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    Fundraiser for wounded fellow Professional Hunter FC Prinsloo

    Have made donation via paypal. I will offer up prayers to the Lord for his return to good health.
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    Bullets For Sale

    I'll take the .375 Noslers.
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    Bullets For Sale

    I would like the .375 Noslers. Whats next?
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    Judging Warthog

    Very nice article and photos to illustrate. Time well spent, as I learned what to look for in Warthogs.
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    Comment by 'flying sailor' in media 'Argentina Hunting Boar'

    Nice looking hog. just back from vacation in Florida and the two hogs I harvested were less than this one. My boar was only 150 lbs, the sow about 85 lbs. Now there is some tenderloins, backstraps in the freezer, and later this week I will pick up my sausage from the processor. Again, great...
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    For Sale Fixer Searcy Double In 500/416 NE

    I would certainly be interested in a half dozen or so. I haven't won a gun raffle for over a year now.
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    For Sale Fixer Searcy Double In 500/416 NE

    I would buy some tickets also. You can't have too much hardware.
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    For Sale Fixer Searcy Double In 500/416 NE

    It is best to know both sides of the story. I work on firearms also, sometimes the customer does not express completely the whole problem. Then you find something that is not correct. Maybe you fix it gratis, or charge accordingly. I have been in the middle of some real mud during these times...
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    Problems with CZ 550 Safari

    I too like the CZ's. However, one day while looking at gun porn, I stumbled across some Bruno 602's. Both in .375 H&H. Well, after a brief moment while my heart softened, bought them both. After poking around on this site, I determined that some work would be beneficial for my "new" rifles. Did...
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    Free Book Giveaway There's Something About Buffalo by Kevin Thomas

    "There's Something About Buffalo" The pages here are a wonderful tease. If I should be fortunate enough to win a signed copy, I will be happy. However, I shall buy two, if need be. My son and I enjoy stories of African hunting. He knows I just purchased a BRNO 602, in .375, he just does not know...