the time for what you're getting/having to do. But I totally get the idea. After all I'm a...
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    Range only pistol ?

    I have a Ruger mk3 1911grip model with a big ole red dot on it and a bunch of upgrades. It's probably the last gun I'd ever consider carrying around. Fun range plinker though.
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    6.5 Grendel, an after action report

    Can we see some photos.
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    6.5 Grendel, an after action report

    So believe me I've tried everything except opening my gas port up. Which is I believe the issue. I've done the magazines I've done the springs I've done the odinworx adjustable buffer and adjustable gas block and like I said played with my loads. It's a 18in with a mid length gas system. I've...
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    Comment by 'D.M.V' in media 'Hunting Girls'

    Wow. What a good looking woman
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    Ahoy !
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    6.5 Grendel, an after action report

    I've had a lot of trouble with mine. I bought a Wilson combat barrel and went to town. A lot of issues with feeding and ejection and absolutely no bolt hold open on the last round. I've think I've narrowed it down to a gas issue I've read on other forums guys having similar issues. I've given up...
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    Feeding Problem on my Model 70, .375 H&H

    I once had a beautiful Ruger euro full stock model in 243 that was a jama-matic I worked on it a little and had to pay attention to the pills it liked. I ended up selling it. Too bad to cause it was such a beautiful rifle.
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    NAMIBIA: Great Hunt In Namibia!

    I also would bring a surfboard. The Namibian coast is known for great surf. Those shipwrecks create great sandbars for the swells
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    A Proper Plains Game Rifle

    Great rifle, great pictures. Looks like a good time was had
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    I think people of a traditional conservative persuasion overlook the failure of conservative leadership over the last several years and we're it has lead itself. Then you have a guy come along who actually tried too do something about it and he gets nothing but blow back. Of coarse from the...
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    Another new guy from Michigan

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    Hi from Northern California

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    Anyone watched the Ken Burns Hemingway doc?

    If that's your opinion. Good for you. In my opinion it's the Camel getting the nose under the tent. So therefore I won't watch... At this point in time, they are behind every closet door so therefore that's the attitude I have. And too be clear. I view it as a neo liberal corporate style of...
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    Anyone watched the Ken Burns Hemingway doc?

    And the irony of the named "coyote" narrator as they smuggle there communist narrative across the finish line into the minds of Americans. In my opinion...
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    Anyone watched the Ken Burns Hemingway doc?

    Burns is a left wing hack in my opinion. He's just another subdle artful tool for the leftest agenda
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    CZ 550 Mannlicher Style 9.3x62

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    Good books?

    I've been working on a work of fiction for the last few years. Takes place in Africa in the early 1900s. Stay tuned. I'll notify you all hear when I publish on Amazon/KDP
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    Good books?

    Blood Meridian, Cormic McCarthy
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    Is the Winchester Model 70 Safari Express too light?

    I had a m70 in 338win it was the most uncomfortable obnoxious shooting gun I owned. The stock ended up cracking and I sold it. Was a beautiful looking rifle but I determined after working up loads for it that it was too light. Just my opinion.
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    New member from Kansas

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    New member from MD

    Ahoy !
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    Which rifle do we crown as the best looking ever?

    Anything Holland and Holland
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    Best AR triggers

    Another option is a company called hyperfire there design has a very strong caming action with a double spring strut design. I went over too these and haven't had any issues with reliability. They absolutely slam that firing pin into the primer and pull at about 2 1/2 - 3lbs and are easy to pull...
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    Winchester Model 70 300 H&H Magnum Super Grade

    WOW great rifle in a great caliber. I have a set of dies and several boxes of new old stock vintage brass for this caliber that I got for a song. But don't have a rifle. I figured someday I'll come across one. I also have the same thing going on for 505 Gibbs. Hopefully someday I'll come across...
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    So, I Was In The Loading Room Today...

    I use a cheap map torch from the big box hardware store. Many years of doing this and I go by feel and color. Could it be more precise and scientific sure. But I haven't had any problems yet. Someday I'd like too get a fancy one.
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    Big Bore Case Trimmer Help Please

    Ya they really make a nice product.
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    In memoriam - Riaan Naude, Murdered

    So sad. May he rest in peace and those that did this rot in hell
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    Big Bore Case Trimmer Help Please

    I'll chime in with some of the others who recommend the L.E Wilson trimmer. Built to last with high precision with the luxury of trimming after you size it. I have several ways to trim brass but I find myself using this option a lot.
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    Feeding Problem on my Model 70, .375 H&H

    Larry Willis die is also a nice investment for belted magnums it's saved me lots of headaches and cases
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    Expensive ammo

    I don't know about others but after I started reloading "quite a long time ago" I could never bring myself to buy commercial rounds again unless they are almost giving them away. Which is not the case here today in the USA. I don't think you save much if you're reloading common calibers just you...
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    Scratches on brass

    Either a rough chamber or a dirty chamber maybe a little bit of both try a really good cleaning
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    My next "if I had the money" rifle purchase...

    Remington 700 40x action chambered in 22-250 with a x32 power scope in a mdt chassis. Like a modern tactical version of a prairie dog gun
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    Cartridge Of The Month

    Great thread
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    Loading Room Clean Up

    Good deal
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    Leftist At It Again

    New hail Mary for leftist gungrabbers trying to take away our rights in America
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    Beretta acquires Holland & Holland

    In my opinion cz buying colt I think is a good thing at this point. Again just my opinion. I understand some people's valid concerns, but I think colt has had a lot of issues for a very long time and a company like cz is a great candidate to turn things around. I guess maybe I'm trying to have a...
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    First Dangerous Game Rifle - Struggling to decide

    Have a ruger #1 in 458. I like to wear a linen suit and a pith helmet when I bring it to the range then I relax in my canvas tent afterwards
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    Source for primers

    Ya no kidding. I've read that a lot of primers are going toward commercial ammo production causing supply shortages or the reloader. But I'm also of the opinion that a lot of people are getting into reloading now because for some it seems the only way to get ammo period. I've personally had 3...
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    Comment by 'D.M.V' in media '8,5 inch BUSHPIG'

    Reminds me of my baby picture
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    Comment by 'D.M.V' in media 'Ruger #1 Rifle'

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    Tarnished bullets

    After trying a few copper removers. I found bore tech. Sold !!!! Works wonders and is easy to use indoors. No foul ammonia smell.
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    Out of Stock??

    I YouTube channel that pays attention to the $ behind the ammo industry chemical/copper plants ect, played a section from the stock holders meeting at Winchester and there CFO or CEO who ever he was said because of 3-4 years of trump slump they were going to limit production and only fill...
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    Comment by 'D.M.V' in media 'CZ Safari Classic 458 WM/Lott Rifle'

    Great gun I have two of them
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    So, I Was In The Loading Room Today...

    I'm having fun with Blue Dot in the 10mm lately
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    Best Looking Safari Shirt?

    I started a hat thread long time ago in hear. Show us your Hat