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    Life-Size Wolf Taxidermy Mount

    It turned out really nice. Forrest
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    Buffalo, Waterbuck & Sable Hunt Special

    Nice offer. Forrest
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    SOUTH AFRICA: My Once In A Lifetime Trip To Africa With Umlilo Safaris Eastern Cape

    Great write up, congratulation on a great adventure. Forrest
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    NAMIBIA: Our 2019 Drought Stricken Namibian Trip

    Awesome adventure, thanks for taking us along. I read you are at sea , me too ,chief engineer on a tug boat. Forrest
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    SOUTH AFRICA: BOWHUNT: My Limcroma Safaris Experience

    I no you are proud of your son, congratulations to both of you . beautiful trophies. Forrest
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    Starter Plains Game Hunt 7 Trophies From US$4,500 All Inclusive

    Very nice offer. Forrest
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    Coyote rug

    Looks nice, Forrest
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    Affordable Africa Plains Game Hunting Package With JKO Hunting Safaris

    Beautiful Trophies, great offer. Forrest
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    Mounted leopard

    Nice. Forrest
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    Zebra floor pedestal

    Beautiful. Forrest
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    My work here is done.....

    Great Job, kill them with kindness. Forrest
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    Care Of Your Mounted Trophy

    Thank you . Forrest
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    Mounted & Finish Taxidermy Work

    Nice. Forrest
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    Kudu, Bushbuck, Nyala & Waterbuck Hunt 2019/2020

    They are all beautiful animals to me. Forrest
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    Shooting distance

    Ask your outfitter shooting distance at the water holes you are hunting, Also ask them if the WIND IS WRONG WILL they MOVE to another blind, some will some wont, it doesn't sit to well with me hunting with the wind wrong. Like has already been said practice long shoot close, you never no when...
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    USA: West Texas Aoudad Hunt January 2017

    Beautiful Ram . Forrest
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    2019 Terminal Arrow Performance Update

    Thank you sir, EFOC & small diameter heavy arrow & razor sharp broeahead. Forrest
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    SOUTH AFRICA: 10 Day Plains Game Hunt With Game 4 Africa Safaris

    Beautiful trophies, awesome hunt. Forrest
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    NAMIBIA: BOWHUNT: Namibia Bow Hunt With Eintracht Jagd Safaris July 2018

    Awesome, you can't beat a VPA solid, I shoot the 175 grain solid. Forrest
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    USA: Rockin-G-Ranch Three Ram Hunt

    Awesome , congratulations to the both of you. Forrest
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    Mule Deer Shoulder Mount Taxidermy

    Beautiful. Forrest
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    First two mounts back

    Great looking mounts. Forrest
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    Bear Euro Skull Mounts - Huge thank you to jduckhunter

    Looking good, did you use beetles ? Forrest
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    Arrow selection for giraffe hunt

    Awesome trophies too the both of you, good shooting. Forrest
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    Johnny Blues safari taxidermy progress

    Awesome. Forrest
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    Spectacular Waterbuck Pedestal Shoulder Mount

    Looking Good. Forrest
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    Special Bow Hunt With Tallyho US$3,900

    Very good offer. Forrest
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    Hunting Mountain Zebra with bow

    Lee M, sorry for the late reply, I haven't been around a computer in a couple weeks, but yes the Mountain zebra came in about 0900. Congratulations on your Mountain
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    SOUTH AFRICA: 56 Inch Cape Kudu Shot With Karoo Wild Safaris

    Beautiful Trophies, awesome adventure. Forrest
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    Hunting Mountain Zebra with bow

    I killed a big stallion( 35" neck )hunting with Agagia in Namibia , yes they are bow hunters, if the wind is wrong you will not hunt that blind, if it changes they will move you, also killed a Burchells stallion on the same trip. Forrest
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    Nyala mounted up today

    Beautiful work. Forrest
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    AUSTRALIA: The Burning Has Started

    Awesome story & pictures. thanks for sharing. Forrest
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    Comment by 'kathy' in media 'Gemsbok with a bow. Limcroma safaris 2009'

    Dan, very nice Gemsbok. Forrest
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    Comment by 'kathy' in media 'Bow Hunting Waterbuck in South Africa'

    Awesome, how may inches long. Forrest
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    Start of my Namibia Taxidermy

    Everything looks good. Forrest
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    Axis Deer Pictures

    Beautiful deer. Forrest
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    Happy Easter

    Happy Easter to All. Forrest
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    Easter Boar

    Good cutters on your pig . I think you were under gunned , HA, they are tuff animals. You can keep the snakes. Forrest
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    Best Broadheads for 50# bow

    Razor sharp with a heavy arrow and good FOC. Forrest
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    SOUTH AFRICA: BOWHUNT: African Barefoot Safaris 2017

    Great hunt, thanks for sharing. I hunted with Reon in 2012 I think, also had a great hunt. Forrest
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    New from NC and going to Africa this Summer

    Welcome , You have come to the right place . a great bunch of people with a lot of knowledge about Africa. I am also from N.C. (Outerbanks) . Forrest
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    Greetings from NC USA

    Welcome, its addictive . I am also from N.C. ( Outerbanks ) Forrest
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    Me and my kitty by the fire

    Awesome, I want one. Forrest
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    Happy New Year

    Happy New Year, Happy Hunting. Forrest
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    Jumping kudus

    Awesome, I like the narrow tight curls, with stripes , and no fence . Forrest
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    Merry Christmas! Happy Hunting to all... 2017

    Merry Christmas to you and Happy Hunting. Forrest
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    NEW ZEALAND: Red Stag Hunt With Kiwi Wilderness Safaris

    Awesome Stag and Ram, thanks for sharing. Forrest
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    My Alaskan Black Bear

    Nice. Forrest