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  1. Tokoloshe Safaris

    CZ 550 front sight bead..

    Sights are the number one issue. Cracked or broken stocks which suffer from abuse are number two. Ejector blade problems are number three and are the most critical and dangerous. As you are probably aware they are movable and spring loaded. Dirt or gunk is sometimes the problem and sometimes it...
  2. Tokoloshe Safaris

    CZ 550 front sight bead..

    Here in Zim. I do quite a bit of work on CZs. Since almost everyone removes the hood on their CZs the front sight blade takes a lot of abuse and the biggest problems seems to be that the tiny silver bead in the blade falls out. Picture a black rear sight a now all black front sight and a black...
  3. Tokoloshe Safaris

    What headgear do you guys use on Safari?

    The hat that I always reach for (if it is not on my head) is a faded green baseball hat that has two very small led lights under the brim. It has almost replaced my small torch, but not completely. It is powered by 4 small 2023 batteries and seems to last a very long time as long as I remember...
  4. Tokoloshe Safaris

    Outfitters and PH's Please respond. All others: who does this...?

    We have never had a problem with American hunters & alcohol. Eastern Europeans are a whole different story. I would be happy if they just had a beer at lunch or one beer after a major animal was loaded. Enough said!
  5. Tokoloshe Safaris

    The UAE closed all of it's Airports Oct. 28th

    I just googled UAE airport closures, I see nothing happening at this time. Closures from back in March? I also went to Emirates web site, nothing there?
  6. Tokoloshe Safaris

    The UAE closed all of it's Airports Oct. 28th

    I am not sure where you got your information? I just checked see nothing?
  7. Tokoloshe Safaris

    For Sale Brno 602 375 On Gunbroker

    One major difference is the safety. On the 602 the safety is disengaged by sliding it back. On the 550 the safety is disengaged by pushing it forward, which is more common on two position safeties. Of course this can be changed (at extra cost). I believe other than that they are pretty much the...
  8. Tokoloshe Safaris

    Dangerous Game for a first Safari?

    I'm sure you understand my 50/50%, so many variables with leopard, we require 14 days for leopard. Depending on the concession a good solid boss buff should be taken on a ten day hunt. As to sighting a rifle, lets say your .375H&H is sighted for 100yds for plains game. Now we have a good hit on...
  9. Tokoloshe Safaris

    Dangerous Game for a first Safari?

    I would recommend the 1st hunt being buffalo with leopard on a subsequent safari. Success on leopard can pretty well defined as 50/50 chance, you either will or you won't! Buffalo depending on where you hunt usually has a very high success rate. Most PHs would like to see you take one plains...
  10. Tokoloshe Safaris

    Hi, It is possible that both my wife and I may be traveling from Zim to Texas in May or June of...

    Hi, It is possible that both my wife and I may be traveling from Zim to Texas in May or June of 2021. I have a question for you would my wife be required to have a "Hunter Safety Certificate" if a Texas hunting license is required. Bothe her and myself or Zimbabwe PHs, but she has never hunted...
  11. Tokoloshe Safaris

    Comment by 'Tokoloshe Safaris' in media 'M.K. Owens 4 Bore Rifle'

    Ken Owens is truly a master gunsmith and one hell of a fine man. Not to mention a true American Patriot!
  12. Tokoloshe Safaris

    For Sale CZ 550 Magnum EGW Picatinney Rail

    Just curious did you have any ejection problems using this rail?
  13. Tokoloshe Safaris

    Pre-64 Winchester 70 9.3x64 Brenneke - The mystery continues

    A few years ago I closely inspected a 100% original pre 64 M-70 .300 win mag with factory bull barrel THE ACTION HAD NEVER RECEIVED SERIAL numbers. I tried rule and the Winchester historian I got nowhere. The M-70 is still out there but now it has serial numbers for obvious reasons.
  14. Tokoloshe Safaris

    WANTED: Pricing A Wild Managed Lion Hunt For 2022

    I would highly recommend the Matetsi units success would be very high and good quality. Martin Peters runs a excellent company and has a real quality area. One question what do you mean by a "Wild Managed Lion Hunt"? It is the word "managed" that leaves me curious.
  15. Tokoloshe Safaris

    WANTED: Hippo Hunt 2021

    Hi, We have hippo & tiger fishing out of our lodge on the Zambezi at unbeatable prices. Please send a P.M. for more information. As always our prices are all inclusive.
  16. Tokoloshe Safaris

    Heym or Dakota?

  17. Tokoloshe Safaris

    Wanted Verney-Carron Double Rifle In .470NE Or .500NE With Ejectors

    I believe on a true left hand action the lever moves to the left instead of right, but also the front trigger fires the left bbl. and rear trigger the right. Just the opposite of a right hand dbl.
  18. Tokoloshe Safaris

    Zimbabwe opening soon (maybe)

    For all practical purposes air travel in and out of Zimbabwe has re-opened. However we still have many unanswered questions, such as Covid 19 testing and quarantine? We do know that flights are allowed in and out of Harare. I will be going to Victoria Falls in a couple of hours and should have...
  19. Tokoloshe Safaris

    30mm vs. 1” scope tubes?

    I would rate any scope in this order.1.Reliability. 2.clarity, 3.simplicity. Swarovski and Kahles have always checked all of those boxes. Go with the best you can afford and go with even better, properly installed scope mounts.
  20. Tokoloshe Safaris

    SOUTH AFRICA: My PH/Guide/Tracker Was Not Human

    What tribe is Libert from? What is his home area? Was his father a tracker?
  21. Tokoloshe Safaris

    Working Rifle

    Pre-64 Model 70 standard grade in your favorite caliber. Or?
  22. Tokoloshe Safaris

    Namibian borders open 1 September

    As I posted elsewhere on the forum, we are supposed to have a similar announcement on or by 1, September. We have four airlines including Emirates flying into Harare at this time.
  23. Tokoloshe Safaris

    Ammunition Availability????

    I made one phone call and found two boxes. The person who had the two boxes said that they knew where to get more.
  24. Tokoloshe Safaris

    Ammunition Availability????

    I am reasonable sure that we could find you some, but you might loose a couple of days of hunting. The only dangerous game ammunition that would be readily accessible would be: .338 (cats) .375 H&H .404 J .450-.400 3". .470 Nitro If your plane landed in Harare or Bulawayo, we could probably...
  25. Tokoloshe Safaris

    Zimbabwe opening soon (maybe)

    I have just received word that there will be some type of big announcement September First. Not sure that this might be the big news that we have been waiting for. As soon as I have something definite I will post!
  26. Tokoloshe Safaris

    375 H&H or 416 RIgby

    Shot Placement! Whichever you are the most accurate and comfortable with. Listen to your PH! Thats why you are paying him the big bucks!
  27. Tokoloshe Safaris

    375 H&H rebored to 404 Jeffery

    It is really great to see all of the recent interest in .404J. It is really a great cartridge, now if someone will only forget and leave a couple boxes of ammunition behind!
  28. Tokoloshe Safaris

    Zimbabwe opening soon (maybe)

    I will do my best to keep everyone informed on the Zimbabwe end. There is so much phony media "outhere", I do not want to add to rumors. I would suggest contacting "SOAZ". They should have the latest confirmed news and possibly a list of operators that have been "veted" by the Zimbabwe...
  29. Tokoloshe Safaris

    Tokoloshe Safaris

    Tokoloshe Safaris is based in Zimbabwe in the Binga District. We have Buffalo, Lion, Leopard and Elephant on quota. We have 2 fully qualified professional hunters who we use on a regular basis. Visit our website for more information and photos at
  30. Tokoloshe Safaris

    Tokoloshe Safaris

    Tokoloshe Safaris submitted a new resource: Tokoloshe Safaris - ZIMBABWE - Customized Dangerous & Plains Game Hunting Safaris in Zimbabwe just for you since 2002 - Read more about this resource... This is an informative ongoing and open discussion thread with Tokoloshe Safaris. Members can ask...
  31. Tokoloshe Safaris

    OK it's not a 405 but it's pretty darn close!

    That is funny, when you forget what guns that you have in the safe. Here in Zim we have to relicense every 3 years, so we do not have your problem, did I say problem?
  32. Tokoloshe Safaris

    My Quandary

    I would think the starting point would be, take the rifle to a qualified gunsmith and have a chamber cast mold made. Trying to fire a round thru a unknown chamber/ barrel is not the wisest thing to do.
  33. Tokoloshe Safaris

    Zimbabwe opening soon (maybe)

    We received this message a few minutes ago this is copied from another operator, We received the okay for a specific foreign/international hunt from the Ministry of Tourism. We also applied to the Ministries of Transport & Health for further approvals last week and now await those. Hopefully...
  34. Tokoloshe Safaris

    Cape Buffalo Hunt Pricing

    We have access to several concessions, including one of our own. Prices vary due mainly to what we are charged and the distances traveled. One other factor is the availability and quality of the desired trophies in that concession. If our Zimbabwe lock down was to cease tomorrow, we could do a...
  35. Tokoloshe Safaris

    Mad Minute

    When I was a boy my best friends dad had been a U.S. Marine, he had fought in the battle for Guadalcanal. He always said he shot his rifle (03 springfield?) with his middle finger being the trigger finger he said he could shoot faster. I also remember him showing that middle finger to any...
  36. Tokoloshe Safaris

    Livingston I Presume? Nope..just the SAFARIKIDD!

    We are ready for some of those stories
  37. Tokoloshe Safaris

    Double Rifle Cartridge Belt

    Nhoro I agree with you completely on the leather/brass gunk. I try to remember to not leave my cartridges in the leather pouches, usually I forget, but really the culling canvas belt is my favorite. As to how many cartridges to carry, one really bad experience with a(wounded the day before)...
  38. Tokoloshe Safaris

    Double Rifle Cartridge Belt

    When using my .470 Dbl. I use a Trader Kieth culling belt so I can use every other spacing. Makes it easy to pull two cartridges out at once. For a bolt Rifle .416 Rigby or .404 Jeffry I use a Els 5 round pouch. Note, When hunting buffalo with a client, I always add a second 5 rd. pouch, just...
  39. Tokoloshe Safaris

    Read this Elephant Charge

    From the picture I would say not yet, but my finger would sure as hell be on the trigger and god only knows where my tracker would be! Seriously if he outside of 5 paces and you have no permit you are going to have to wait a little longer. Hence the .500 Jefferies!
  40. Tokoloshe Safaris

    Parson Jack Russell Terrier

    Hi we are dog people, We have one Jack Russel, I do not know about the "Parson" part. Great dog. One negative shedding, Jack Russels shed, shed & shed! Good luck!
  41. Tokoloshe Safaris

    Canvas Is King

    Red Leg, You will even be more disappointed in Toyota, they plan on discontinuing the current 70 series in 2022 or 2023. This is the last year for the 4.5T V8. We have on order two 2021 Land Cruisers, with a tourism tax exemption they are just under $32,00000 each. My FJ45 (petrol or my wifes...
  42. Tokoloshe Safaris

    Guess RSA is not opening anytime soon...

    I certainly hope that you do not feel that the men who put there lives on the line, as they were in this case (shots were fired) are in any way responsible for the acts of politicians! Again hats off to the police (CID) and Zimbabwe National Parks for the fine job they are doing. I would also...
  43. Tokoloshe Safaris

    Guess RSA is not opening anytime soon...

    Elephant Ivory ring bust in Milibizi, Zimbabwe Thursday night 6, August. Zimbabwe National Parks with the assistance of Zimbabwe Police raided a vacant house (close to our lodge) ivory poaching suspects were arrested, with 2 still being pursued. 26 Ivory tusks were recovered. I believe that...
  44. Tokoloshe Safaris

    Guess RSA is not opening anytime soon...

    This reply is for Shakka for some reason his message shows on my phone but not on my lap top? My wife received a message I am not sure exactly where from? I think it was from Zimbabwe Tourism that we could open for foreign visitors and that they would spend their 14 days quarantine in a covid...
  45. Tokoloshe Safaris

    Planning and daydreaming about a second hunt

    A lot of things have transpired since you made your first post in this thread. If you are still interested in a elephant exportable or non exportable let me know. One of the areas that we can offer at a great price is Matetsi #2 the same area that Katzke was the agent for.
  46. Tokoloshe Safaris

    Is the CZ 550 Gone or Not?

    It is a shame that the 550 has been discontinued, with a bit of work it can be made into a really great rifle. I doubt if the "replacement" will be anything like the old 550? I wonder who bought the old tooling?
  47. Tokoloshe Safaris

    Guess RSA is not opening anytime soon...

    I am not positive, but I believe that Tanzania has reopened? Botswana 100% closed for 2020? We understand Zimbabwe is conditionally open if certain Covid 19, quarantine takes place in Safari camp. I do not know of any hunts having taken place under this criteria. Hunts are being conducted for...
  48. Tokoloshe Safaris

    Awaiting for my new 'legend stick' lb from howard hill archery

    Think what it would have been like to have hunted with a legend like Howard Hil!