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  1. ve7poi

    Namibia Plains Game Hunt Package Deal 2021

    If this doesn’t work for you contact him for what you want and length of hunt. I’ve booked May 2020 for twenty day hunt
  2. ve7poi

    Frankenstein sight experiment success

    Very nice shooting Don’t you love it when a plan comes together like that
  3. ve7poi

    Show us your Blaser

    Just picked up another pelican 1700 to do just that nice arrangement of rifles did you cut it out yourself or have it done.
  4. ve7poi

    Found a Merkel 500! Any advice appreciated!!!!

    Have a 140ae in 470 NE shoots very well that’s it in my avatar
  5. ve7poi

    Hello from South Africa - new hunter

    Welcome to the forum look forward to your hunts being posted
  6. ve7poi

    Sierra Game King bullets

    I used 225spitzer boat tail in 350 Rem mag awesome results on black bear and Mule deer + whitetail no tracking
  7. ve7poi

    What Calibre to Bring on a One-Gun Safari?

    I agree 375 H&H if using Blaser R8 404 Jeffery if using Winchester 70 crf Both are outstanding
  8. ve7poi

    Best two or three barrel takedown for Africa hunting

    I now use either 9.3x62 + 308 win or 30-06 + 375 combo for travel depending on what’s on the menu + 470NE double or 475 Turnbull no 1
  9. ve7poi

    AH Get Together In Dallas During Dallas Safari Club (DSC) Convention 2021

    Just got this notice sad day The leader in defending the freedom to hunt and promoting wildlife conservation worldwide. SCI Statement on 2021 Convention After much contemplation and exhaustive effort, Safari Club International (SCI) has made the difficult decision to cancel its 2021 Hunters’...
  10. ve7poi

    Bushpig Hunt With Limpopo Big Game Safaris In Soutpansberg Mountains Of South Africa

    Very true much more selective And my body has way to many years for foot race with one these days
  11. ve7poi

    Bushpig Hunt With Limpopo Big Game Safaris In Soutpansberg Mountains Of South Africa

    I like how you can add on to another hunt, a great deal I’ve been on one where dogs were used and you had better be in super shape for that one lol.
  12. ve7poi

    NAMIBIA: Omujeve Hunting Safaris - Caprivi Strip

    Congratulations and thank you for the great report and pictures. Loved reading it
  13. ve7poi

    Boys new gun

    The smile says it all Good shooting young man
  14. ve7poi

    For Sale Sako Brown Bear 416 Rigby With Extras

    Only have one that is a true keeper as it has my initials as part of the serial number rest are fair game lol
  15. ve7poi

    Texas Hog Hunting Package

    Nice offer would be a fun hunt I’m sure
  16. ve7poi

    My African Knives

    Very nicely done well worth the wait to see it
  17. ve7poi

    on a lighter note...

    You bet I did lol
  18. ve7poi

    Whitworth 375 H&H For Sale - As New

    Congratulations To the buyer he got a real gem there. Hope your health issue clear up and one day you can go to Africa on your dream hunt.
  19. ve7poi

    Whitworth 375 H&H For Sale - As New

    Beautiful wood on that one
  20. ve7poi

    My African Knives

    Now you have peaked my curiosity, will be watching for completed knife revealing. I’m sure it will be a special one.
  21. ve7poi

    Zimbabwe Non Trophy Elephant Hunt Special 2020

    What a deal someone please take him up on this is a extreamly Good deal. You could add extra couple of days if possible would make it even better. Here is a dream hunt for someone
  22. ve7poi

    Old Africa Dream Hunt

    You bet never to early to start planning it’s amazing how the planning process leads you to the trip all prepared and savings in place as part of that plan
  23. ve7poi

    Old Africa Dream Hunt

    You might as well start planning I’m planning our seventh this time doing 20 days in Namibia in hind sight I could have done two month long Safaries for what this African addiction will have cost me over the last 20 yrs but absolutely no regrets at all. They have all been dream hunts last two my...
  24. ve7poi

    404 Jeffery Model 70 kickoff

    On Winchester mag insert there are protrusion on each side eighth of inch grind off then you get 3. Rounds down plus one in chamber with standard bottom metal
  25. ve7poi

    404 Jeffery Model 70 kickoff

    Used safari stock when I did my conversion from 416 Rem mag to Jeffery
  26. ve7poi

    1st Traditional Dangerous Game Rifle

    404 Jeffery bolt action did mine on a 416rm Winchester 70 with a barrel swap Used it for first cape buffalo was a great choice 400 gr TSX @2300 FPS will load hotter but super accurate with load at 2300
  27. ve7poi

    For Sale Norma Brass & Woodleigh Bullets 500 Jeff

    That’s a good deal
  28. ve7poi

    Unique Merganser Taxidermy Mount

    That is a real memory piece so many details pop each time you look at photos. Very well done great mount
  29. ve7poi

    Verney Carron Azure PH In 500 Nitro Express Caliber For Sale

    Beautiful rifle someone getting a deal of a lifetime
  30. ve7poi

    .270 vs 7*57 Which is the best???

    7x57 great caliber for exactly what you want In future if a hand loader ackley improve it even better
  31. ve7poi

    20 day hunt in May 2022 with Zana Botes hard part now starting the wait

    20 day hunt in May 2022 with Zana Botes hard part now starting the wait
  32. ve7poi

    Covid 19 killed that trip but now looking. At 2021 or 2022

    Covid 19 killed that trip but now looking. At 2021 or 2022
  33. ve7poi

    Sako 85 Brown Bear 416 Rigby

    Found it in store two were brought in and sold in one day also 2 416Rigbys last one just sold last week I was lucky I work there. If importer doesn’t have in stock it can take a year not what you wanted to hear I’m sure..
  34. ve7poi

    Big Bore Addiction Group

    I think I maybe put mine on hold by booking a 20 day hunt for 2022 and paying for it before any more rifle purchases. That’s a hard statement when you work at Corlane sporting goods with custom rifles coming going being built trading etc. Today took my 470NE out with new handloads that look...
  35. ve7poi

    New Double

    Congratulations on your new double currently looking at one myself, but I have a 470 that is beautifully regulated.
  36. ve7poi

    Hello from Canada

    Welcome Lots of good info and “bargains” for trips truly a great source of info
  37. ve7poi

    Namibia Hunting Package Deals 2021

    Oh that would be a fun hunt for someone in 2021
  38. ve7poi

    I've finally reached the point of being comfortable with my .416!

    Works well with Merkel 470NE as well 4 rounds a day off sticks slow then as fast as you can get second aimed shot off and keep together at x range After two weeks it was amazing how much better my shooting was and not anticipate the recoil Secret for me was limiting shots fired at one range...
  39. ve7poi

    Winchester pre 64 7x57 supergrade

    Beautiful keep her as is..
  40. ve7poi

    Wanted Federal 375 H&H Ammo Boxes

    Never had them check mine in 6 trips Just have ammo in separate lock able case inside your main luggage not in same case as rifle. It doesn’t need to be locked but if transferring flights they want it as a separate piece of luggage
  41. ve7poi

    Job Vacancie

    Best of everything in all your future endeavors
  42. ve7poi

    Drone footage of Kudu in Namibia

    Very nice thank you for sharing
  43. ve7poi

    Sako 85 Brown Bear 416 Rigby

    It was a grind to fit
  44. ve7poi

    Sako 85 Brown Bear 416 Rigby

    PPachmyer 1"
  45. ve7poi

    Sako 85 Brown Bear 416 Rigby

    Yes it is yes it is a Sako 85 500J
  46. ve7poi

    Looking to hunt Namibia

  47. ve7poi

    For Sale Heym 88B .470 NE High Grade With Ammunition

    Beautiful rifle and the wood is exquisite
  48. ve7poi

    375 H&H or 416 RIgby

    Either is fine but the 416 Rigby just hit a little harder whichever you take premium bullets will do the job for you. Have fun and all the best in getting the trophy you have dreamed about.. Care-full it addicting
  49. ve7poi

    New Concession Zululand Hunt Special

    Nice offer