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    Where to hunt BIG Cape buffalo free range?

    If Tanzania is still an option I would suggest the areas which border Tarangire National Park to the east i. e. Lolkisale G. C. A. and Masai Open Area West. These areas are good from July 1 to Mid August and then also in November and December after the short rains have started. Many buffalo...
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    Elephants with the largest tusks

    Jason Stone operating in the Luangwa Valley of Zambia has done quite well lately as has Mike Fell in Maswa North Game Reserve in Tanzania. Some of the blocks around Hwange NP in Zimbabwe can produce good ivory as well. When Botswana properly opens there will be some great bulls hunted...
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    Refinished Double Rifles

    Good words here. I'd shy away from recolored double rifles. Many times the process of re-coloring alters the frame dimensions slightly. If the re-colored rifle has a dolls head then sometimes the dolls head does not fit properly. Most of the barrels on old rifles have been re-blacked, and...
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    Hunters Shocked About Kenya Ban

    My old friend Nicky. We hunted in Tanzania on 3 safaris in the late 80s and early 90s. What a gentleman and exceptional hunter he was.
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    Best US made Africa Rifle

    Yes sir, and the Ruger 375 RSM I have is very accurate, but so are my M-70 Safari Express .375s. So its a coin flip for me- buyer's choice!
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    Has Anyone Here Hunted With One Of The Famous Professional Hunters?

    White Hunters is 17.95 on Amazon...
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    Has Anyone Here Hunted With One Of The Famous Professional Hunters?

    Left a couple out: Dave Williams and John Northcote.
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    Has Anyone Here Hunted With One Of The Famous Professional Hunters?

    I encourage you to read Brian Hearne's books. Robin Hurt is arguably the most famous of the last generation of the professional hunters from East Africa. The group of PHs that proceeded Hurt's generation included Donald Ker and Syd Downey then Harry Selby and Andrew Holmberg, Pat...
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    Has Anyone Here Hunted With One Of The Famous Professional Hunters?

    Some names I would lists as "famous" are; Robin Hurt, Tony Henley, Cecil Riggs, Lionel Palmer, Danny McCallum, David Ommanney, John Knowles, Tony Seth-Smith, Nick Swan, John Dugmore, Brian Hearne, Tony France, Tony Archer, Bali Iqbal, Alick Roberts, Harry Mueller, Gerard Miller- and the...
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    Has Anyone Here Hunted With One Of The Famous Professional Hunters?

    Yes, Gerard Ambrose, George Angelides, Nicky Blunt.
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    Botswana Trophy Hunting Package

    Yes sir- would like to see your options for bird shooting. Please feel free to PM and thank you.
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    Botswana Trophy Hunting Package

    Yes- your website is very nice. Do you offer bird shooting in your areas? Many thanks!
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    Thoughts: A rifle battery for a 28 day Safari hunt...

    1) .500 or .470 or .450/400 double; 2) .375 H&H 3) .300 H&H The 375 and 300 H&Hs are pre-64 Model 70s although the new .375 H&H Model 70s are also very good.
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    300 gr Swift A Frame, 375 H&H Load Data

    Using the Swift 300 grain A-Frame bullet, 67.5 Grains of Varget shoots very well, sub moa, in 2 of my 375 H&Hs. CCI 250 primers. Average velocity is about 2470 and that's fine with me because the accuracy is hard to beat.
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    Biggest Leopards in Africa??

    Yes sir, you won't forget it- really a special hunt and fantastic trophy! Do check with Andrew Baldry in Zambia- he has the right to hunt an exceptional property in the Kafue area and his leopard are larger on average than the cats from the Luangwa blocks and I believe on par with the best...
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    10 Day Buffalo Hunting Safari In Tanzania

    Are you booking through Mike Angelides now?
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    Biggest Leopards in Africa??

    You should review your statement about Zambia- the quality of leopard hunted in Western Zambia is exceptional. You are correct about prices in Zambia. I wish you the best of luck in your pursuit!
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    Comment by 'ddog' in media 'Iqbal Mauladad (BALI) East Africa'

    Thats Bali Iqbal on the left. He was a very famous PH from Kenya.
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    TANZANIA: Tanzania Buffalo Hunt With Bullet Safaris

    SD: Many thanks and congrats again on a great safari.
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    TANZANIA: Tanzania Buffalo Hunt With Bullet Safaris

    Superdutch: Gotcha on the Rungwa part- were you in Rungwa Game Reserve or Rungwa River GCA?
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    Free Range Cape Buffalo Hunt In Tanzania

    Nice offer... Which block in the Selous will this hunt take place?
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    TANZANIA: Tanzania Buffalo Hunt With Bullet Safaris

    Gosh, those are super buffalo. In what area were you hunting? Congrats on a great hunt!